Monday 23 August 2010

Paris Trip (part 3).

Last Paris post, from my last day and night there..
Very image heavy, enjoy! 

Arc de Triomphe

The Eiffel Tower doing it's glittering thing

View from a bridge

Bottom of the Champs Elysees view up to the Arc

Champs Elysees street sign


Macaroon heaven!

My sensible choices, Chocolate, Rose Petal, Mint and Vanilla

Luke's not so sensible choice.

3 for 1Euro - dodgy street dealings! 

Pere Lechaise cemetery - the crematorium was HUGE!

Oscar Wilde's grave site, covered in lipstick kisses.

Jim Morrison's burial site, very weird here being so close to an icon yet...not.
haha love it!

Ok thats it! 

I must ask what editor for blogspot do you use? I hate this one (new editor I think) it leaves massive gaps when I havnt added them and takes SO long to put right. Any help would be great, or you can contact me on AIM: cowbiscuits24



  1. I am so jealous! Beautiful pictures! :) If you don't mind me asking, what camera do you have? I'm currently looking into buying a new one.

    I use the old editor because I hate the new one too. xx

  2. @Sammi I have a Fujifilm finepix, its ok but i get angry with it quite alot, I suck at understanding photography and can't get into it so keep it on auto, to be honest i wouldnt recommend it!

    I tried to use the oldone but it says 'going away soon' and wouldnt work wah! xx

  3. Lovely pictures, Paris is a wonderful city :)

  4. I don't know if you are a MAc or a PC, but if you are a PCer like myself, Windows Live Writer is a decent editor. It gives you live previews as you are entering/editing and has, thus far, been accurate. No big hunks of space and flubs that differ from edit to post. Might give it a look.

  5. Here's the URL for it:

  6. Wow that all looks amazing and those macaroons look delicious!:) Very jealous!x

  7. @Micael ahh unfortunately I am a mac - something i often regret! haha

  8. Great photos! I just went to Paris in June for the first time. Thanks for posting your beautiful shots!


  9. Those Macaroons looks soooooo Good! I love the colors!


  10. now following your blog! (: i'm beyond jealous of your macaroons! and perhaps they've forgotten that oscar wilde was indeed homosexual. not to mention jim morrison's grave site as well! lucky!


    come by sometime?

  11. i am so jealous ! ahhhh hahaa

    glad u had so much there

    Laduree , One day i will go there and try it

    and the Eiffel tower souvenirs , i didnt know it was 3 for 1 Euro , my friend told me its really expensive

    silly me

  12. Such lovely photos, I'm so jealous of you! I've never been to Paris, which seems silly seeing as it's so close and I've done so many horrible 24 hour flights before. I just need my boyfriend to get the bloody hint and take me! x

  13. I wish I was in Paris right now eating some of those delicious Macarons x

  14. love all your picture's you looked like you had fun my dear. Oh Paris :( ....I can only dream for now.

  15. those shots "by night" are superb.

  16. aaaaah ,, fill in love <3
    one day ill visit paris ,,
    and what are thoseeeee yummy colored things * DROOL*
    looks so good <3


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