Tuesday 10 August 2010

What I wore - Schools Out.

Yesterday I had the day off, and my tripod came! But as a novice I wasn't so great at taking pics so here it is... what I wore yesterday - School Girl Inspired!

I wore black tights with heels (pictured later on), plain black shorts,
a grey top with a white collard shirt underneath and my new cardigan.

Shorts - Primark
Heels - New Look
Top - Primark
Cardigan - Zara

The cardigan I bought last Monday, is a chunk knit with teacher elbow pads!
£39.99 Zara.

I had painted my nail black so I accessorised with this
silver spike stud ring.
£2.99 H&M

Without the cardigan.
Yes I am wearing Silly Bandz, keepin' it skool style!

These are my brogue style heels I paired with the outfit.
£25 - New Look

In other news - I did it! I reached 100 followers SO on Friday I will be setting up the give-away, I've been spending alot of time thinking about what to add to the bits I've already got and I'm excited!
Thanks to all my lovely followers for following and the comments!


  1. Cute outfit :o)

  2. I really love the cardigan and shoes! fab outfit

  3. Super cute shoes, I love them!!


  4. Congratulations on the followers :) Looking forward to seeing your giveaway..!

    I am seriously loving the elbow patches on your cardigan, how randomly cool is that!?


  5. OMGosh, love the ring and your hair x

  6. i love those elbow pad cardi's eveytime i see them in the stock room i want to grab them and run! defo need one of the winter! x

  7. i love the ring & I LOVE your hair!

  8. This is lovely, and I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It's so badass, haha. Great blog you have yourself a new follower ;)

  9. love the ring and those elbow patches are awesome.
    Im really jealous of your hair too, when i used to bleach mine i could never get it that white - it looks good on you x

  10. I have those shoes, oh I want the ring ... so gaga got to love the stud's. I love your hair colour, beyond cool xxx

  11. Your cardigan is adorable!
    They have the exact same cardigan in H&M for £25 i love it! <3


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