Thursday 26 August 2010

Recent clothing purchases.

It's that in-between season where one day it will be hot but rainy, the next cold and mild so I'm currently always in a predicament about what to wear.

So even though it isn't payday until tomorrow (IM SO EXCITED!) I've actually bought a couple things over the past 2 weeks to get ready for the in-between season - and I thought I'd take some snaps and show you all!

This is a navy, floral, burnout tee from Topshop - £22
Close up of sleeve and pattern.
My very naughty cat, Pippa, decided to join in,
you can see the way the tee sits here.
More of naughty Pip.
I got this aztec print tee from Paris Zara - 16 euros
The lace skirt is from H&M - £14.99
I also got this mushroom print sweater from Paris Zara - 20 euros
Close up of the print, there's even a little acorn, so adorable!

Now, I bought these tights off ebay from a lovely lady named Barbara. She had found them in a box of tights and bought them about 25 years ago from Lewis's - which is now Selfridges! Not only was the package with me the next morning but it also had a lovely handwritten note with them.
Thankyou Barbara!

They are made by Elle and are from 'The Cocktail Collection' in the colour 'Almost Black'
Here they are with heels, they are very on trend yet vintage - I just love them!

Today and tomorrow are the last days to enter the giveaway (here!), come saturday morning no more entries will be allowed - so get in quick!
Thanks to everyone who recommend me some new blog reads yesterday I can't wait to spend the evening finding new blogs to read!
Hope you've all had a great day


  1. I love love love the colour of your hair. I must say I just don't have that colour because I just love see it on straight hair. And I have curly hair...
    Besides, your lipstick is just yummy, and your outfits look stunning

  2. ALL of this things are amazing! I especially love the mushroom sweater, I am almost tempted to go to Paris right now...! and the tights are so cute - and little notes from strangers are always the best :)

  3. I have just discovered your blog, I LOVE that mushroom print sweater, so lovely and terribly cute.

    And those tights are a real find, the delights of eBay x

  4. Oh my god! I want that first shirt from topshop! Looks so pretty (:
    Your cat looks adorable xx

  5. aww your cat is so cute! :) I love those tights! xx

  6. Wow, loving your new purchases :)

    Particularly like the mushroom jumper - too cute!

    Those tights are simply amazing. Such a good eBay find! can't believe they've been sat around for 25 years.. crazy!

  7. You are too adorable. I am in love with your hair!!!

  8. I used to love TopShop and I wish they would come to California! Your kitty is adorable, and those tights are hot. It's like a little tattoo :)

  9. Hey :-)

    Your style is SO Paramore with a splash of Gwen Estefani...of course you've added your own twist of spice :) And that cat is gorgeous!!!!! Hope you're having a fab weekend !

  10. i am glad i follow you , your style rocks

    like i said earlier jaws drop looking at your hair color , love it love it love it
    i can only see and adore because as Asian i cant pull off such amazing hair color :(

    i love the mushroom print sweater best, its so cute at the same time girlish

  11. those tights are so awesome! what a find!

  12. I love the tights, they're amazing! Im useless with tights that thin though, i wear them once and they ladder. ive got through about 3 pairs in the last month.
    i want that mushroom jumper! hope it comes to the uk zara.
    cute cat :) x

  13. 1.tights are amazing the mushrooms!

    lovee everything you brought! x

  14. great tights !!!
    great blog new follower , hope you can follow too!!

  15. what a cute cat! I really love your style!

    love, polly :D

  16. I am in complete awe with your aztec print shirt! it is amazing! and your new tights are really cute :D

    Great new purchases!


    p.s I believe I got my "troy bolton" shirt from about two years ago. Though, I'm not sure if they still have some in stock.

  17. Wicked tights.

    P.S. Can I have your cat please? Thankyou. x

  18. wow I want the mushroom sweater, it is so cute yet will keep you warm ....oh I love your cat, so cute. Loving the tights too xxxxx

  19. love your aztec print tee and sweater! :)

  20. Zara has got some great stuff in at the moment! That mushroom print top is so perfect for autumn.

  21. Lovely blog and great sense of style. I want to follow.
    But I don't like fans of blogs I want to exchange style&fashion tips.

    Check my blog. Let me know if you want to be friends through friendconnect.

  22. Hi ^_^

    Sweet Blog! I find you look like Taylor Momsen!

  23. Loving that mushroom sweater! xxx

  24. you´re super cute and elegant! your cat is precious really....


  25. The leopard tights look amazing on you, absolutely perfecto.
    Hope you've had lots of compliments.
    They're definitely unique legware

  26. Oh My God, I might have to come and steal your kitty!

    I just discovered your blog and I really like it!

  27. Great outfits! Those tights are brilliant. Be careful not to ladder them, now. Love the colour of your hair, too! x

  28. I am planning on stealing those tights and your ADORABLE kitty.

    Just a heads up. =)


  29. love the navy dress<3 so pretty , and i really love ur hair colors hair cut style and everything =D

  30. Aww that mushroom jumper is wonderful!! I'm going to Paris next week... maybe I can just wish they might still have one! hah. I also love the burnt out tee!

    Lou xx


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