Monday 29 February 2016

Pin, Patches and Pointless Stuff I Don't Need.


So I have had the worst few days and that usually leads me to sulking and looking at tat to buy myself to fill a void. I took to Etsy today and picked out a bunch of wonderful pieces that I want, need and must have in my life:

bigfoot patch
Cryptozoology Sasquatch Patch - Maiden Voyage Clothing Co,
I love everything on their page, I'm a huge cryptid fan and NOTHING fills me with more joy than watching terrible TV shows about Bigfoot and his pals. 
black cat cushion
Coven Cat Cushion - CatCoven
Combining two of my fave things - Cats and all things mystic. Plus black cat cutie!
food and naps cat badge
Food and Naps Cat Badge - Sparkle Collective
Basically how I live my life. I always say I wish I was a cat sometimes because I truly love sleeping more than I do most things. Sad but very true.
cats forever print
Cats Forever Print - I like CATS
I truly love this store and this print is wonderful! It would look perfect in my bedroom.
Dolly Parton Saint Candle
Dolly Parton Saint Candle - Want Wish Buy
I love me a Saint and this place does a whole host of them including Queen Dolly, Prince, RuPaul and Lana Del Rey. I might set up a false idol alter ;p
love hands keychain
Love Hands Keychain - Coucou Suzette
Now I ain't feeling love one bit (quite the opposite actually) but this is so cute and pretty I only admit to loving this.
terrarium enamel pin badge
Terrarium Enamel Pin Badge - finestimagery
These are so precious I'd be too scared to wear it incase I lost it. The whole store is wonderful too and based in the UK.

You like? I love!

Despite my terrible few days I'm hoping once my brain begins to function again I can grab some positive energy and turn my frown upside down.

Take Care x

Wednesday 24 February 2016

LUSH Mother's Day Ladybird Bubble Bar - review.

LUSH Mothers day 2016 ladybird bubble bar


On Monday I was invited over to the LUSH store in Cardiff to check out their Mother's Day and Easter collection to get ready for Spring to start (which I cannot wait for btw!). As usual I only took 1 photo during the event due to me being whisked away to check out all the new products and try a few out that I hadn't come across before.

I had been in the previous week to check out the Valentines stuff (see my last post) but I was too early for all the Easter stuff but did pick myself up the cutiest little Ladybird bubble bar which is part of the Lush Mother's Day 2016 range.

As always I had an amazing time at the event, was pampered by the beautiful sales people and spent lots of money (oops!). We were also very generously given gift bags which had a few of the new products inside including another Ladybird bubble bar! This was great as she looked so so cute that I couldn't stand to put her in the bath but now I have two - in she goes!

the easiest way to use a lush bubble bar

Now then, you might be thinking ' girl, why is she sat in a sieve?' BUT one of the Lush gurus gave me THE hottest tip! I was complaining about how I always burn my hands under the hot tap, trying to get as many bubbles as possible, so was told to buy a cheap sieve (for bubble bar use only) and just hold it under the hot tap for the bubbliest bath ever - and boy, she was not wrong!

lush bubble bar water ladybird

The water poured out like pretty, pinky hair which in turn made me miss mine so much! Sadly, I just don't think I work the kinda job where I can get away with it anymore! 

The smell this Ladybird gives off is just wonderful! Probably one of my faves I've tried in a long while. It contains peppermint oil which is always a huge hit with me and also geranium oil which has toning properties. The way the tub water went a gorgeous Strawberry red and the smell to go along with it has put this up there as one of my favourite bubble bars - I'm so sad she won't be around forever! The sweet yet fruity scent with a little hint of mint really comes out once you are in the bath. I was in there for a good hour and even afterwards it was all I could smell upstairs and on my skin. 

lush ladybird bubble bar 2016 mothers day

The sieve was such a great idea too as I ended up with huge candyfloss looking mountains of bubbles which lasted the whole bathtime.

Have you tried this little lady yet?

Be sure to check out the Lush Easter 2016 range aswell and keep your eyes peeled on here for a review of some it soon ;)

On a different note, I am walking across hot coals in March to raise money for the cats in our care at work. If any of you reading this can even donate £1 it will help SO much more than you know! You can do so by visiting our JustGiving Page here:

or by texting 'CPFW70' followed by an amount (e.g '£1', '£5' etc) to 70070



Friday 12 February 2016

You Should Go and Love Yourself: 5 Self-Admiration Valentines Treats

As most of you well know by now I am ALL about a little self-love! Indulging in yourself for a couple hours (or all day) is so key in making yourself feel good and is such a huge part in feeling happiness and having a positive mindset. 

This weekend is the weekend of luurrve - it's Valentines! 

Here are 5 of my fave ways to make myself feel awesome:

Retail Therapy.
New underwear is my fave! I'm one of them where it's not often I'm matching pants to bra but when I get a new set I feel super, like I just wanna walk down the street in them - 'Yeah I'm matching!' These were a bargain from Primark at £4.

Lighting up the candles.
This is my limited edition Valentines candle 'Love Bug' from Flamingo Candles that had glitter in and smells like strawberries. My house is full of candles, it's so simple having a bunch of them on but it makes me feel so cozy.

Putting your favourite record on.
I love this little corner in my house, my record player is just underneath and there is floor space to spread out my fave records and pick and choose which songs I want to hear. 'Honeymoon' by Lana Del Rey is a record that makes me feel so dreamy, I don't listen to hardly any 'new' music but there is something about Lana's voice that fills my soul.

Bath Time!
The bath in my favourite place. No joke. I will pop my laptop on the side and keep topping up the hot water until I am literally a prune! I had to pick up the LUSH Valentine specials 'Unicorn Horn' bubble bar and 'Prince Charming' shower cream. 

I hardly ever paint my nails because they last two seconds with work but when I do I feel SO fancy and like I want to point at everything and delicately pick up things. Just me? Ok.
I LOVE my personalized Nails Inc Nailkale polishes. Superfood for your nails! 

This Valentines, single or not, why not embark on a little journey of self-appreciation and love yourself!


Saturday 6 February 2016

Valentines Schmalentines

Hello lovers! 

Valentines Day has snuck up on us once again and whether you are looking to treat your partner of just partake in some self-admiration, then I have a little guide for you this Feb. 

Valentines doesn't have to be all chocolates and roses - it's time to pamper!

jo malone red roses bath oil
Jo Malone - Red Roses Bath Oil.
Jo Malones Valentines theme this year is Crazy For You (cue me singing Madonna into my hairbrush instantly) and they are focusing on their pretty in pink Red Roses scent. Available in cologne, body creams and even hand soaps! 
diptyque rosaviola candle
Diptyque - Rosaviola Candle
Diptyque have worked with French fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan on this special Valentines candle playing on 'Ever wondered what's inside a lady's bag? It might just be the key to her heart!' Love it!

my natty shaving kit
Mr.Natty - Shaving Kit
The boys need a pamper too from time to time and this shaving kit contains a wooden-handled razor, a signature shaving oil and also a moisturising butter to keep that face nice and smooooth.

yankee candle valentines
Yankee Candle - Valentines Mini Collection.
These minis give 15 hours burn time each so are such a lovely gift at a very reasonable price (£8.99 - bargain!) you can burn them alone or mix them up to create your own scent. Scents included are Fresh Cut Roses, Pink Hibiscus, Red Raspberry, True Rose and Pink Grapefruit.
jean paul gaultier classique gift set
jean paul gaultier le male giftset
Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique and Le Male giftsets
If you are feeling generous but also wanting to treat yourself then The Perfume Shop has an amazing offer on in store at the moment. You get 20% off your second item! One for you - one for me!

the body shop vitamin e gift set
The Body Shop - Vitamin E giftset.
I SWEAR by this stuff! The Body Shops Vitamin E range is perfect (literally perfect) for skin that need a little brightening! It  gives a gorgeous glow and really brightens up your skin which is a great pick-me-up and confidence boost.

I hope whatever you do this February 14th you feel warm and fuzzy inside whether its a romantic meal for two or your're calling in a pizza and watching trash TV!


This post is one I had written for the St.Davids Centre blog :)

Monday 1 February 2016

Amazing Space with Dulux.

Today I am sharing with you my experience with Dulux's awesome new personalized home styling service - Amazing Space

It is super easy and quick to start up, you choose which room you want be inspired with, whether is just the wall colours or a whole new room revamp and away you go! I wanted to do over my bathroom I was given a choice of images showing what sort of vibe I was going for and exactly what I liked or disliked about each inspiration shown. I was also given words to describe how I want to room to make me feel and which colours I drawn too and my budget. Below is the summary for my bathroom which you can edit at any time: 

Once I was happy with my summary it was sent off to find the perfect designer for my project who was going to do all the hard work for me! I booked in a half hour slot for my designer to video call me and show me what they had been working on and had come up with. I didn't really know what to expect but I was honestly blown away with how much effort and time my designer Bethany put into my project! She was so sweet and lovely and incredibly passionate and excited about my project which in turn made me excited to get started too!

Bethany had chosen wall colours and accessories to compliment some of the furniture I already own in my bathroom aswell as some new pieces which are suggestions if I wanted to revamp a bit more. We talked through every single part she had picked out and how I felt about it, if I liked it or if I wanted it taken out. I LOVED Bethany's choice of colour for my bathroom it was beautiful and so complimentary of how I wanted my bathroom to feel in general. 

After usually 24 hours your designer will give you the finished summary and a full shopping list of how much and where you can click and purchase any of the items shown. Bethany actually send me mine a couple hours after our great conversation I'm guessing because she was super passionate about it which was incredible.

I was sent a floor plan, full paragraphed details of what the room can transform into my shopping list (very bad for my bank!) and an amazing recreation of my own bathroom how it will look if I follow the plan - it was so good I actually thought it was my bathroom until I noticed the window was a little different and had fake sky haha!

I love the colours, I love the floating shelves and I cannot wait to show you my bathroom progress which I've already started prepping for ;)

I highly recommend this service it is so helpful especially for the busy/lazy people like me who would never get a plan together ever!

The service was offered to me free of charge but is usually £75 and although to me that is quite expensive (I'd be more inclined if it was about £50) I do honestly think this is a service worth paying the money for as the experience with my designer left me buzzing and wanting to whip the paint out and get decorating. Also the hard work and attention to every detail that has gone into their work is wonderful and something I would never think of.

What do you think of my bathroom plan?

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