Wednesday 27 November 2013

Pre-Christmas Shopping for Prince the Cat.

Prince has been a super lucky boy this month and Pets at Home kindly gave him some spending money for their stores in celebration of their new Christmas Look-Book and their new DreamScanner App which allows you to see just exactly what your pet is dreaming of! 

Seeing as I couldn't really take Princey down to the shop with me on his lead, I decided to pick him out some surprises on my own:

Pets at home christmas
Giant Scratch Post (hopefully to stop him clawing the sofas!), Christmas Scarf, Advent Calendar, New Bowl and matching Placemat, Play Toys and Treats!
Naughty head couldn't wait until the 1st of December and decided to open his advent calendar early! 

When he finally calmed down I put his little scarf on him to keep warm before his afternoon nap.

cat wearing winter scarf

Handsome kitty!

Will you be getting your pets any Christmas treats?


Tuesday 26 November 2013

Debenhams Flowers and Christmas Gift Discount Code.

I find buying Christmas gifts SO hard! It's so difficult to make sure you aren't just buying tat for the sake of it being Christmas  and you need a gift. I only buy for about 5 people anyway so it's not too bad but money is incredibly tight for me this year which means using every saving possible! 

I was sent a discount code for my blog readers on any Christmas gift over at where they have a huge range of hampers, flowers, decorations and wine, so if you want to use it the code is:


and that will give you £5 off :) 

I was also sent this gorgeous Christmas Bouquet which has red and pink roses, silver branch decorations, berries and lilies which bloomed the day or two after I took these photos (the only time I had natural light - typical!)

Debenhams Christmas gift discount
Debenhams Christmas Flowers

Hope your week is kicking off well, don't forget there are still 2 more days to enter my Plongee Clothing £100 Giftcard Giveaway so get on it!


Monday 25 November 2013

Berlin trip pt 1.

It's been a week now since I've been home from Berlin and the blues are just drifting away, I thought I'd share my time there and why I loved the city so much. I took most of my photos on my fisheye (which I still need to get developed) because lugging my massive DSLR around was gonna hurt!

I'm terrified of flying so instead of knocking myself out with pills (like I did on the way home) I decided to get drunk at the airport - big mistake! Massive panic attack ensued during take-off and I felt so uneasy the whole flight but once we had landed I was ready to hit up Berlin hard.

We booked an apartment for the 6 of us using (which I highly recommend, you pay before you get there and they are mostly privately run) and the apartment itself was incredible! It felt like our own shared home:

On our first night we hit up some bars and hung out with the locals who showed us the ropes. its so crazy how liberal Berlin is we could smoke in the bars and they had no measurements for the alcohol  (which had me a bit worse for wear on the Friday) and everything was crazy cheap.

The second evening, after nursing our hangovers, we decided to go to Alexanderplatz and go up the TV Tower. You go up 666ft in 40 seconds in the lift it was mental! The views were great as the day had been pretty clear so the evening you could see about 20miles across the city. There was a fancy bar there too where we had a drink before going back to our place for drinks before hitting up one of Berlins famous House Music nightclubs 'Watergate'. 

I'll post up part 2 of my trip a little later in the week plus I really want to get my films back so I can share some better pictures!


Thursday 21 November 2013

OnePiece Marius Onesie plus Reader Discount Code!

I've never worn a onesie before or even considered buying one - probably because I despise those "wacky" folk who walk around town wearing them or maybe because I hate the thought of undressing to pee. The only onesies I did like were the original Norweigan OnePiece Jumpsuits (oh yeah I'm talking the ones One Direction wear/have their own personalized ones) I loved the tradtitional patterns and also they do them for pets - eee!!

Anyway I gave it a go with the original Marius design and now I never ever want to (or infact do) take it off! 

OnePiece discount code
OnePiece discount code
OnePiece discount code

My Marius OnePiece zips all the way to the top (not that you wouldn't want to see anything) but also right down to the crotch making using the bathroom a little easier and little less cold! The feet are free so I can pad about like normal doing my chores in the house - perfect!

I have a special offer for my blog readers you can get a HUGE 20% discount on the OnePiece website by using the code:


This is valid until the 1st of December 2013 so is great in time for Christmas treats. They are SO warm, snuggly and practical I can't recommend them enough!

Which is your fave?


Wednesday 20 November 2013

Japonesque - John Lewis Launch and Make-Over.

Hello! I am back from an amazing time in Berlin, I'll do a post on it this week sometime but I actually took more photos on my lomo fisheye camera than my SLR as I love to physically have photos of special times :)

Anyway! A couple weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Japonesque in John Lewis, Cardiff to check out the brands new colour range and have a little make-over fun.

I was greeted with macaroons and Elderflower squash by the lovely Amy, Rana and the MUA Paul where I got to learn alot more about the brand and start my make-over. The brand was started in America however is all inspired by Japanese Kabuki Theatre make-up and it's application. 

UK Cardiff Beauty Blogger
The super fun Paul Herrington who was guest MUA for Japonesque.
(Photo c/o of Amy Irving)
The finished look (pout included).
Loved the subtle eye flick done with pencil!

The packaging is one-of-a-kind in the sense that 3 colours are blobbed onto the packaging during the conveyor belt process and then individual artists mix the colours before sealing so each package is unique - mental!

Lucky little me got to take home a 150degree Eye Shadow brush and Finishing Powder. 

I also found my PERFECT foundation. The colour match was incredible I never find anything for my pale ol' skin but the Luminous Foundation in shade 02 was amazing!

Have you heard of Japonesque before?

Thursday 14 November 2013

Plongée Clothing £100 Giveaway!

As I mentioned before I am away in Berlin so I'm leaving this awesome giveaway for you all while I'm away!

The giveaway is for £100 giftcard with Plongée Clothing! They have an amazing range for Men and Women.

The giveaway is open to UK residents ONLY (sorry overseas folks!) to enter all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy the giveaway and don't forget to follow my Instagram and Twitter for Berlin updates!



Wednesday 13 November 2013

Littlewoods Winter Fashion's Wishlist.

Littlewoods isn't normally the kind of online store I'd think to look for clothes and gifts but since browsing the site I've found some wonderful Winter fashion treats to share with you all.

These are just some of my favourites but it's definitely worth having a browse for yourself:

uk fashion blogger

Converse Dainty Suede Mid-Plimsolls
These are sure to keep you warm - look how cosy they look!
(See Littlewoods range of Converse
mara animal print boot
Fearne Cotton Mara Animal Print Boot
These are super cute and unusual.
(See Littlewoods range of Women's Boots)

Lipsy Lurex Dress
Very seasonal.
(See Littlewoods range of Lipsy Dresses)

uk fashion blogger
Fearne Cotton Velvet Swing Dress
I love this, the colour is amazing!
(See Littlewoods range of Fearne Cottons Dresses - there are some amazing ones!)
littlewoods fur hood coat
Love Label Fur Hood Padded Coat
This is so cute and looks so warm.
uk littlewoods blogger
Love Label Dolly Fur Collar Coat
Love Label are winning the coat games. Another gorgeous and snuggly coat.
(See Littlewoods range of Women's Coats and Jackets)

What do you think of Littlewoods range this Winter? I am really loving my picks (and saving them all to my favourites!)


Monday 11 November 2013

Beauty Review: Carex Hand Creams.

Working in a Cafe I have alot of washing up-to do (and then some more when I get home) and there is also alot of washing my hands between making foods. I noticed my hands getting dry and cracking in this cold weather already so when I was asked to trial the new Carex Hand Creams I had to jump at the chance and they are so good I just have to review them and share them with you lot :)

I've been using them religiously for 2 weeks now changing which one I use each day and they are so handy to keep in your bag. My hands are already alot softer and hydrated and haven't been irritating or sore from the cold/washing my hands. They are also anti-bacterial so aswell as keeping you moisturised they also protect form bacteria. 

carex hand cream review
Carex Anti-Bacterial Hand Creams. 
My favorite is the 'nourish & protect' which has extra vitamin e to keep you extra soft!

These are new out and retail at £2.49 so not bad at all! Plus I've been using mine about 5/6 times a day and hardly made a dent as you only need a little amount because it dries so well into the skin.

What hand creams do you use to protect your hands from the elements and daily chores?

Sunday 10 November 2013

Adventure Time at Dinas Rock.

The best thing about living in Wales is that I am surrounded by amazing and beautiful places to explore! There are so many nature reserves, mountains and walking trails, almost every weekend (weather permitted) I try to get out and find new places to go exploring and this weekend lead me to Neath-Port Talbot to Dinas Rock and Waterfall.

There are loads more waterfalls in this area too but we spent hours just walking up and around this one - at one point we were so high up it was getting cloudy! We saw a few other people there in proper hiking and climbing gear - even a dog in a little waterproof! 

There are lots of caves around aswell that apparently King Arthur's knights lay in waiting to be called upon to battle. 

uk blogger explorer
Dinas Rock
dinas rock
uk explorer blog
dinas rock cave

On Thursday I'm off to Berlin for 4 days so anybody who has some recommendations of what to go and do or see I'd love to hear!

I hope whatever you got upto this weekend it was a great one :)

Friday 8 November 2013

Sun, Moon and Stars - outfit post.

This is an outfit I wore to a small party we had a my mums house last weekend.

I saw this dress and it's just perfect! The jewelry is something I wear always but thought i'd show it off anyway as it fits well :)
sun moon babydoll Dress Motel
Sun, Moon and Stars Babydoll dress - Motel
sun moon babydoll Motel Dress
celtic rings
skull ring

I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday 7 November 2013

Winter Luxe.

When I think Winter I think massive cosy blankets, snuggly PJ's and keeping warm by the fire. The Winter Luxe Edit by John Lewis features some gorgeous Alice Temperley items for a very cosy but gorgeous Winter time.

I've knocked together my own version of their Winter Luxe edit:

John Lewis Sherpa Dressing Gown
How snuggly does this look? I bet the fluff inside is so soft.

Derhy Knit Poncho
Love me a poncho - indoors and out!

John Lewis Pocahontas Slipper 
I don't think I would EVER take these off!

Warehouse Wide Scarf
This is HUGE  if you look on the model picture she's drowning in it - which is perfect in my opinion :p

DKNY Made for Plaid Pyjamas
On trend for bed time.

Kaliko Mohair Coat
What's Winter without a cosy coat? There are loads more stunning Kaiko coats and dresses on the John Lewis site.

What is 'Winter Luxe' to you?

**(This is a featured post)**

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Winter Boots - I Just Can't Get Enough.

Once I find a pair of boots for  the Winter - I'm done!

I'm still in my navy, borg boots from last year and I really fancy a change. Since it's November already I've been planning on what to ask for Christmas and boots are on the top of the list - so here are the boots that have made my short-list... so far!

MURRY Hiker Cuff Boot - Topshop.
These are my ultimate favourite, I don't just want these I need these! I've been looking for some passable hiking boots that actually look good too. 
Elastic Lace-Up Boot - Topshop
These are so cute but they look like they have no grip and I would slide so much!
Desert Hugs - Clarks
I've included these before, I love Clarks desert boots and these are the ultimate in keeping your feet warm.
Chunk Sole Burgundy Desert Boots - Dune.
This colour is gorgeous and I love the slightly thicker sole for a desert boot.
Leather & Wool Tartan Boots - F-Troupe
The sweetest and of course most expensive! Super 'on-trend' with the tartan and adorable too.

I'm pretty sure it's a toss up between the Clarks and the Hiking Boots as a winner for me, what do you think?

P.S -
As its getting colder QCumber Clothing have set up 'Every jumper bought - a jumper is donated to the homeless' basically you buy an awesome QCumber Jumper and they will personally be going out on the 16th and 17th giving their jumpers to the homeless to keep them a bit warmer during these freezing days/nights.

This is only on until the 10th so be quick and do a good deed today! 

Monday 4 November 2013

Should Have Gone To Specsavers...Cardiff!


I'm back in Cardiff now from a lush weekend in Devon, the rain has been crazy here but it seems to have settled today and now it's just freezing cold! 

A couple of weeks ago Specsavers in Cardiff moved (next door) to double in size and had a £1million refurbishment. I used to be so scared getting my eyes tested because of the episode on Friends when Rachel gets the puff of air in her eye and that just used to freak me out BUT luckily now that doesn't seem to happen - phew! 

I went to the launch for a look around the new store, some free wine, canapés, an eye-test and more free wine. The shop part is downstairs and the testing center is all upstairs, there were 11 testing rooms and a whole new contact lens-making section. The pre-test consisted of measuring the eye electronically and then a photo is taken of the inside of the eye. The eye test itself is the usual however no more wearing those silly goggles, It's all automatic now.

I already need to wear glasses for reading, computer work and TV but it had been about 3 years since my last test so I was getting prepared to need new glasses and I was right! Still for the same reasons just a little bit stronger than my old prescription. Luckily for me I was given a voucher to spend on the night and after spending ages trying on different frames here are the ones I chose:

osiris glasses
Osiris Tortoiseshell Glasses - c/o Specsavers.
I love the 50's big cat-eye style frame with the cute gold rim along the top.
specsavers uk
osiris UK glasses

Also I got to see the picture of the inside of my eye - it looks like an Alien baby scan!

specsavers inside eye photograph

I wish the new store every success it really has come along way and looks amazing :)

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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