Thursday 25 April 2013

By The Sea - Nail Post.

Here I ombre'd my nails using:

OPI - Austin-tatious Turquoise from the Lil' Shooters Texas collection
Barry M - Blueberry
Look's Nail Pop - Catsuit

I loved having these nails in the sun down at the beach as they matched the difference in the sea AND they shimmers all crazy in the sun!


P.S. I won't be blogging that much this week due to my lovely man going in for an operation so I'll be playing nurse :)

Monday 22 April 2013

White Crop and Denim Pinafore - outfit post.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (follow me @cowbiscuits) would have seen that I went to the beach on Saturday.

Here in Cardiff it was a beautiful day (although there was a pretty chilly breeze) so me and my boyf headed down towards the coast and hit up the beach!

The beach was packed (as imagined) so we climbed over rock-pools to find a flat rock to sit and sunbathe on:

White Crop - An old white Tee I DIY'd into a crop.
Denim Pinafore - River Island
Sunglasses - Topshop
My JuJu Petra Jellies (as posted HERE). I said they didn't rub in this post - but they do! I am SO in love with these open-toed jellies and gutted they tore my little toes to shreds (on 4 separate occasions now!) This was pre-bloody mess pt 4 after I let them heal from the last massacre.

After this we met some friends in the park for Cider in the sun.

Sunday me and some pals headed to a vintage fair in Cardiff City Hall and then to the pub for a few sneaky brews.

What did you get upto this weekend?

Friday 19 April 2013

Things I've Loved This Week...

This adorable little Robin brooch by Kirstin Stride.
There is also a super cute ring too! I've become so fond of Robin's since my little encounter with one.
Stay At Home Club tote bag.
This IS me, I only wish to have 4 cats instead of one here at home with me! The outdoors can be scary :p
The gorgeous Lana Del Rey in her Spanish themed shoot for L'Official Paris.
Check out the other pics too she is stunning!
Bertha necklace - Oh My Clumsy Heart.
I love this Rainbow Quartz necklace. I'm huge on my crystals and natural beauties so tis is just wonderful!

F-Troupe Cowboy Flats.
I'm super sad that these are £135, but they are super nice to keep looking at!
"I want a cat.' by the awesomely talented Carly Watts.
Carly created this piece to put in the mini-cat zine I'm working on!

National Geographic tank - Nasty Gal
Oh hello, I need this because I'm addicted to NG documentaries.

Well that's my list of loves this week!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Polka Dots and Plaid - outfit post.

Volcom 'Not So Classic' Dress - c/o FreeStyle Extreme
Shirt - H&M

I wore this dress on Sunday, the sun was out but not warm enough to prance about just in this little number, so I slung the shirt over the top.

I love the dress it's simple but of high-quality. It has a layer underneath sewn into the top layer so it's not see-through and adjustable straps.

I mentioned on Twitter last night that I am making a zine on cats/cat ladies so if you or you know anyone who would want to get involved drop me an email:


Monday 15 April 2013

Beautiful Butterfly Patterns

A couple weeks back I took a trip to Bristol Zoo. It's only 45mins away from me and they had new baby lion cubs in (ADORABLE!) and I got to feed Rainbow Lorikeets while they sat on my arm! 

One of my other highlights was the Butterfly Forest, basically you walk into this super warm greenhouse/tent which has lots of tropical flowers and nectar stations for the butterflies to munch on. There are loads of butterflies and moths from all over the world just floating past you, its really wonderful!

This is actually a moth - it has see-through wings! Crazy nature.
My favourite.
This pattern was actually underneath the wing, the outside was plain brown for camouflage. 
This butterfly had beautiful, bright blue on black spots, it looked like constellations! 
This is actually a Moth - as it's so big it only lives for about 7 days after it comes out of it's cocoon. 

Despite my hatred for bugs/creepy crawlies and flying thing I can't help but love beautiful butterflies (and even beautiful moths).

I have a few pinned butterflies in boxes and there are lots dotted around my house. The patterns are insane, nature is so pretty!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Friday 12 April 2013

Poncho's and Circle Sunnies - outfit post.

Last weekend the weather stopped being so bi-polar and gave us glorious sunshine for the weekend, so I did what I do best and headed up to the Welsh Valley's to explore!

We found a beautiful secluded spot down by the river and just relaxed in beautiful sunshine.

I wore: 
ASOS Crop Top
Topshop Circle Sunglasses
River Island Poncho
ASOS Skater Skirt
An old Pentagram ring
Beat up vans I've had for 6 years.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I'm heading off to Devon!


Thursday 11 April 2013

Orelia - The Cutest Jewellery In The World!

Today, while lusting over many things as usual, I stumbled upon an adorable jewellery company named Orelia. I had a look into the background of the company and alot of inspiration comes from South America, India and Morocco. 

I wanted to share with you their beautiful collections:
Moon Stacking Rings - £18
I never really go wild for rings - but these...THESE! Wow, I'm totally smitten, beautiful colours, able to stack and a gorgeous crescent moon! Perfect.
Arrow Necklace - £12
Super cute, super simple. 
Tusk Bracelet - £25
I love the mixed beads that hold this beauty together.
Feather Hair Chair - £18
The details in this are awesome, little beads and each feather is real so each one is different!
Perfect little clip in.
Pink Solitaire Stackable Rings - £18
The pink is the most gorgeous colour ever for a gem.

What do you think of Orelia?


Wednesday 10 April 2013

Grey Matter, Pink Glitter.

I've fallen in love with Revlon's Moon Candy range of polishes after seeing lots of swatches on beauty blogs. However I am pretty sure they are US only, which I'm totally gutted about BUT I figured I have loads of polishes and glitters that I can just do my own version!

The Moon Candy polish I loved the most was 'Supernova' (they all have awesome names!) which is a grey with pink glitter:

I used Grey Matter by Rimmel and Teenage Dream by O.P.I x Katy Perry.
The colours pink and grey go so well together and the pink sparkle in the light especially is so pretty and subtle! The Revlon glitters are a little bit chunkier and more holographic but fingers crossed I find them over here at some point!

Next up I want to try the 'Galactic' Moon Candy!

Ever heard of Moon Candy before? what are your two fave colour combos for nails?

Monday 8 April 2013

Next Homeware Event Cardiff

Last Thursday I was kindly invited to the Next Homeware event in Cardiff. 

I LOVE Homewares, literally little bits that make your home look awesome are the best so I was far too excited to see their new collections!

San Diego was definitely my favourite!
I fell in love with these Ochre cushions and the throws - wow!
I want!
We were each given a £50 gift card to spend in-store aswell! 

Afterwards we were whisked off to St. Davids Hotel and put up in the top suite for food, posh tea, cakes and manicures!

We also left with a bag of treats each which included; tealights and holder, cute ceramic plaque and the most divine smelling reed diffuser ever!

My picks from the £50 gift card were:

San Diego Stacking Mugs - £12
Bee Happy Tumbler - £2.50
Cactus Cushion - £16

and I still have £20 left to put towards an awesome terranium I saw there!

A massive thankyou to Next for putting on the event, it was amazing! So lovely to see lots of Cardiff bloggers too :)

Hope you all had a good weekend!
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