Wednesday 13 July 2011

Jewels, Jewels, Jewels - Want, Want, Want!

Hey everyone!

First up head on over to Vivatramp where you can see my top-5 Summer songs.

Next, sorry for being absent but as I said I'm moving.

I'm all moved in now but had one last shift at work down here so this is just a quick post while I'm back home and have internet. A few sparkly things I have my eye on but unfortunately cannot afford:

Topshop Tan Tooled Cuff - £14.

ASOS Geometric Engraved Necklace - £8

Disaya Monster Growl Ring - £48

River Island Claw Ring -  £7

Pieces Spiked and Studded Ring Set - £7

What things do you have your eye on?

As I said I'm sorry for lack of posting but moving is stressful! I'm always about on Twitter (@cowbiscuits) and I will find a way to do a video once I'm all set up to show you my new place! I'm loving it so far :)

Hope everybody is ok!

Thursday 7 July 2011

You Are A Tourist - moving day post!

Hey everyone!

As I said before I am moving up to Cardiff as of next week so I will be without internet for a couple weeks. I will be coming back to my mums for one night so will try and schedule a few things but I have no time at all to take outfit pics so please bear with me! 

I just thought I'd share with you a couple new things I've picked up to take with me:

Urban Outfitters Jacquard rug. Unfortunately my kitty Pippa can't come with me but will be staying with my mum. I will miss her SO much but will see her everytime I come home.

Mushroom salt n' pepper pots. Bought from eBay.

Urban Outfitters Anchor Bath slip-mat. In the sale and very me!

As soon as I sort everything out I will do a post having a nosy round my new place, I'm excited but also nervous. 

Any bloggers/readers out there from Cardiff or surrounding areas? Get in touch I need friends :P 


Monday 4 July 2011

4th July - outfit post.

It's not secret I'm an American buff (check my background) from cheesy TV to amazing music almost all my fave things are straight out of the States. 

I'm going to keep it short today as I'm off sorting out my new flat so here is my 4th july outfit post:

Stars and Stripes body - ASOS
Hi-waisted Bodycon skirt - H&M

I posted about this Pieces Lobster ring HERE and then it went down in price in the ASOS sale so I picked it up - it fits like a dream and I love it!

For more of my America inspired outfits see my American Flag shorts (with Boston Tee), my Jersey Shore dress-up and my 4th July nail art.

Hope my American readers had an awesome holiday weekend!

Friday 1 July 2011

Everyday Is Like Sunday - outfit post.

Last night I went to see Morrissey down in Plymouth, I've been a huge fan of The Smiths and Morrissey since I was a small child so I was real excited. I've seen Morrissey before and each time he has sounded just perfect - just like a record. I've also never seen so many middle-aged men with quiffs in all my life :p

Anyway this is what I wore!

In dire need of a haircut!

Cable Knit short-sleeved jumper - Topshop circa 2006 (still fits like a dream!)
Racerback Dress (I always wear as a skirt thing) - ASOS.
Necklace - Tiffany.

My beautiful Ship ring from Adrianne.  I'm so in love with it I've been wearing it everday!

Adrianne has vintage inspired jewellery I've not seen anything like some of the pieces  I've seen here, so gorgeous with amazing details!
The weekend is here and I am spending it packing up boxes for my big move to Cardiff in the next week! I haven't really spoken about it on here but I'm quitting Devon and heading up to Cardiff for a change of scenery!
So here is where I beg of some Welsh bloggers to step forward and chat to me!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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