Monday 31 October 2011

Cashmere Challenge.

When somebody put the word cashmere to me I always used think "OLD LADY!" straight away, this was until last winter when I picked up a cheapy Primark cashmere jumper to wear to bed, it served me for a couple of months then dwindled into a not-so-soft mess.

Anyway VouchercCodes got in contact asking if I wanted to give an honest review of a cashere jumper, well duh of course I did I love soft things and I live away from home so need all the free warmth I can get!

The jumper in question was a Pure Cashmere crew neck from Marks and Spencer.

M&S Pure Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper in Light Camel - £59.
Well first of all it was SO soft to touch and instantly warmed me up, I've been wearing it with my pjs before bed and when I get up and I fully love it! I got a size 10 and it fits just right, still loose enough to feel snuggly in but not so loose you catch a draft.
I have washed it and the size and shape has stayed in tact and so far it hasn't turned into a bobbly mess.

I literally have no complains about it. YAY!!

Also check out my new PJ Bottoms:


What things have been keeping you warm?

Wednesday 26 October 2011

New Tattoo!

Hey there!

As promised here is a quick post showing you all my newest tattoo done by my housemate Brad:

Super cute right? I love it! I'ts on my thigh and it's alot bigger in person.

We also got matching XO's because we are lame - they are supposed to look scratchy :p

Well thats it from me, I will be posting again this week thought phew trying to get back on track with blogging and having a full time job and full time social life it hard work!

Hope everyone is ok!

Wednesday 19 October 2011

XO 'Til We Overdose - outfit post.

I've been basically wearing this outfit all the time, it's so easy and casual I think I've worn it out to a club, for drinks, to dinner, shopping and also to the South Wales blogger meet up last week. I'm so lazy it's too easy to throw it on and walk out the house in less than 10 mins.

Dress - H&M
Shirt - H&M

I picked up this amazing little bag from H&M too it was £10 and I love it, great for fitting keys, phone, mirror and money.

Headband - New Look
Necklace - ASOS & Claire's.

I always team everything with my Vans and I recently got these bad boys courtesy of, super fast shipping and everything with an amazing size range, I can never find Vans in my baby feet size!

Leather Cedar Vans -
 In other news, those of you who follow my Twitter will know that I've changed from Blackberry to iPhone, so hit me up with some fun things to do on there!

I also got another tattoo but will be posting that when I get it finished on Sunday ;) SO AWESOME!

Hope you are all well!

Monday 10 October 2011

Unicorn Hair.

Hey friends!

I've been crazy busy, so sorry for the lack of posts! I went back to Devon this weekend to see my mum in her new house out in the middle of the countryside and decided to dye my hair. Older readers of my blog might remember my lilac and pink hair or more recently (although I never pictured it) I had turquoise hair. WELL I've gone back to lilac and baby pink dip-dye which I like to call - Unicorn Hair!

Cheese head! 

When I was home I managed to squeeze in some outfit pictures so will be posting alot more in the next couple of week - yay!

Hope everybody is well, anybody else been dying their hair?


I don't really know the deal with these Cosmopolitan Blog Awards but my best meatball and partner in crime Amelia is nominated in the Established Fashion Blog catagory, go check her blog and if you think she's as rad as I do then drop her a vote HERE :)

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