Monday 2 August 2010

Makin' Mushrooms.

Using the wonderful LucyKateCraft's tutorial - found HERE - I created my own little toadstool/mushroom thing!

First up is the stalk, I used a pink paisley print fabric scrap, turned it inside out and filled with stuffing and a small pebble in the bottom to keep balance.

Then I used some turquoise embroidery thread to compliment the pink and sewed up the bottom with a felt base.

To make the top I had to cut a hole in the bottom half of my fabric (I chose turquoise again) for the stalk to fit in.

I then used a blanket stitch to sew the top and bottom fabrics together and filled with stuffing.

I then attached the stalk to the top just using embroidery thread. It looks messy but thats because I have little patience when it comes to thick thread and a small needle!

Here it is! Obviously I'm going to make a few more to get some practice and hopefully it will end up looking as cute as LucyKateCrafts!

What cute things do you like making?
I had a bit of a spree today on my lunch break so expect a shopping post tomorrow!
Have a good night


  1. Oh my! These would be cute to litter on the shelves of a book shelf! I love it! Thanks for the how-to.

  2. Aww, very sweet :)

  3. where do you get all of your fabrics from? I've been looking for aages! :)

  4. Argh, they look cute as hell.

  5. these are very cute! must have a go and create a little garden :)


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