Thursday 28 May 2015

Rainbow Dancer.


I've got two weddings coming up so I've been looking online for dresses, I already have one I'm going to wear but want something a bit different for the second one. As I was browsing I came across the BEST DRESS EVER! 

rainbow dress
Rainbow Dancer Dress - Sister Jane.

Isn't it a beaut? I really want to to order it but I'm not sure on the sizing as I think even a large might be a little too tight. If I've got spare cash after my tattoo on Saturday then I'm going to take the plunge I think!

I was browsing the Sister Jane website and they have so many other gorgeous clothes, here are my top picks: 
What do you think of Sister Jane? I'm in love! 

Hope you are having a great week!

Friday 22 May 2015

What I Bought: BHS 20% off everything!

Oops! I've been on that homeware binge again! It was an accident I swear!

I was heading to ASDA to do a little weekend shop and ended up passing BHS on the way. I used to think BHS was super dated but there is an awesome new store in Cardiff Bay that looks lovely so I thought I'd step in. When I walked in a store assistant welcomed me and told me 'everything is 20% off and some things upto 50% from today until Monday!'. HELLO! As I walked around the store I figured if I really anything then I should totally get it while I see it, right?!

BHS 20% off everything
As you can see I bought this super cute kitchen clock! I have a duck-egg blue theme and this is just prefect!
Acctim Kitchen Clock - £20 - £16 with 20% off!
BHS 20% off Kitchen
It even has a little time on the bottom which is so an awesome little feature.

Mint Green Brita Marella Jug
Mint Green Brita Marella Jug.
I've wanted a Brita filter jug for ages and I almost bought this exact one the other day but it was £21 and I really couldn't justify it. Today I picked up this beaut for just £13.99!
Mint Green Brita Marella Jug
I've wanted a Brita for ages as I've read alot up on how gross our water actually is and how much chlorine and metals are in the water we drink daily.
Brita Maxtra filter
The jug came with a filter so it was already to go ahead and use :)
BHS santorini mirrors
Santorini Mirrors set of 3 - £18 then went down to £14.40.
These were actually in the bathroom section however they could go anywhere really. I love the rope hangers.

The 20% off is also available on BHS online so be sure to have a browse!


Thursday 21 May 2015

New Homeware Buys.


I've been going a little homeware mad at the moment, I've found some bargains and can't help but pick them up as I go along. Like I said in my last post I've got some exciting news and I will fully share when It's 100% done but most of you can probably guess by now :p

I'm going to share some of my latest homeware buys from Primark and Tiger, just a couple cute bits I've seen on my wander into town:

pusheen cushion cloud rain cushion homeware
Pusheen Cushion - eBay.
Cloud/Rain Cushion - Tiger.
primark geo print miami duvet coverprimark geo print miami duvet cover
primark home 2015 tiger home 2015
Rain Drop Notebook - Tiger
Mint Chevron Dustpan - Primark.
Lint Rollers - Primark - £1.50 Bargain and such an essential!
I've actually bought alot more but from different stores etc and they are such nice pieces that I kinda want to give them their own post haha!

I'm on day 2 of 3 off from work as I'm working the weekend so I get a short week. I love to just relax, I've been re-watching The Killing which is on Netflix, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, it's a great crime drama.

I've also been addicted to the Periscope app - if you are on there add me: cowbiscuits

Hope you are having a great week x

Wednesday 13 May 2015

What I Bought: Outfit Haul.

Oh Heyyy!
Today I want to share with you a few new clothing items I bought with my 2nd paycheck from my new job. I headed into town on payday and decided to treat myself to a few new items for my wardrobe:

new look outfit post
Circle Sunglasses - New Look.
Ringer T-Shirt - New Look. (I own it in Blue too)
Super High-Waisted Skinny Jeans - New Look.
primark bunny top t-shirt pyjama outfit
Bunny Face Crop Pyjama Top - Primark.
Def wearing this outside of bed too! So cuutee.
Primark underwear haul
Secret Shapers Underwear - Primark. These are a GOD SEND!!
Frilly Socks - Primark
Mint Spotted Bra - Primark.
primark outfit dress t-shirt dress skater dress smock
Hello £5 for a cute little smock dress! Thankyou Primark.
Also the grey T-shirt high-neck dress was only £8 in Primark too.

I was dead pleased with all my purchases, it felt nice to actually buy new clothes instead of feeling insecure in my current ones.

In other news I went to see The Prodigy on the weekend which was so good! Despite not being able to get wasted due to work at 8am the next morning, I still danced hard with my pals but was home before midnight! :)

I have some exciting news coming up soon, I'm just waiting for some confimations and things to go through before I reveal all (if you follow me on Twitter you may already have guessed!) but watch this space ;)

Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Spring/Summer '15 Hair Care and Trends.


This is actually a piece I wrote for the St.Davids Cardiff blog but I thought I'd share it on here too :)

With the recent beautiful weather we have had this Spring I want to share with you some of the hottest new hair trends and also some great hair care products to keep your hair looking its best during the warm months.


Alot of people like to go lighter during the Summer time and one of the new colour trend appearing is Silver hair. I am currently rocking this Silver hair trend, as I already have light blonde hair I simply apply a shop-bought dye in the tone 'Iridescent Pearl Blonde' by L'Oreal Paris.
L'Oreal Feria. £5.89 - Superdrug.
To add to the Silver effect I then like to apply a Silver Toner such as this one by Jerome Russell:
Jerome Russell Colour Toner. £4.49 - Superdrug.


Festivals always provide us with some great style inspiration for ways to spice up of hair style. As spotted at Coachella this year these super cute sparkly cat ears are a great way to liven up a party 'do:

Cat Ears. £8 - Accessorize.
And what would Spring be without a little Daisy Chain action? Spruce up your updo buns with this pretty bun wrap-around:

Daisy Chain Bun Garland. £5.50 - Claire's Accessories.


Bouncy beach waves are a light and perfect style for the sunshine. The GHD Curve Wave Wand is an easy way to achieve the ultimate deep wave:

ghd Curve Wave Wand. £110 - John Lewis.

Hair Care:

As much as styling hair looks great it can also take a toll on our hair condition. The hot weather can also cause our hair to become dry and damaged. 

One of my favourite ways to take care of my dry hair is to use hair oils. This amazing oil from Ojon is a great way to boost moisture and give good shine. Ojon is particularly great as it uses natural oils from Africa. The look is also fantasic, the three colours need to be shaken to waken their powers of hair healing:

Ojon Rare Blend Oil to go. £12 - Boots.

Let your hair be beautiful this Spring/Summer!

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