Monday 30 September 2013

September Round-Up

Autumn is in full swing now and I love it!

Here is a roundup of my September and what's to come in October: 

My boss-eyed buddy has been sitting in the bath with me again. I love his little face so much!
I love this ugly fish transfer tattoo (I almost wish he was real) which I was sent along with a few other cool designs from Fickle Tattoos.
A few new home additions.
The butterfly/moth ceramic coasters (I mentioned them here) from my Auntie, A cactus letter holder from my Mumma and a cute little trinket box c/o Casey English.
I re-did my pink and purple hair.
I was asked if I had any festive baking tips for Rodda's to feature on their packaging leading upto Christmas. I gave them a tip and they decided to use it! I got this amazing package as a thankyou and my tip is in-stores now! I really hope I find it on the shelves!
The pack included clotted cream and Cornish butter but obviously they went right to the fridge.
I got a pin-board for a bargainous £3 in WHSmiths. I added some mermaid looking sequins and some cute patterned fabric as a border to jolly it up a bit.  
October is right here and it is my faveourite month! I will be decorating the house in a Halloween theme and also have lots of Halloween DIY's and outfit posts at the ready!

Hope September has been awesome for you!


Friday 27 September 2013

Little Critters.

I thought I'd share with you a few little pals I've encountered in the past few weeks:
Little pal I found on a walk.
Big Ol' Toad who's been in my garden. I think he had a friend but he got eaten by a cat :S
I found two of these guys crawling up my wall, they are so softy!
Prince bought home this frog. I saved him bathed him and then let him go. He had a goo old swim about in my bath and you can see the video HERE
Sorry its such a short post I've been crazy busy - today I had a NARS make-over so I can't wait to show you all about that!

Have a good one!

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Happy 1st Birthday My Curves & Me!


Lucky ol' me got to join in the celebration of the lingerie website My Curves & Me's 1st Birthday this month by getting to choose some underwear! YAY! I swear it's my new fave thing (as you may have guessed!). I was sent a little gift in the form of beautiful lingerie. 

My Curves & Me was set up by lingerie company Panche for the *ahem* more 'fuller' figure at amazingly cheap prices. I've learnt that my new obsession comes at a price! 
Now I got curves (a big ol' butt and size DD boobies) so of course this is something I support and am more than happy to help celebrate! YAY CURVES!

Here are my picks: 

Arquette Bra by Masquerade
Arquette Brief by Masquerade
Cutest detailing on both the bra and briefs.
Iris Short by My Curves & Me
So pretty!

I love how an amazing set of lingerie can make you feel so much more confident! Goodbye Primark pants - Hello feeling great!


Monday 23 September 2013

Pink n' Purple Hair and Blue Tie-Dye Sweater - outfit post

I got bored with just having pink hair so added purple dip-dye on the bottom too. Although I'm kinda bored of having pink/purple hair it seems everybody has it these days - I'm thinking maybe a dirty blonde or go back to my old pearl blonde.
I'm also desperate for a hair-cut but I only have £4 to my name at the moment.

I got this blue tie-dye jumper from H&M last year. I love wearing a bodycon dress with a jumper over the top, it's basically all I wear come Winter!

Here it is - massively ripped tights an' all:

I love Prince so much! This weekend he bought home a dead crow and cut his foot - he is such a little trouble maker! Even though the picture is super out of focus (probably due to how smudgey my lens was) I just love any picture with him in :)

Hope you had a great weekend


Friday 20 September 2013

Fred Perry Wishlist

I love Fred Perry, I remember when i was about 14 I got a polo shirt and wore it until it's death!

Last year I got this Fred Perry Dress (oh wow this post makes me want my fringe back in ASAP) as a special treat and I feel a pattern emerging with wearing things to death!

Anyway here are some of my new FP faves:

Leopard Print Dress - £80
This dress is my absolute fave. I love how subtle the leopard print is.
Fontana Loafer - £65
This are part of the Twisted Wheel collection. I know alot about the Twisted Wheel as my dad was a member and still has his original pass.
Tipped Long Cardigan - £100
Leopard Print Polo - £60
Harrington Jacket - £150
I love this so much! The colour and the inside are fabulous.
Are you a Fred Perry fan?


Thursday 19 September 2013

Bug Life - Practicing Pinning.

Hey Pals!

Today I thought I'd share with you a little hobby of mine thats I've only recently got stuck into but have been a fan of and wanted to try for many, many years now - insect pinning! When i was little I used to collect bugs, hold them and play about with them, then as I got older I became afraid of them. Now it's a different story, I have become fascinated by them!

I have a couple butterflies in boxes thats I've got a-hold of from shops but I wanted to try it for myself. Now I've not been lucky to find any dead moths or butterflies to practicing that side of entomology (I really don't think I can bring myself to catch and kill one) however, I did come across these:

First up is this amazing big ol' bumble bee! Prince actually bought this in for me as some kind of token he was all dead and curled up in a ball so I had to relax him, then spread him (this all takes a few days so patience is needed) and then finally pin him!

I LOVE Bee's! They are so cute! I'm pretty set on my next tattoo being a bee. 

Here he is:

Next up I found some amazing petrol-blue coloured beetles who had died on the floor during a walk in some woods. There were loadsss of them all dead and dying so I grabbed a few bodies as they definitely came in handy for practicing relaxing setting and then pinning.
Anyone who can identify them for me I will be in your debt - try googling 'UK petrol blue beetle' and get very far!

Any of my readers out there into entomology or insect pinning? You may remember from THIS post earlier in the week (OutThereInteriors actually tweeted saying they found it creepy - mission complete!). I have practiced cleaning of skulls and have a few in my house and very soon I am hoping to get some more and clean them up too - just incase anyone is interested :)

Hope your week is going well!


Wednesday 18 September 2013

Celebrating National Cupcake Week With Lingerie!

Happy National Cupcake Week!

And thats's not all I'm celebrating as this post here marks my 300TH Post!! 

I was contacted by Debenhams to celebrate this awesome week with cute lingerie and cupcakes! So while I stuff my face - take a look at my lingerie review:

National Cupcake Week Celebrations!
Gorgeous Peach Spotted Longline Bra and Thong.
Ashley Thomas at Home Cupcake Jar. (I love ALL the Ashley Thomas range so this is such a pleasure to have in my kitchen!)
The cute little bow has tiny green flowers on it (see 'em?) and the same is on the front bow of the thong too.
More cutie detailing.
I have to be honest here - I FREAKING HATE THONGS! This one is SO pretty and I have tried it on but maybe it's because I have such a ghetto booty that it just feeling like butt-floss and i really can't feel comfy in them.

The bra I love though, the material is soft and it isn't padded but has great underwiring and wiring along the sides to give full support. Gorgeous are DD-H bra's and with my new-found big-boobies I was like 'ohh yeah I'm DD!' haha :P

So I urge you to get in your undies - curl up under a blankie and scoff cupcakes for this special occasion!


Monday 16 September 2013

Deer Heads in my Living Room

Hey there! 

Just a quick one from me today as I have so many things to get doing! Here is a little sneak at my living room/fireplace area and my AMAZING Deer Head from Out There Interiors!

Living Room circa 2 weeks ago. We now have a book case. Just underneath the records we have out record player and also another huge sofa and a table and chairs (aswell as the coffee table!) I hadn't really unpacked it all when I took these pictures so I cant wait to show you some more of the living room once it's done up a bit!
Deer Head Wall Mount c/o Out There Interiors.
I'm so happy with this fella! Very sturdy, super creepy and cool and fits in so well!
Fire place - we were fish-sitting out old fish for a week, he's now gone.
I actually got the deer skulls from a family friend who owns a deer farm and stripped them and bleached them and cleaned them up all nice.

Next time I will be showing my bookcase/my books thats i am currently reading/loving.

I love how cosy my living room is - it's my favourite place :)


Friday 13 September 2013

The White Company Opening Event in Cardiff

Last week I was kindly invited to the opening of The White Company store in Cardiff. I met up with Jess, Eve Charli and Josh for pre-event cocktails followed by free champagne and then more cocktails. Oh dear!

I'd never shopped at The White Company before, it was super expensive but really high quality. I fell in love with the slippers and dressing gowns - they were SO furry and soft! I also loved the kids range, I was sad to leave behind a cuddly little teddy bunny wah!
The candles smelt amazing and I was super lucky to get a 'Seychelles' scented candle in a goodie bag (yay!) it's really nice and is all handmade in Devon - woop woop for mah hometown!

We also met the CEO of the company, had canape's from Jamies Italian and there was a live band (they did play the song at the end of Titanic when it sinks though, which was a downer).

Anyway here are some snaps from the opening:

Kicking off with Cocktails!

There was an event at Benefit afterwards but I got too drunk and forgot to take pictures of anything except the above "rocktails" that we all added alcohol too - oops!

Have you ever been to a White Company store? Everything is so...WHITE!


Thursday 12 September 2013

Lazy Girls Mac n' Cheese Recipe.

I cannot cook. It's a fact. So when I have to (ya know to survive and all that) then this is my favourite, easy go-to recipe for lazy ol' me: Mac n' Cheese!

It's so easy and tastes delish:

Cheese Sauce
Bacon Bits (or leek goes amazingly if you're a Veggie!)
Giant Cheddars/Ritz crackers also work well!

You will also need a ceramic baking tray, a frying pan and a saucepan.
First up cook the pasta on the hob - I add salt, pepper and olive oil to the water (so it doesn't go stodgy) and cook until it's almost soft enough to eat.

While I'm waiting for the Macaroni to cook I fry the bacon bits. One the pasta is cooked - drain it (duh!) and then I add the sauce and the bacon to the drained pasta and stir it all up.

Pour the mix into a ceramic baking tray
Then I put the tray into the (preheated to 180) oven and make a brew and watch TV for 15 mins

After 15 minutes then crumble the Cheddars on top of the mix and cook for a further 5-8 mins so they go golden.

Then eat!

Super easy and super yummy plus there's enough for lunch the following day ;)

What are your fave, easy go-to recipes?

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Kimonos and Trees - outfit post

Here is an outfit post from my weekend. We ended up going just outside of Cardiff city center to a little nature reserve walk. The sun was out (although it was a little chilly) and it was the perfect Saturday afternoon:

Sunglasses - Primark
Denim Pinafore Dress - River Island
Dip Dye Kimono Cardigan - c/o Choies.Com
Nike Free 5.0+  - c/o
I had this Kimono Cardigan saved in my ASOS saved list for ages then when I was able to get it through I went for it! Since I got it I've become addicted to Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 and noticed that Charlotte from Geordie Shore has the same cardi! 
Weed Crop - c/o
There were two huge pond/river types on either side of the walk full of ducks and different birds.
Jurassic Park feel.
Can you spot the Kingfisher?

I loved this walk I definitely want to go back and explore some more!
Parts of it reminded me of Jurassic Park. There was a bird watching hut and we also fed the ducks some bread :) I even got to see a Kingfisher (see above) it was so awesome seeing its flashes of bright blue and orange floating about on the breeze and then settling down on the branches before heading off again.

What did you get upto on the weekend?
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