Monday 30 June 2014

National Transplant Week - Spell it out!


Todays post is a little different however very important so if you do have a spare 2 minutes to read and get involved that would be incredible!

You may remember my post about my close friend who is awaiting a liver transplant (you can read that HERE) and from the 7th - 13th July it is National Transplant Week so here I am trying to raise a little more awareness with a campaign called #spellitout

I'm kicking thing of with the letters 'I' + 'W':

Here are some stats about organ donation and why it is so important to register and let your friends and family know exactly what you want to happen!

·         Just 45% of families agree to organ donation going ahead if they are unaware of their loved one’s decision to be a donor but this figure rises to 95% when they know the decision

·         Even though 82% of people would donate or would consider donating,  only 50% have talked about it with their families.

You can sign up to be an organ donor HERE and if you do decide to make the important (but SUPER easy to sign-up) choice then please share your decision with your loved ones!

The next blogger I am tagging for the letter 'A' is Mum in the Madhouse and you can check out her post tomorrow!

Don't forget to follow #spellitout via Twitter so you can see all the posts!


Friday 27 June 2014

Trainer Wishlist.

Happy Friday!

This week has seemed to go on FOREVER! I know the weekend will just fly by though :(

This week I joined the gym, I've been feeling awful about my body for a long time now and I've been eating well but nothing is changing so I've decided the only way this will work out for me is if I get some exercise too(that isnt Yoga)! Plus it was on my 2014 goals list so I decided to take the plunge.

I joined a hotel gym so I can use a pool (and obvs the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi) to swim which is a fun way to exercise plus go to a smaller gym where it won't be full of people making me look bad. I aim to go at least 3 times a week but hoping it will be more once I get a good routine. I've been twice so far and love it! Today I'm having a day off as I'm aching a bit but tomorrow I'll be back in there (after a long lay-in of course!)

You can see my current trainers here in my Nike 5.0+ post however I don't want to wear these to death so will save up and treat myself after 3 months if - and ONLY if - I go 3 times a week! Here are my current fave trainers: 

uk blogger health and fitness
New Balance 410 - Schuh
These are so cute, I love the shape and the colour.
uk blogger health and fitness
Adidas Zx700 Contempt - Office
I love the pops of colour on these plus they look super comfortable.
New Balance 410 - ASOS
Again I love how dainty and feminine this New Balance style looks. 
uk health and fitness blog
Nike Air Sculpt - JD Sports
I already love my Nikes and these look like they would serve well for the gym.
health and fitness uk blog trainers
New Balance 574 - JD Sports
These are slightly chunkier but I feel like my feet wouldn't kill me after a day in them!
uk style fitness blog
Nike Flyknit Air Max - Nike Store.
HELLO THE DREAM SHOE! These are wonderful and amazing but, yeah, they are £180.

Any gym goers out there who can give me some tips on fighting through the aches and pains?

Have a lovely weekend dears,

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Pink and Denim - outfit post.

Good Afternoon!

So oops I dyed my hair pink again! The sunshine just makes me want different coloured hair! 

This past weekend we went down to Porth Cawl and the sun was out in full force. I love going to seaside towns and playing in the arcades and laughing at the junk that you can win. Of course I had to get fish n' chips and sit on the beach whilst we ate. We also got slushies and ice creams too! 

It was super sunny and I've been out in the sun alot the past 2 weeks so I've got a slammin' tan on the go - prayin' for more sun so I can top it up ;p I feel soo relaxed in the sunshine. 

Anyway here is what I wore:

uk style
denim dress uk festival style
Bow - Glitter Detector
Sunglasses - Primark
Poncho - River Island
Denim Dress - George @ Asda.
uk festival style blogger
uk style blogger jelly shoes
JuJu Vicky Shoes *
uk style blogger uk
Claw Necklace - Claires.
All week I've been looking for holidays so we can get away for a week I'm thinking Portugal (Algarve way) but any suggestions for a sunshine holiday on a budget where I can get a good deal I would LOVE to hear them!


Thursday 19 June 2014

Shades of Cool - Lana Del Rey Video Outfit Inspiration.

Everybody is going crazy again this Summer for the gorgeous Lana Del Rey and her beautiful music. She is one of my faves and she really has it all - talent and incredible style. 

I wrote this post here last year about how I love her style and her music but that was before her new album Ultraviolence came out followed by a few new videos. I love her videos so much they always take me away and make me feel like I'm in them too and her latest piece 'Shades of Cool' is no exception:

I've put together a few inspired outfits from the ones she wears during the Shades of Cool video:

uk style blogger
Dress - Modcloth
Belt - Ted Baker
Hair Clip - Evolatree
uk style blog
Shirt - Pret a Beaut
Cross Necklace - Tiffany
uk style blogger
Playsuit - Motel
Swimsuit - River Island

What do you think of new Lana stuff?
I've had the album on repeat since it was released and it's incredible! I still love the Paradise EP more however this will definitely grow on me!


Wednesday 18 June 2014

Michael Kors Siren Lip Luster Review.


Today I have a beauty review to share with you, I've actually had this product for a while now as part of a Michael Kors Holiday Collection I was sent to try out earlier this year and I thought I'd share with you one of the products I've only just started using properly. 

In the hot weather I can't stand to wear lipstick (or foundation) unless I'm on a night out as I feel like it's sliding down my face! I remembered this lipgloss and that i hadn't tried it out yet properly so I gave it a while the other weekend whilst I was out and about during the day and it was really great:

uk beauty blogger
Michael Kors Lip Luster - Siren *
uk beauty blogger reviews
I love the translucent barbie pink look it has, the subtle glitter in it (that you can't feel on your lips) really makes it shine without being too gloopy or thick.
michael kors siren swatch

Another thing about this is that it has a slight scent to it which you can smell every now and again without being too overpowering or off putting.

The applicator is quite small but thats good for me as I won't get it all over my face, also the packaging is gorgeous! I love the gold shiny-mirror like lid.

Have you tried any Michael Kors make-up before? I have a nail polish, lipstick, bronzer and perfume too - I use the perfume almost everyday it's so great for this weather!


Friday 13 June 2014

Save The Bees + New Tattoos.


What glorious weather it has been! I've spent the past few days sleeping and reading and nothing else and can't wait to spend the rest of my weekend doing the same.

Today's post is very important - it's all about how to save the bees! 
Bee's are incredibly important to our ecosystem, a third of all crops are dependent on bee's pollinating and are also part of a food chain (e.g cows!). The bees are dying out at a crazy fast rate, they are not endangered but the effects of their loss is becoming apparent. 

In my garden to help the bees I have a small bee 'hotel' where they can safely pop in and out of to store their goodies and I also have lots and lots of bee friendly flowers and bushes that they love.
Occasionally in the hot weather you will see bee's on or near the path who look like they might be dead - until you give them a nudge! They get dizzy and sleepy in the head so here is a great way to rescue them:

uk bees save the bees

Just mix one table spoon of white sugar into about an eggcup full of water and place a small amount near the bee and let him have a little slurp. The sugar-water give the bee enough energy to move on and get on with his duties. I like to leave the sugar-water combo near a bush where there are bee's incase any need a perk up during the day.

uk save the bees

Away he goes:

save the bees

I love bee's they are so cute and sweet and don't tend to harm humans unless under threat (and when they do sting unfortunately honey bees die). A couple weeks ago I got two new tattoos and here they are:

bloggers with tattoos
girl bloggers with tattoos

The UFO is just a little nod to my interest in the paranormal, extraterrestrial and cryptozooology. 

They are both by my old housemate and good pal Bradley Tompkins.

If you want some more information on what you can do for bee's here are a couple handy sites:

My Amazon wishlist also has a few books saved to it about bee's and their decline.


Wednesday 11 June 2014

Make Your Own Terrarium.


You may remember in a recent post of mine where I featured Urban Outfitters Grow collection that I featured the cutie Make Your Own Terrarium kits.

Last week UO had a 25% discount code over the weekend which I took full advantage of and bought myself this little beaut:

UK Lifestyle blogger
Make Your Own Terrarium - Deer.

Here is what you get in your mason jar:

uk lifestyle blog
Pebbles, moss, a flower, a mushroom and a plastic deer.
You have to add your own plant and soil. I was going to add a cute plant however I know that I don't get much sunlight in my flat so had to have a low maintenance plant and what better than a cactus?! (p.s you can check out my cacti collection here...)

terrarium how to

Then it was just a case of arranging the props, here is the finished thing:

how to make your own terrarium

He is so cute there! I adore the tiny mushroom it's perfect.
I've place my first terrarium proudly on my living room table with my other cacti and miscellaneous items.

Hope you are having a great week! I've been a little under the weather but a few days of rest and I should be ok again :)


Monday 9 June 2014

Ralph Lauren - Denim and Supply.

Hi lovelies! 

It's Monday again but not to worry as the sun has been out and that makes me feel positive and happy! It's amazing what a bit of sun can do for your mind. Although on Saturday morning about 5am I was awoken to Prince jumping on me and a loud clap of thunder going off, he sat in my lap and we watched out of the window the craziest storm I've ever seen! The lightening was constant and making the whole sky go pink and the thunder was also as constant and the rain torrential, its only last about 20 minutes but it was wild!

This is my 400th post! I started my blog back in 2009 instead of doing physical scrapbooking of inspiration and lust lists by cutting and sticking in a sketchbook out of magazines.

Today I want to show you some of my fave Ralph Lauren pieces from their Denim & Supply label:

uk fashion blog
Dolman-Sleeved Sweater.
I love the print on this T-shirt Sweater it reminds me of Dumb and Dumber.
uk blogger fashion
Beaded Cotton Sweatshirt.
I love dressing simply and this little bit of pattern on the elbows is a really nice touch to something simple and cute.
uk lifestyle and fashion blog
Paisley Shoulder Bag.
Love me a tote and I adore this simple paisley bandana print. The leather handles look gorgeous too.
uk ralph lauren blog
Fringed Suede Jacket.
Helloooo dream jacket! Anybody who can find me something similar for under the £660 asking price will be my new best friend!
uk ralph lauren denim and supply blog
Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts.
I love this whole outfit but these shorts especially. Very Lana Del Rey.
ralph lauren denim and supply blog
Thunderbird Bandanna Tee.
Love this simple tee with a gorgeous print and wonderful thunderbird on.

Now obviously all of these items are wayyy out of my affordable price-range but it's worth noting that ASOS sell Denim & Supply and sometimes have older stock in the sale ;) I've got my eye on a few things to keep in my bag in hopes they go down.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday 6 June 2014

It's So Ugly - I Have To Have It!

Happy Weekend guys!

Today I wanna share with you my most exciting purchase this week: The cutest, ugliest bag in the world!

I spied this bag in H&M and thought it was so gross but so cute I just had to buy it. It's the worst shade of pink and has a velvet heart on it but I love its tackiness, it reminds me of something Courtney Love would wear during the Hole years.

I also picked up a couple other pink things to match:

uk style blogger
uk style blogger
cute clips
courtney love style

What do you think of it?

The sunglasses are actually a nice pastel cloudy kinda see-through pink and the kitty clips were too sweet not to buy, I almost want to keep them on their wheel and just stick them up on my wall!

This weekend I will be relaxing with many a LUSH bath as I went on a mega splurge there today as I've had such a stressful week and can't relax.

Have a good one

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Love You Boux.

Since I went for a bra fitting last year I've finally realised the importance of finding the right fitting bra. Not only is it great comfort but I also feel so much more confident when I look at myself in the mirror, nothing hangs out or squishes in - it just looks right and pretty.

I want to show off my latest lingerie set from Boux Avenue. I'd never heard or seen Boux Avenue until I had moved to Cardiff but instantly loved it the shop is set out like a lovely secret boudoir but this time I shopped online:

top uk fashion blog
Boux Avenue gorgeous gift wrapped package (which is a free service!).
uk lifestyle blogger
Annabelle Floral Balconette Bra*
Annabelle Floral Briefs*
floral underwear
Inside there are lightly scented plastic rose petals that smell amazing, I've mixed them in my underwear draw.
uk underwear blog
uk blogger review

This bra is so comfy and the print is exclusively designed for Boux Avenue. The briefs have a thin, soft, see-through black back to them and have a cute lace that goes all the way around the trim.

Having the gift-wrap packaging as a free extra was such a nice touch it was kind of like 'Dear Me, Love Me.'

Hope you are having a good week! This weather is miserable and is making taking blog photos UNBEARABLE! If you have any links to any blog posts with great photography tips I'd be really grateful as I want to pretty up my photo skills :)


Monday 2 June 2014

Adventures In 35mm - pt 2.


Well sadly it's Monday again, not one to wish my life away at all but I really really hate Mondays! 

Today I have the 2nd part of my adventures in 35mm - here is the first part. This is my 2nd roll of film I shot and I'm so much more pleased with how this film turned out!

35mm bloggers
Woods on a dog walk.
Prince in the garden.
In the park.
During our park picnic.
Lucky the dog.
My cat back in Devon - Pippa. You might remember her from my old posts when I lived back home :)

What do you think? Any tips or hints for me to get a better lighting?
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