Wednesday 30 March 2011

Catch Up!

This post is just a quick catch-up really about what I've been/am going to be upto. Warning there will be alot of links and youtube's, if you haven't already closed the page already then you may notice this post is kinda just filler. 

Tomorrow I'm off to see Glassjaw in Cardiff,  I've been a huge Glassjaw fan since I was 13 (I'm 21 now) and this will be my 4th time seeing them and I can't wait to hear some new stuff live. I'm also hoping to go to Hooters for some famous hot wings, I've been addicted to hot wings since my visit to Long Island in Jan. 

Speaking of Long Island that just so happens to be where Glassjaw are from (you see how this all ties in nicely?) and my friends band have just come off the US tour with them, check them out:

I rediscovered my love for Tumblr the past week or so too, my favourite is this one: Smallrooms. I've been thinking alot about moving out recently and the pictures on there give me SO much inspiration! 

My fave lipstick this week has been Kat Von D's Hellbent:

Read my Kat Von D make-up reviews here, here and here.

And to round this up, here is my favourite song of the week, please give it a listen:


Monday 28 March 2011

Heartbreak Hotel - outfit post.

This is the outfit I wore this weekend. First up I went to TGI Fridays for some chicken fingers, after this I went to see the film Submarine - GO SEE IT! It's really sweet and just a generally good film. The soundtrack is also just wonderful, it's by Alex Turner, I'm not an Arctic Monkeys fan but this is good! 

Anyway here it goes:

Bowling Shirt - Mango.
Belt - Primark.
High-Waisted Shorts - Zara.
Headband - New Look.

I wore it with my new bag if you remember from THIS Primark haul post.

Had this ring for aprox. 1million years.
It's from Topshop it was £3. But it tarnished to high hell so....

...I used this amazing Tuesday Tip from the wonderful Gem Fatale.
Just used some Silver BarryM on it.
The weird face is due to Eminem's new video being on and sounding like a Hip-op Brokeback Mountain.

I realise I haven't done many beauty posts recently but I've been real broke and can't afford any new make-up/products. I have been using one but it involves my stomach and I shall not be posting pics of that ;p
Anyway maybe I'll do a fave lipstick post soon.

Hope you all had a fab weekend

Friday 25 March 2011

Tip Your Bartender - outfit post.

As I said in my last post, I went on a Primark binge, I actually bought 2 tops but I am taking one back as it just looks really weird and I can't think of anything to go with it! 

Anyway here is what I did pick up and wore yesterday on my day off in the sun:

Stars n' Stripes Jumper - Primark - £10
Basically I dig anything with an American flag.

Topshop Lolita Heart Sunglasses - 99p Ebay.

Nautical Daps - Primark - £3.
I love cheap flats to just potter about in, these were a steal.

Scrabble Ring - VIPXO Jewelry (Also 22% discount with the code 'VIP22' at the checkout)
OPI Katy Perry - Teenage Dream - please excuse the state of my nails I am reapplying new falsies as soon as I've written this post!

I really hope wherever you are the weekend is sunny and awesome for you!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Primark Mini-Haul = No Money.

For those who follow me on Twitter you will know I spent alot of money in Primark today.

So this is just a super quick post to show you the accessories I bought, I'll probably use the clothes in outfit posts in the future:

Aztec print scarf, dope-ass sunglasses, turquoise ring, cherry coke lipsmackers, floral bow/chain bracelet and a super-cute little wica-ey aztec-y print shoudler bag.

These 'Fresh Price goes to Hawaii' sunglasses were only £1 - cannot say no. They are a weird matte plastic feel which makes me I love them more. 

That's all, sorry this is so short but things will be back to normal come the weekend.


Sunday 20 March 2011

Pink Wig, Thick Ass, Give 'em Whiplash - outfit post.

This time last year I had what I like to call 'My Little Pony' or Unicorn hair - it was pink and lilac and magical and the best. After about a month my then manager decided to tell me to dye it back, being the total tool I am - I did!

SO since the world invasion of Nicki Minaj (my post I took pics 3 months ago for, of me loosely dressed up as her, is on its way soon) I've wanted a wig! I found a long, curly, baby pink wig on ebay for cheap and is my outfit post involving it:

It does look  real 'wiggy' but it sure does the trick for when I feel down about not having long hair or my old unicorn hair! 

Messing about iwth the stars from my Aussie box the other day.
Also didn't go too bright with the lipstick as it would look real clowny with the pink hair.

Urban Outfitters shirt I had been lusting after HERE.

Old ass ring I found in a box of junk while trying to find an old fleshtunnel stretcher.
Nails - GOSH Wild Lilac and GOSH Magic Star.

Now I really want a nice not too wiggy looking dark brown wig! If anyone has any tips/ebay links then please hit me up!

Hope you've all had a awesome weekend, I've been working all weekend - boo!

P.S. The title of the post is a Nicki Minaj lyric, altho i do have 2 of the 3 things listed ;).

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Gettin' Wild - outfit post

A month or so ago I won $100 ShopBop voucher over at A Daisy Chain Dream - so excited! 

So I had a browse and saw they stock WildFox, I've always wanted a WildFox tee but they are little out of my price range, so I took the opportunity to pick up this little number ready for summer:

Baggy Diamond Cut-off Tank - $59.
DIY Studded Shorts
Headband - New Look £4

This is one of my two new bikinis (see the other here). It's like a cropped bralette thing - I love it!
It was £16 from River Island.

SO including customs charge I also had  $15 left. The only thing that was $15 were these sick Marc Jacobs Silly Bandz! I've been a semi-fan of the Silly Bandz craze since is saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing them, I too wore them for about a month ha!:

Hope all of you are having a grand old week!

Today I've decided to really take the plunge and plan a 3-month road trip of the USA, I'm missing a partner though! If you're a swell person please email me! ;)


Monday 14 March 2011

Bikini Wishlist.

I know it's super cold, even though the sun has been shining the past week, BUT think about when summer does come! How exciting!
Anyway, I've already bought 2 bikini tops (I wear them under baggy tops) you can see one HERE and the other is coming soon in another outfit post.

Here are a few of some of my fave bikini/swimsuits around online shops at the moment:

ASOS Pink Bow Bandeau - £15
Kelly Brook Contrast Bow - £16.99
ASOS Bandeau Spotted Swimsuit - £30
Topshop Apple Print - £28

Juicy Couture Spots & Stripes - £78

Seafolly Eden Floral Triangle - £41
I know some are so expensive! I love the apple print but my fave is definitely the Juicy Couture - maybe it's the tiny anchors in the spots.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I went to see Hallpass and Rango - both were fun films but I'd say Rango was the better of the two.


Thursday 10 March 2011

Aztec Nails + Balloon Treats.

Tried my hand at some 'nail art' (I used that term VERY loosely as there is nothing arty about this mess) and bodged up most of it. Anyway I used the famous Model's Own/WAH Nails pen:

I went for a Navajo/Aztec feel as I'm totally digging that at the moment. Been listening to Rye Rye and M.I.A all day so totally inspired by the music.

Some of you may know I am one of the newest Aussie Angels (part of the 'Aussome Volume' tribe, today I had an email from a balloon company like 'Your balloon will be here in an hour!' - I was kinda thinking I had a secret admirer but turned out it was just Aussie surprising it's Angels.

Inside was the balloon above with a Lusciously Light Aussome Volume conditioner attached. There was also super cute little stars inside.
Pippa loved the box, got covered in stars and attacked the balloon on more than one occasion.
Thankyou Aussie!

Anyway the weekend is upon us, hope you all have a great one!

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Party In The USA - outfit post!

So it's 'Pancake Day' today, not having any due to not being able to make them! I try everytime I get that pancake craving and they always fail! Sucks we don't have an IHOP here in the UK!

Anyway the sun has been shining down (although it's still cold!) and I am getting SO ready for the warm to come! In the meantime I will continue to dress for summer and stay indoors:

Boston Shirt - Topshop - $10 bargain.
USA Shorts - Topshop
Bikini - ASOS
Hair Bow - ASOS
Spike Rings - H&M.
Nails - M.A.C 'Formidable!'
You can see my leopard print bikini top clearer here, I did have a better picture but it just looked like I was showing off my boobies!

I kinda hate this shirt 'cus it makes me look chunky as hell (I hate my arms!) but on the other hand I love it, I got it in Topshop NY for $10 - how could I say no?!

Well I hope you all had some scrummy pancakes - do think of me without! 

Sunday 6 March 2011

Backstage Bambi,


Wow sorry for the lack of posts last week, I've been real busy working and once I'm done all i want to do is sleep! I also bought Sims 3 in the week and I've lost my real life due to playing my fake one!

This week I haven't stopped wearing one of my FAVE lipsticks by the amazing Kat Von D, I actually got this for Christmas not in NY (for a change!). Now most of you will know I love Kat's make-up range and have blogged about them before here and here, and you will know how much I favour the lip-paints for how long they last and the gorgeous colours. So here it is:

Kat Von D, Painted Love - Backstage Bambi.

Please excuse the wrinkles on my forhead! If anyone out there knows of a GOOD deep wrinkle cream (not anti-aging) I know I'm only 21 but I laugh/smile so much (just kidding it's usually frowning!) I really wanna stop this wrinkle making me look about 80 by the time I am 30!!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend - work tomorrow *sigh*!

Wednesday 2 March 2011

The One That Got Away - outfit post!

This is what I wore yesterday, me and my BFF went out for food and cinema for some Ashton Kutcher eye candy ;) 

We saw 'No Strings Attached', I'm really not into the whole romantic-comedy genre but this film was actually really funny. I may be bias as I LOVE Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher is mmmm hott, plus it also had Kelly from The American Office in it which anyone who follows me on Tumblr or Twitter knows I'm a nut for!

Blouse - New Look £18 (I get discount as I work next door).
Peg-Legs - Zara £30 + belt.

I kept my make-up to a minimum just wearing heavy eye-liner on the top lid and a Bobbi Brown lipgloss.
Necklace is from Topshop.

Owl Ring - H&M
Nail Polish - The One That Got Away - Katy Perry for OPI.

In other news I updated my blogroll list (to the left there, you see it?) and also got some really exciting news - I am now an Aussie Angel! I'm part of the 'Aussome Volume Tribe' so look out for that!

Hope your week is going smoothly!
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