Thursday 19 June 2014

Shades of Cool - Lana Del Rey Video Outfit Inspiration.

Everybody is going crazy again this Summer for the gorgeous Lana Del Rey and her beautiful music. She is one of my faves and she really has it all - talent and incredible style. 

I wrote this post here last year about how I love her style and her music but that was before her new album Ultraviolence came out followed by a few new videos. I love her videos so much they always take me away and make me feel like I'm in them too and her latest piece 'Shades of Cool' is no exception:

I've put together a few inspired outfits from the ones she wears during the Shades of Cool video:

uk style blogger
Dress - Modcloth
Belt - Ted Baker
Hair Clip - Evolatree
uk style blog
Shirt - Pret a Beaut
Cross Necklace - Tiffany
uk style blogger
Playsuit - Motel
Swimsuit - River Island

What do you think of new Lana stuff?
I've had the album on repeat since it was released and it's incredible! I still love the Paradise EP more however this will definitely grow on me!



  1. That red playsuit! I love the new vid but also prefer Paradise. Can't wait to see her at Glasto!

    Tara x

  2. Lana is so cool and she always looks beautiful! I love all of these outfits, I think the first one is my favourite!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  3. I love the shirt in the second outfit! I really need to start listening to Lana more, she is very talented!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Who's that man in the video? Just out of curiosity ahah
    I'm not a big fan of Lana (she makes me feel sleepy) but I do like Gesaffelstein's remix of her "Blue Jeans" song.

    1. He is Mark Mahoney a Tattoo Artist and park of the 70's punk scene :) x

  5. I've had the album on repeat too, and it just makes me want to look like her (be her) haha. Gorgeous picks!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Aw I love this! Good job hun! The playsuit is beautiful!! xx

  7. I have just bought the MOCLOTH dress, it's so cute! Swithering as to whether I can afford the Ted Baker belt, since it IS on sale! I SHOULD NOT READ YOUR BLOG!

  8. I like first outfit Dress its beautiful,Belt and Hair clip are also beautiful
    Brown Stylish Leather Jacket


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