Monday 30 August 2010

Macaroon Hell!

Well my misery started when I got back from Paris and wanted to make Macaroons after experiencing Laduree heaven. First of all the batter wouldnt mix, then the egg whites weren't thick enough, then they just wouldnt cook and now 4th time lucky (not) they totally crumled on the top and were too sticky on the bootm.

Now I've tried 2 different step by step guide (by people on blogspot with pictures so THEY did it why can't I?!) and failed each time, getting angrier and angrier I have NO idea what I'm doing wrong! They just seem to sink when they come out the over, crumble and stick.

This is a probaly just a case of it being me and I'm actually bad at everything I do but if anybody can help me then PLEASE do (my email is on my profile info) or reply here.

Here are the pictures of the ones that have kind of worked but crumbled on top making them hanging on simply by the middle choclate butter icing I made.

They were very sweet and kinda gross.

So any help would be really appreciated!
I hope you all had a great bank holiday, what did you get upto?


  1. I wouldn't worry too much - Macaroons are notoriously hard to make. French pastry chefs make them to show off how good they are. I am impressed you managed at all!

    Christina x

  2. Stop following guides literally just fold the almond/icing mix into the egg whites and pipe. The less fuss the better I say, also bake on two baking trays, one inside the other. Try the nigella macaron recipe on my blog, it's the first one I ever tried and is really simple, it always seems to work a treat. By the looks of it your batter has been over mixed, I have good mac days and bad but I do love them so x

  3. Even if they didn't turn out okay, they were still on some cute plates! ;)

  4. I dont know if you have heard of the TV show 'The Great British Bake-off' but it is a new baking show and last week they were baking macaroons. I'm thinking they may have some recipes on the website you could try? Im not sure, but I think they might. It would be on the BBC site :) Good luck!

  5. @Chrisina thankyou this makes me feel so much better! haha

    Thanks for the help ladies I will cool off for a week and re-try with a fresh mind! x

  6. ha they actually still look yummy to me!

    just found your blog and i love it...been reading all the past entries. Ps. your hair colour and fringe are lush.

    i just started my blog, there's not much on it yet but have a look if you'd like:

    :) good luck with your macarooooooons

    nikki xx

  7. good try on these those things are super hard to make great try !!

  8. hmm...which instructions did u follow?
    I had to make like...15 batches or so before I got anywhere. They're affected by ur climate(humidity IN the room ur in messes with it too), oven type(and age), the bowl u mix them in, everything!
    ...ya know, I think I'm gonna send u an e-mail with this info-the comment is getting crazy long. :)


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