Sunday 1 August 2010

Weekend Nails + Treats!

I didn't have work on Saturday so me and the boyf decided to go charity shopping (I didn't get anything) and spend too much money on American sweets and drinks - Twinkies' are my new favorite treat!

Here were my polka-dot nails for that occasion:

Poolside Blue - No.7
Snow White - Models Own

Then today I had work and conveniently changed my nails for that occasion too:

Barry M - Mint Green
Barry M - Pale Blue

As you can see it's been a relaxed sort of weekend, my mum however popped to Totnes and got me a couple little treats:

Cute Paris postcard.
(I'm going to be there in 3 weeks I'm SO excited!
Rumor has is Madonna is going on the same day - Hey Madge!)

This wonderful pearlescent clam mirror that I've been hankering after for ages.
Thankyou mum!

What did you get upto this weekend?
Don't forget I'm only 15 followers away from a giveaway! Also did you notice my new header? It's great having a boyfriend who is a graphic designer - and no charge at all! :P


  1. your nails are just too cute! x

  2. Cute nails! I love polka dots.

  3. love the polka dots and ooooh clam mirror..always wanted to go to Paris have fun.

  4. cute nails! usually i left my nailpolish to last for 1 week, because i think it's a waste if i only wear it for a day. haha :D

  5. @mellisa I do leave them on for a couple day until they chip really, will probably change these ones on Tuesday :) x

  6. love that banner!!

  7. I love your new header! It's really good!

    And cute nails! x

  8. <3 <3 <3 the nails colours ^_^

  9. i love your poolside blue nail polish!! such a great color!! and i love the little dots detailing-too cute :)

  10. Oh! Nice colors.

    Very cute mirror.


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