Tuesday 28 June 2011

Things I Loved This Week.

I went to see Bridesmaids on the weekend, I have SERIOUS hair envy of Kristen Wiig! This photo does it no justice but honestly I'm considering chopping my hair off. The film is great go see it!

Sanrio Sunglasses - I am not a fan of see-through lenses (it offends me as a genuine glasses wearer with poor eyesight!) BUT these are too adorable! I want them :(

As most of you know I went to see Glee Live! It was SO amazing I can't put it into words so here is a crappy phone picture and video.

I also bought a giant foam hand to dance with, I was a tad drunk and it got ripped - wah!.
The woman of the week is Beyonce of course! Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know I lost it during her Glastonbury set. I urge you all to go buy her new album '4' it is SO GOOD
I posted these nails I did a year ago (4th of July nails) and they are making a comeback again for this 4th of July too :)

In relation to my previous True Blood dress-up post, how good was the season starter? 2 episodes were released and they were both awesome, so glad to have it back on my screen!

How was your week? What were you loving?

Sunday 26 June 2011

Sookie Stackhouse Dress-up.

As I do bang on about it so much, most of you will know I'm a huge True Blood fan, and tonight it starts the 4th season over in the US (so I will be waking up early to catch it here!).

Some of you may remember my Bon Temps Football post where I showed off my True Blood shirt from the HBO shop (the best place in the world for a HBO nut like me) in New York. 

So todays post is a Sookie Stackhouse dress-up post - everybody's favourite Merlotte's waitress!

Merlotte's Bar and Grill shirt - Play.com and there are about 100 on eBay.
Shorts - H&M.

Anna Paquin is my biggest girl-crush.

This outfit couldn't be complete without my Me & Zena Vampire ring.

I also have a bottle of actual True Blood which tastes of orange but looks like blood - yum!

Anyone else True Blood fans? Who is your fave character? I have to say my favourite is Lafayette for the one-liners and Jason for the eye-candy ;)

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Mushroom Sweater - outfit post.

I bought this wonderful mushroom print sweater when I was in Paris (almost a year ago now!) from Zara - I never saw it over here so maybe they have different things? Anyway I've been doing alot of thinking this past week about Paris and how wonderful it and that time was for me (you can see my Paris posts here, here and here) which also reminded me that it was my blogs 1 year anniversary yesterday (21st) - can't believe I held something down for a year ;)

Mushroom Sweater - Zara 20euro.
Shorts - ASOS
White Tank (so old it has holes in as you can see) -H&M.

I love wearing shorts with a jumper over, it's perfect for indoor/warm but rainy weather.

In other news I'm heading to my family homeland of Manchester to meet up with a friend as we are off to see Glee Live tour! I AM SO EXCITED! I had no idea what to wear, old reader may remember my Rachel Berry dress up  post? - well I'm not wearing that haha! I'm sure I will decide 10 mins before I have to run for the train.

Anyway I hope all of you are having a great week so far!
and as requested in my last post - any of your fave beauty blogs you can link me to would be great!

Monday 20 June 2011

Missguided Nail Splash x2! - review and swatches.

The lovely Sara, who is currently working with Missguided got in contact the past week and asked if I'd like to try out the new Missguided Nail Spalsh colours - now stuff like this never happens to me so I jumped at it!

First of all here is MissTique:

MissTique is a teal colour and my favourite of the two, I just loved it and kept looking at it all day!

Next up is MissTaken:

MissTaken is a bright orange - very Summer! My nails are a little chipped here but this is after 4 days of wear so pretty good!

Like I said above I got great wear out of these Nail Splashes, I think I'm on my 5th day with MissTaken and only the ends are slightly chipped. Application was nice and easy with a fairly quick drying time.

I love the packaging I'm a sucker for anything in a box and each Splash came in it's own box (am I weird?!) and for £5 for 13ml you can't really go wrong!

I also have a request for you all - what are your favourite beauty based blogs? Thanks in advance ;)


Thursday 16 June 2011

Things I Loved This Week.

Been a super busy week for me, won't go into too much detail but I'm going to get right into this, here we go the things I've been saving to my favorites this week:

Beyonce in July's Dazed and Confused. Her new album "4" is amazing, a bit different for Bey and took me a while to get into but it's really grown on me. She is the flawless Queen of the Universe.

Cat pillow covers - Urban Outfitters. Love cats, love sleeping, what else do I need to say?

Bird Print Jumper - ASOS. Really been into wearing jumpers/shorts combo again since the weather hasn't made its mind up this week!

Matte Nude Glitter nails - These are my attempt at a photo I've seen floating around Tumblr this week (but for the life of my cannot find now!) I used Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, NYC Starry Silver and Rimmel Matte Topcoat.

Lady Gaga's crazy turquoise mermaid hair. Love her, love this hair, love this outfit, I really hope she announces a UK tour soon!

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Ring - I bought from an eBay seller but it appears to have been the last one so I can't link you! It's awesome! 

Hope your week is going well so far, what have you been loving?

Monday 13 June 2011

Hello Sailor - outfit post.

I bought this dress a little over a year ago and wore it to Lady Gaga's first leg of her UK Monster's Ball tour (so Feb time). It slimmed me and had shoulder pads - what more did I need in a dress? The only down side is my bubbies were a bit too small so I had to pin it a bit so they didn't flash out (sorry for the vivid description!).

Dress - ASOS.

Hello Sailor Necklace -ASOS.

In other news I got tickets to see the most fabulous Ms.Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale tour! I'm so excited I have loved Britney since the day she hit radios and went to see her on the Circus tour too. JOY!

Have you all had a great weekend? What did you do?

Thursday 9 June 2011

They Love The Way That L.A.M.B Be Rollin' 'Cross My Shirt - outfit post.

I bought this just under a year ago (I did a post on it back then too, cannot believe my blog is nearly 1!) . I picked it up for £15 on eBay, the jacket has a distressed look and a fleece-feel inside which is just perfect for the little chill we have right now.

Humming Bird ring - was a gift for Christmas.
Nails - Miners Laguna Love.

I've been wearing this jacket everyday this week, channeling my inner-Gwen, curling my hair and keeping my lips red!

Hope you are all having a great week so far!

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Things I Loved This Week.

The past week I've been so busy, I spent all day Monday house hunting and was so drained by the end I was thinking about just living in a hole in the woods. But i've pulled myself together and hopefully the right place will come up soon!

In preparation I've put up loads of stuff on my eBay, if it doesn't go then I'm chucking it in the bin.

This week I've been loving:

These super awesome Collar Tips from ASOS. Although I don't own anything with a collar, I also found some awesome cowboy style collar tips on ebay too! 
Tatty Devine Quarts Crystal Shards ring.
Tatty Devine are world famous for their gorgeous acrylic, art-like jewellery. A little pricey but thats what you get for original and amazing hand-made designs!
Tatty Devine Symbolic Eye necklace.
HOW amazing is this Deer T-Shirt? It's from the amazing Pretty Racoon which I found on Etsy, you have to check out the other items they are awesome! My other faves are this Tribal Totem shirt and Nautical wheel shirt.
I'm a HUGE The Office fan and I don't know if this quote I posted on my Tumblr was made for the show or if it's well known but it fits in SO much with me right now and I love it (even if I don't love Jan all that much!). 
I have also been loving my Miners nail polish in "Moroccan Mint" - and my dad loves the colour too! 

SO that's my weekly round up of things that I've been into, what have you been loving this past week?

Saturday 4 June 2011

Eyelure Naturalites Evening Wear - review.

I have NEVER worn fake eyelashes (well I did on halloween once and they ended up halfway down my face so I swore off them!) but browsing so many other blogs as I do I saw how many ladies did wear them and pull them off so well!

I have the shortest, stubbiest eyelashes, I pick them out and am just generally really naughty about the whole affair, so here goes, me with long lashes!

The word 'Naturalites' obviously made me think these would give me a natural looking lash and the 'evening, ultra glam' made me think they would be great for a night-out (not that I've been having many recently!).

I know I look like some weird-ass Alien but I have this inability to take a natural looking photograph.

Full blow porn-star face haha.
SO they turned out to be ALOT bigger than I had imagined, definitely too long for me and definitely didn't look natural!

But for somebody who doesn't wear fake lashes I thought getting them on was super easy, the glue went on without any mess at all and stayed sticky long enough to me to fiddle about there to put them (I really am not a girls girl!). They stayed on for about 10mins before I got annoyed, felt silly and took them off :p

What faux-lashes do you use?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S The winner of my giveaway is Dainty Dresses, congrats!! x

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Lace and Gold - outfit post.

So right now I'm supposed to be having fun at Brighton Fashion Week but due to unforeseen circumstances I am no longer doing this but instead sat at home! Still 6 days off work so can't complain! 

So today we had some great sunshine here in the UK and I popped on this little lace number:

Peach Lace Dress - Zara
Belt - Primark
Spike Bracelet - Topshop. It was £1!

I got the dress about 2 years ago and never really wore it until last year when I wore it to the Lady Gaga Monster's Ball.
It has a silk slip thing underneath.

So floaty and perfect for the sunshine! How did you spend your day?

Don't forget that you have 2 more days to enter my Sigma giveaway so get on it!

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