Monday 25 April 2016

Prince: a Tribute.

On Thursday evening I came home from work and did my usual routine, fed the cats, got changed then sat while they fussed over me and scrolled through social media. Somebody had posted a picture of Prince on Instagram and i instantly liked it... then I saw the caption was of a broken heart. I was confused, obviously checked Twitter (the hub of breaking news) and saw the rumours that there had been a death at Paisley Park. 

I became panicked but also they were just rumours right now. The rumours, within minutes, became reality and it was confirmed the death at Paisley Park was Prince himself. 

I sat on the floor in my spare room under the window, I was in shock. I started to say aloud things like 'no' and 'oh God!' and then my hands began to tremble and heart began to hurt. The tears started small but grew into hysteria. I text my mum, she was also a big fan, and she knew exactly how I was feeling, her idol Marc Bolan died suddenly when she was a teenager and her heart broke just like mine. 

I sat there still or about an hour, an influx of messages from friends who knew how I'd be feeling came through but replying was hard. I eventually went downstairs and put CNN news on the TV and watched as people were interviewed who knew him and fans who had flooded to Paisley Park to see what was going on. Songs played in intervals but I was sat in silence as I just watched, my hands still shaking. 

I managed to eat about 8pm, I made some chips and dipped them in Hummus. Comfort food. About 9pm I sat in candlelight and put the radio on, the Radio 1XTRA DJ was playing non-stop Prince and after a few slow ones he played some hits and favourites. I noticed that I was bouncing about in my seat and even smiling as I sang my heart out. THIS is what Princes music was to me, it made me feel happiness like no other music has done.

A celebrity death has never affected me like this. Obviously I feel sad, earlier that day I found out that Chyna from WWF wrestling back in the days where I was obsessed with it has died and I was sad, I felt sadness. I cried when Whitney Houston died. But this was another level of sadness - this was heartbreak. Thankfully the next day I didn't have work, I mourned all day. I stayed in bed until about 5pm and then I cooked. As I cooked I decided to blast some Prince tunes to get that happy feeling back and it worked as it always had done before. 

When I got a little 8-week old kitten there was only one name he had to have - Prince. In his namesake he always wears a purple velvet collar, he used to have a little Prince symbol dangling from it before he lost it in, and he has a tiny Cloud guitar which still sits on my bookshelf. 

After a night watching Purple Rain with my old housemate, the next day he tattoo'd the Prince symbol (in purple of course) on my ankle. 

In 2014 I got to see the man himself in concert. I skipped work in the afternoon and drove 2.5 hours to Birmingham. I wore a paisley dress and danced and sang until my throat didn't work. This video is the only video I took and it was almost at the end of the show, I didn't pay attention to taking photos of videos as I was too wrapped up in seeing this tiny man, dancing on stage like he was still 21, playing guitar and piano like a musical God, his vocals like a record, never missing a high note.

 A mysterious genius, an icon of never being afraid to be nothing but himself whenever and however he wanted without care of what anybody else thought, so sadly died at 57.

My heart is still heavy but everytime I put on any number of my favourite songs by him I feel my heart lift slightly and I can't help but feel happiness.

Sleep well Beautiful One.


Monday 18 April 2016

Weird Asian Beauty Haul


Today I have a video for your viewing pleasure. I recently picked up some cute East Asian beauty products that I pretty much didn't know what to did or how they worked but they looked interesting and cute so I kinda just had to get them!

I've been using all the products and will be posting some reviews of them on here soon!

Come pay day I'm going to be picking up a fair few more bits that I was after aswell so will do a pt.2 video for that :)



Tuesday 12 April 2016

Twilight Supper and Spa with Laguna Spa Cardiff

laguna spa park plaza cardiff


I have been SO ill the past 4 days battling tonsillitis and a fever, I've been at work for all of it, battling through, trying not to curl in a ball and cry. So writing this post is hard as I feel like I deserve to do it all over again! 

A couple weeks back I was invited to the Park Plaza in Cardiff to indulge in a little TLC with their Twilight Super & Spa package. The package is perfect for a mid-week treat for a catch-up and a spot of relaxing, it is available Sun-Fri after 4pm and includes a 25minute treatment (facial, back massage, mani or pedi) full use of the spa and a two-course dinner in the Laguna restaurant.

Park Plaza is the fanciest of all the leisurely places in Cardiff and I have done the rounds of the Cardiff spa circuit and trust me this is the best one I've been to. The staff were incredibly lovely, I had a little tour around the spa and pool area which is so clean and well kept and then got to meet the beautiful Jade who was our host for the evening. I arrived a little self-conscious so didn't want to take a dip in the pool or jacuzzi but when I had got there the other lush bloggy ladies (Briley, Georgia and Jess) joining me were ready to dry off and come hang out before our treatments.  

We gowned and slippered up and the first two ladies went for their treatment whilst we got to relax on soft squishy beds, sippin' on juice and reading magazines whilst the sun set on Cardiff and we were emerged into candlelight. I bet in the Winter this would be so beautiful and feel so good being all cozy and warm inside.

My treatment was up and I had the sweetest young lady give me my back massage, she asked me how I'd like it and I needed firm - she delivered! I felt so relaxed afterwards that I could have got right back into those blankets and had a little snooze before dinner!

We all got dressed and headed down to meet Jade at the bar for a cocktail before dinner. Laguna have a 'Gin of the Month' special cocktail selection and I have NO idea which one I got but it was big, boozy and delicious.

As I mentioned the package comes with a 2-course dinner. Normally when I've done packages like this before the set-menu is a little dull and the food is nothing to shout home about but the Laguna restaurant would be fantastic to go to even just for a meal regardless. The head chef picks and changes the menu daily according to what he fancies, what is in season and what he can locally source. The waiting staff were incredibly professional and so attentive, they all looked incredibly smart and honestly this was a 5 star dining experience.

The food was incredible, although this package is for 2-course, for reviewing and experience purposes, we were able to have 3 course (just so we all knew how good everything was!). To start I went for Welsh Rarebit on slow cooked ham hock - this has a grain mustard sauce which just went so wonderfully with the melt-in-the-mouth ham hock. For my main I had Chicken breast and confit leg coq au vin with shallots, smoked pancetta and potato fondant - SO much food I honestly thought I was done for, like there were no cut-backs here for the package if I had just had this and the treatment I would have definitely thought this was excellent value for money.

 For my dessert was that delicious beast above. Creme Brulee with fresh raspberries and a butter shortbread. Perfectly light to fill that extra stomach I have only for pudding.

Honestly I loved everything about the evening, the company was great, small blogging events/experiences like this are VERY hard to come by and it felt intimate, like I could actually get a word in edgeways and like I was just hanging with pals - other brands, PRs and companies alike - TAKE NOTE! I know Park Plaza do a few of these events with small amounts of people which is perfect, something you can be proud of and actually get people hearing about what you are promoting.

I have to say a HUGE thankyou to the team at Park Plaza/Laguna and Jade for such a wonderful evening, a true treasure of an experience!

The Twilight Supper & Spa package is £59pp, worth every single penny and such a luxurious little break from the normal weekday.


Wednesday 6 April 2016

Be Kinder To Your Vagina

organic cotton period products


Today we are talking about that Time of the Month! Yes It's your period!! People get grossed out by talking about periods which is dumb (obvi) but it's the most natural thing ever, so get over it - we are talking about it!

Feeling like Carrie at prom whilst tiny elves drill a million screws into your womb area is NOT FUN! Growing up I had the most horrendous period pains where my legs would ache, my back would feel like it's collapsing and I only wanted my bed, a hot water bottle and a box of tissues to wipe away my sad face. There are a few new monthly box subscriptions that give you a little box of things to cheer you up on your period which i think is FABULOUS but today I'm here to talk about being kinder to your vagina during those difficult 5(ish) days of your month.

There's been alot of talk recently about the products we use during our period actually being harmful for us and it's come to my attention with the help of a wonderful brand called Time Of The Month.

Did you know that most of the mainstream brands of sanitary products use synthetic materials that are bleached! BLEACH! If that wasn't enough more chemicals are then added to increase absorbency - ew.
These synthetics can be harmful and cause irritation, plastics used in pads can cause dampness which encourages yeast growth and some even use scents.
These products are also terrible for the environment, most will take 20+ years to biodegrade and also use Rayon which is wood pulp in which half the tree is wasted in making the product. Even using non-organic cotton is bad for the environment with the use of pesticides and insecticides.

TOTM kindly sent me this amazing tote bag stuffed full of their products for me to try out some real deal 100% organic cotton, 100% biodegradable and nasty-free sanitary wear! *

The packaging is simple and beautiful and I was even sent a little organic pouch to store them in my handbag safely too (so sick of rogue tampons mousing about my bag!). The liners and pads are super soft and hypoallergenic which work to be compatible to your body's natural pH. The tampons come with biodegradable cardboard  applicator and have a non-woven veil that protects the absorbent core so no nasty fibres behind!

WOW This post got long but I feel that as a women this is an incredibly important to get knowledgeable about what you are using on your most sensitive and intimate part of your body!

I LOVE TOTM and I really hope you do to!

Visit to check out the full range. There is also a subscribtion service to suit your needs for your time of the month.

Monday 4 April 2016



I've decided to make a video! It's been about a year + since my last youtube attempt but I figured the best way to do this post was with a video.

I basically set myself £10 and went into one of the cheap shops that sell everything and bought loads of food. I did this in two shops yesterday but not on food items mainly of tat for around the house which maybe I will film another time but for now here it is:

I clearly have barely any subscribers as Youtube isnt mah thang but if you do subscribe then obviously I'd be eternally grateful. 

Take care and I'll be posting an actual post on Weds :)

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