Thursday 28 February 2013

Marshmallow Hair

In the excitement of having my tie-dye glitter nails, yesterday I dyed my hair a light lavender/lilac to match:

I LOVE having my hair light colours like this because I can just go back to my normal blonde in a few washes! The only colour I have found super super hard to get out is blue/green, so I tend to stick to the light pinks, purples and peaches.

I usually use Directions Lilac or Lavender with conditioner to lighten it up, in this case I mixed the two :)

What do you think?

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Tie-Dye Bow Nails

Living with 4 boys I love any female company I can get! Sadly one of my besties here in Cardiff is moving to Birmingham this week so we decided to have a girly send off including doing nails and cocktails:

We used the ol' sponge technique and used blue and pink (which when they met maid a purple in between)
I then added glitter and a bow nail tattoo (which you can get from, Boots and Urban Outfitters)
Also today I dyed my hair lilac so these nails match wonderfully!


Monday 25 February 2013

Beach BBQ - outfit post

Last weekend I went back to Devon to pick up my new car (which I love!) and whilst there me and some of my nearest and dearest family and friends went to Slapton beach for a BBQ breakfast.

The sun was out and the breakfast was good:

Dress - Topshop
Tote - (c/o) Swansea Tattoo Company
Me & Zena Triple Pentagram Ring - (c/o) Zalando
Massive ring for a massive Pagan.
There were loads of flat rocks in different shapes and piles, I really want to go back and make my own pile and pictures! How cool is the fish!

The beach where we were was where the American and Canadian soldiers in WWII practised for the D-Day landings. They used live ammo and didn't realise - they shot and killed more of their own men here than they did in the actual landings. Crazy history on this breach and in this area I can't wait to go back and have a proper explore!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Friday 22 February 2013

Things I've Loved This Week.

How adorable is this Swinging Cat necklace by Red Brick? It comes in different colours too, the pink one is also adorable!
I'm so in love with this gorgeous Blue Floral blouse by EverOurs. It looks like a China plate (in the best way possible!) lucky it says 'coming soon' instead of 'add to cart' otherwise I'd be too tempted!
Uh oh EverOurs wins again! Totally fitting in with my new tattoo and my obsession with all things from ancient Egypt, this is glorious! 
I fell head over heels for these wonderful little River Island Crochet shoes - how perfect for spring!
My skin is definitely feeling neglected recently so I've been on the look out for some new products that you don't need to use everyday. How delish does a Mango & Peach face mask sound? 
I squeaked when I saw this! How sweet is this little 'Percy' Cat tote? Also I noticed that Miristudio is a Cardiff based online seller - rad!
My love for all things taxidermy has come to a new level! This amazing Saber Tooth Tiger brooch by Hungry Designs looks so awesome mounted, there is also a Triceratops!  These should totally be made into full size models for hanging on walls!

Hope you have an amazing weekend! I'm counting on the weather to stay dry so I can adventure about South Wales in my new car and go on a few walks!


Thursday 21 February 2013

52 Weeks of Instax Challange! Week 1.

As I posted in last Friday's Things I've Loved This Week, I have been lusting after an Instax mini 25 camera. 
Any of you who follow my Instagram would has seen that today I had a suprise in the post - an Instax mini 25!
Instax mini 25.
It has a view finder, self-portrait view finder with a mirror, a flash, landscape option and Light and Dark settings.
I remember a couple years back, seeing over on (my all time fave blog) The Dainty Squid, the 52 Weeks of Instax Challenge! It's basically like a 365 day photo-challange only using Instax and having one photo for the week - much easier and more fun!
My Instax Mini 25 came with 6 packets of 10 film, a wrist strap and a close up lens!
Week 1: Where Prince has spent all day - sat on my computer chair!
I'm going to label the Instax photos but week number and write a little about them and post them every other week (then I will have more to share!). 

You don't just have to do the challenge with Instax or just once a week and you can start anytime - thats the fun! For more info on starting your own challenge have a look HERE.

Are you doing a photo-challenge? Send me your links I'd love to see!


Tuesday 19 February 2013

Adventure: Ripley's Believe it or Not London

As an avid fan of all things weird, odd and bizarre Ripley's Believe it or Not has always been something I've known about. Robert Ripley was a traveller, explorer and artist who set off on his first world trip in 1922. He would often go where us normal folk wouldn't dare and bring back amazing ancient and weird artifacts.

There are loads of Ripley's museums around the world, I've been to the London one twice and the New York one too. I'd love to go to some more and see all the different curiosities! 

Apparently the largest rocking chair made. I felt so tiny sat in it!
Animals with one too many legs and a Mountain Bear full skeleton.
Paintings on super thin leaves. These were so small and pretty I really wish I could have some like this!
Perfect Wiccan and Pagan tools.
Smashing the pin-ball machine (I was terrible!)
Old Vampire Hunting Kit from way back when.
Old fortune-telling machine swindling me ;)

Mirror Maze!!

I took so so many pictures but I just posted my faves.

There is so many things to see like a Meteorite that is billions of years old, shrunken heads from jungles and a whole section dedicated to old torture devices (including a real electric chair from an American prison!)
Aswell as the oddities there are also lots of fun interactions like the mirror maze, this crazy space tube you try and walk through but it looks like you are falling over and a lazer game!

Have you ever been to Ripley's?

Monday 18 February 2013

Fred Perry Dress - outfit post.

This is the outfit I wore out to the Prince Charles Cinema when we hit up London. I was treated to this dress by my lovely man from the Fred Perry store in Covent Garden:

So much fun! 
Breton Strip Dress - Fred Perry.
Pentagram necklace - Christmas gift
Turquoise Tibetan Ring - Jimmy and His Girl.
(I have some closer pics of my jewellery but on a different outfit post coming up next week)
This Breton Jersey dress is so casual and comfortable! Even though it is so simple I would definitely wear it out to dinner or in this case a mad night at the cinema! I love the fit, length and the roll-sleeves - it's basically perfect!

Hope you all had a great weekend, what did you get upto?

Friday 15 February 2013

Things I've Loved This Week!

Here are the things I've been lusting over this week:

I am so in love with this Black & Red Dip-Dye Skirt from Fashion Union.
Never a fan of Urban Outfitters prices BUT this gorgeous Native Stripe Tapestry Throw is on sale for the bargainous £22! Somebody tell me to stop looking at homewares!
I've never squealed so much, how awesome would Prince look in this Prince Cat Bed from Pet London?!
This cheeky little T-Shirt from RedRock has been on my Amazon Wishlist for a while now ;)
How beautiful is this Pink Fire Opal ring!
Oval Deer brooch - super cute!
I really super want a Instax Mini 25 - I need to stop looking and wanting all the cameras! 

Also if you follow me on Instagram (username: cowbiscuits) there is a picture up of my tattoo I mentioned in my last post :) Also a picture of Prince playing a mini guitar.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend I'm off back down to Devon to pick up my new car eee!!

Thursday 14 February 2013

Kitty Dress - outfit post.

As I posted in pt1 of my London trip I did a little shopping (or rather got spoilt!) and went into Topshop on Oxford Street. As soon as I saw this dress I squealed so loud and knew it had to be mine!

I love the fit of skater dresses and skirts and I prefer to get them in petite when I can as I'm not top heavy ;)
Kitty Skater Dress - Topshop

I do love a mid-jump photo!

And how could I forget? Happy Valentines Day! I will be spending the main part of mine getting my 10th tattoo (sorry mum!).
Hope you have a wonderful day whatever you end up doing :)


Tuesday 12 February 2013

Baileys Cupcakes.

As it's Pancake Day over here in the UK, and I already did THIS post on pancakes a few weeks too early (who says pancakes are for just one day!) I thought I'd show you a delicious cupcake recipe!

The cupcakes in question are made with that sweet treat - Baileys!

40g Unsalted butter.
140g Caster sugar.
100g Plain white flour
20g Cocoa powder
1.5tsp of Baking powder.
1 Free range egg
50ml Baileys
80ml Whole milk.

125g Unsalted butter.
500g Icing Sugar
15ml Whole milk
45ml Baileys
Sprinkle cocoa powder.

As you can see mine did NOT turn out like the pics on the recipe but thats because I only used a tiny bit of icing sugar and freaked out at the consistency haha! I won't make that mistake again!

I got the recipe from where there are tons of cute and super easy ideas to draw inspiration from. They even have a tutorial to show you how to make basic and easy cupcakes.

What are your favourite types of cupcake? I also LOVE Red Velvet!


Monday 11 February 2013

London Trip pt.1

As I mentioned last week I took a short trip to London. I haven't been in years so I was super excited!

We stayed in Covent Garden and only took the tube once the whole time as we found walking around we found lots of hidden gems to explore. The main reason we were there was to go to the Prince Charles Cinema to watch a film called The Room (the best worst movies ever) with a live Q&A from the director and star. I had SO much fun shouting quotes along with the audience, it's nice to be able to make a racket during a screening ;)

The view from the top of our hotel.
I've been to M&M World in New York so I thought I'd pop into the London one too.
It was FULL of pretty colours and anything you could slam a picture of an M&M on. Out of context it would be so weird but in the shop I loved it all.
How gross is that jacket - so gross I love it. 

We had to stop a Trocadero's for some arcade fun. It's not half as big as it used to be but we slammed the basketball machine twice almost beating the high score!

Necessary shopping! I got 2 dresses - THE Topshop cat face one (see in a picture below) and a Fred Perry. I'll do some outfit posts of them in the next week :)
In China town I totally bought this cake based on the fact its a cat. It was actually so delicious! 

We had dinner at Meat Liquor. The food portions were HUGE. I had a chicken burger and cheese fries - I'm still dreaming of those fries.
Of course you can't go to a place called Meat Liquor and not have cocktails!
The whole place was lit by red lights and played awesome country music, apparently there are usually huge queues but we walked right in!

Photobooth fun & tickets.
We also took a trip to Ripleys Believe it or Not. I've been to the London one before and New York but it never gets old! I just love oddities! Will do a post on that also soon as i took heaps of pictures!

Will post the next part later on this week :)

Hope you are having a good Monday!
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