Sunday 30 January 2011

Welcome To Bon Temps - outfit post.

I say it all the time, I know, but I'm a HUGE American TV show nerd! Once I get into a show, thats me, I can't stop watch and become obsessed! 

HBO shows are my favourite, Sopranos, Curb, Boardwalk Empire and, of course, True Blood! I'm not into that whole Twilight thing, but this show with its combo of eye-candy, sex and gore, is a winner. 

On my recent trip to New York I visited the HBO store, just before Christmas I picked up a bottle of Tru:Blood  and when I saw this shirt I just had to pick it up:

Bon Temp Football Shirt - $24.99 HBO Store.
Primark Shorts.

Me & Zena Vampire Ring - £14.
I got this as a gift for Christmas, I love it so hard! Perfect with this shirt too.

oh yeah and my best Vamp impression. 

I figured I'd pair this shirt with my casual short-shorts and tie my hair up just like Sookie Stackhouse, fine for the house but roll on summer so I can take this outside!

Other posts that are TV based outfit posts include Jersey Shore and Glee.

What TV shows are you addicted to right now? I've just got into The Office (American version) and I'm only on season 3 (so no spoilers!) I love it! 

Thursday 27 January 2011

Katy Perry OPI Collection - swatches.

News broke last year of OPI teaming up with Katy Perry for a collection of nail lacquers, the only info I could find was 'released in January'. Then, in this months Allure magazine I saw a small ad for it which sent me on my hunt. 

You buy all of the collection (including the 'Shatter' effect polish) separately in full size bottles for about £10.50 each OR you can get a mini's collection which is 3.75ml's of each one (not including the 'Shatter' topcoat but I'm guessing it's exactly like the Barry M one).

As I wanted to try them all I went for the mini's collection, here they are:

Katy Perry OPI mini's collection.
With a banging picture of Katy on the front.

Teenage Dream - A candy pink glittery number.
The One That Got Away - A ruby red with faint glittery hint.

Last Friday Night - A blue glitter.
Not Like the Movies - A green/silver with faint glitter.

This is just another look at Not Like the Movies, it's like a galaxy green/silver kinda colour, it has hints of faint glitter in it. It changes in the light and it's amazing!

Teenage Dream and The One That Got Away - 1st coat.

Last Friday Night and Not Like the Movies - 1st coat.

Teenage Dream and The One That Got Away - 2nd coat.
As you can see they look so much better with a 2nd coat, I actually have TOTGA on now I love it!!

Last Friday Night and Not Like the Movies - 2nd coat.
The picture doesn't do NLTM any justice at all, its amazing!

After trying them all I now want the full bottles of each one! So goodbye money - hello pretty nails!

Other OPI collections include Burlesque and Justin Bieber with their 'Nicole' range (I actually love the look of 2 of them hah!).

What nail polishes are hotting up your nails?

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Payday New Look Wishlist!

It's the end of the month which can only mean one good thing - PAYDAY! Friday is the big day for me, after a bleak January I can get ready to start spending again (well maybe one treat here and there). 

Now, I'm not New Look's biggest fan I have more of a love/hate relationship with them, sometimes I can go in and find alot and other times nothing catches my eye - this week I could spend a small fortune! Here are some of my favourite picks:

Peter Pan Crop Top - £14.99
This is my favourite thing, it's in my bag waiting for payday to come along! I'm so ready for summer it's unreal!

Velvet Bandeau Bra - £3.00
I've gone bra wild recently, love this for slouchy night time wear (it's also in the bag!).

Contrast Sleeve Slouchy Top -  £7.99
Perfect with jeans - always!

Cherry Trolley Case - £24.99
Anything Cherry print and I'm there, my endless need to travel also draws me to this gorgeous case.

Oversized Batwing Top - £14.99
Casual but feminine and pretty - like I said I'm all over summer right now!

Suede Moccasins - £24.99
Leopard print and Moccasins - if these aren't mine by the end of next week my life will have a small shoe shaped hole in it!

I love summer and can't wait to not have to layer up to look like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters!

Anything in New Look, or anywhere else, caught your eye?

Friday 21 January 2011

Kat Von D Adora Painted Love Lipstick - review.

As alot of you know i'm so into American reality TV and LA Ink does not pass me by either, i've been there since day 1! Kat Von D first caught my eye on Miami Ink way back when and she is one of the most well known tattoo artists out there - specifically for her gorgeous portrait work. I dig tattoos and I'm actually looking for somebody to design my next one (hint hint).

Anyway her makeup collection is only available at Sephora US, which I hit HARD! Here is the first of a few reviews of some of her make-up range, I just have to say it is amazing, it stays on like a tattoo too, it doesn't budge - I cannot speak highly enough of her cosmetics!

Kat Von D 'Adora' Lipstick - $18

It's a candy apple red-gold colour a its like metallic effect on the lips, I haven't really seen anything like this before and  I just love it!

This photo does not do it justice, when it catches the light and the shine comes through it's awesome, alot brighter than this too.

If you can get ahold of any then I really do recommend this shade as it's unusual and just glides (and stays) on! Have any of you tried any of her stuff before?

Hope you all have a grand weekend

P.S Kat herself liked my review <3

Wednesday 19 January 2011

I Wish He Was My Boyfriend - outfit post.

An outfit (well top half) post today, featuring two of my buys from NY, of course I hit up Forever 21, the times Square store was HUGE, so huge I couldn't be bothered to look properly but luckily there was one right on my doorstep and another near Soho which I could be bothered with.

This is what I wore today, although it was been so sunny out it was still cold and frosty:

Brown (it's alot lighter in person) cable knit sweater - $25 Forever 21

This badge also seen in this outfit post, I bought a long while ago in Miss.Selfridge - £2.

Plaid shirt - $19
I have some sort of inability to look at the camera.

H&M Rings - 4 for £5.99 (I'm aware i am only wearing 3).
Nail Polish is  MAC 'Formidable!'.

In other news I got a train case for all my makeup and everything being organized makes me feel so much better about having tons of make-up. Today I can't stop listening to Best Coast and Brazilian Girls, which makes a change as it's been Britney and Nicki Minaj all week. 

What can't you stop listening to?

Monday 17 January 2011

Sephora Precision Sponge - review.

Well now normal blogging resumes I'll jump right in with one of my NYC purchases from Sephora - it's their Precision Sponge. Very similar to the 'Beauty Blender' (see HERE for a tutorial), it's highly valued by make-up artists for it's easy, streak free application of foundation and concealer. 

I know the Beauty Blender branded one can cost around £14.50 ($19.95) so when I saw the Sephora own brand for $12 (roughly £7.50), even though they are made from different materials, they both do a similar job so I would be stupid not to pick one up: 

Sephora Precision Sponge - $12.

This is the foundation I use, as you can see it's well loved. It last ages I think I've had this for about 3/4 months now and you can see how much is left. It goes on light and lasts for ages.

First of all your supposed to wet the sponge, dry it out til its only damp and then dip into your foundation.
You then dab in a fast motion all over your face, dipping back in if needs-be. 

After: You can see you get a very even coverage with no streaks! Please excuse the bags under my eyes - I'm still wildly jet-lagged.

This sponge is great, it's so fast and easy to use. At first I thought it used up too much foundation, however after looking at a tutorial and trying to 'wet it first' trick, it uses less than it did before as the sponge has already soaked up water.

I'd love to see somebody else's review of the 'Beauty Blender' to compare them so if you have one link it in the comments.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday 14 January 2011

New York City - Part 2.

As promised here is Pt.2 of my NYC snaps:

Me at Bryant Park.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral - amazing just plonked in the middle of all these modern buildings.

Our Lady of Guadalupe. I'm really into religious art and one day I hope to brave sitting for a tattoo of this image.

Snowy snowy Central Park.

Snow twinnies!

Times Square.

Times Square again.

Central Park from on top of the Empire State Building 
West Side view.

you can just about see the Statue of Liberty at the end of the river.

Twins atop the Empire State.

So as you can see I had a wonderful (3rd) time there, heres to going back!

Thursday 13 January 2011

New York City - Part 1.

Oh hello!
Bet you forgot who I was right?!

Well I'm back from New York (with the major blues!) after a wildly fun time filled with cocktails and ice cold joy! I'm still pretty jet lagged, sleep is not my friend right now it comes and goes when it decides, I think I've messed my sleep pattern up which is NOT good for 5 full days of work as soon as I got back!

Anyway here is the first installment of my photos from my time in wild, wild NYC, this is just mainly pictures from drunken nights and eating food, tomorrow I will post actual scenery, promise:

First night in the hotel.

View of the Empire State Building from our window.

The bottom of the Empire State was outside our hotel door.

The beginning of a very crazy drink fueled night!

The aftermath, my BFF dancing on our hotel bed at 4am.

I need these glasses!

One night we went to party with in Long Island where I have friends, this was my best Michael Jackson impression caught on camera for the world to see. Yes that is Vodka in my hand.

Long Island Diner - this was our breakfast, Maxine was sick about 20 mins after.

French Toast.

Biggest, yummiest steak after the Jets' game.

At Mama Mexico you get serenaded by Mexican men in FULL attire.

Right there you have my first lot of pics! Tomorrow will be the rest of my fave pics (there were over 200) and following that NORMAL blogging will resume, I spent $200 on make-up so expect alot of reviews!

Hope you all had an amazing New Year!!
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