Tuesday 31 August 2010

Miss Selfridge A/W collection

Today Miss Selfridge introduced some more of their new A/W collection to their online site, now, I am going to miss summer but with all these amazing new trends emerging I'm very excited to start picking up for my Winter wardrobe.

Here are my favourite items from the new collection:

Tapestry Overnight Bag - We all know Tapestry bags are becoming HUGE , this is a must have!

Cable Tape Short Top - So cute, perfect for this in-between weather we are having, added to my bag for sure.

Black Fan Embellished Clutch - Really cute, perfect with anything aswell.

Animal Mesh 1 Shoulder Dress - Animal print is bang on trend for A/W , this is a perfect party piece.

Cream Embellished Poncho -  Now this is something special! Only available online or in the Oxford Circus store, this is my favourite piece by far! I wish I could afford it because it's the best thing I've laid my eyes on in a long while!

What are your favourites? What trends can't you wait to buy into?
Can't believe it's September already, get ready to wrap up!

Monday 30 August 2010

Macaroon Hell!

Well my misery started when I got back from Paris and wanted to make Macaroons after experiencing Laduree heaven. First of all the batter wouldnt mix, then the egg whites weren't thick enough, then they just wouldnt cook and now 4th time lucky (not) they totally crumled on the top and were too sticky on the bootm.

Now I've tried 2 different step by step guide (by people on blogspot with pictures so THEY did it why can't I?!) and failed each time, getting angrier and angrier I have NO idea what I'm doing wrong! They just seem to sink when they come out the over, crumble and stick.

This is a probaly just a case of it being me and I'm actually bad at everything I do but if anybody can help me then PLEASE do (my email is on my profile info) or reply here.

Here are the pictures of the ones that have kind of worked but crumbled on top making them hanging on simply by the middle choclate butter icing I made.

They were very sweet and kinda gross.

So any help would be really appreciated!
I hope you all had a great bank holiday, what did you get upto?

Saturday 28 August 2010

And the winner is...

I am very excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway is...

Entry number 6 - The Art of Being Perfect!

Congratulations! I have sent you an email with details of delivery.

If you havn't already you should also check out this lovely blog full of the most amazing cakes and yummy treats!

I will be doing another giveaway soon so don't worry if you wern't succeful this time!

Hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

Thursday 26 August 2010

Recent clothing purchases.

It's that in-between season where one day it will be hot but rainy, the next cold and mild so I'm currently always in a predicament about what to wear.

So even though it isn't payday until tomorrow (IM SO EXCITED!) I've actually bought a couple things over the past 2 weeks to get ready for the in-between season - and I thought I'd take some snaps and show you all!

This is a navy, floral, burnout tee from Topshop - £22
Close up of sleeve and pattern.
My very naughty cat, Pippa, decided to join in,
you can see the way the tee sits here.
More of naughty Pip.
I got this aztec print tee from Paris Zara - 16 euros
The lace skirt is from H&M - £14.99
I also got this mushroom print sweater from Paris Zara - 20 euros
Close up of the print, there's even a little acorn, so adorable!

Now, I bought these tights off ebay from a lovely lady named Barbara. She had found them in a box of tights and bought them about 25 years ago from Lewis's - which is now Selfridges! Not only was the package with me the next morning but it also had a lovely handwritten note with them.
Thankyou Barbara!

They are made by Elle and are from 'The Cocktail Collection' in the colour 'Almost Black'
Here they are with heels, they are very on trend yet vintage - I just love them!

Today and tomorrow are the last days to enter the giveaway (here!), come saturday morning no more entries will be allowed - so get in quick!
Thanks to everyone who recommend me some new blog reads yesterday I can't wait to spend the evening finding new blogs to read!
Hope you've all had a great day

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Giveaway Reminder + a little bit of help.

Just a quick reminder that my giveaway ends Friday (27th), so any last entries get them in as soon as possible as I want you all to be in with a chance!


I will be announcing the winner either Saturday or Monday so look out!

Also I was wandering what YOUR favourite blogs are, I'm looking to follow some more interesting blogs, so I wanna know what your recommendations are! I will also be going through my followers and checking out your blogs too and doing a bit more following :)

Good last minute luck!

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Rachel Berry Chic.

I'm not sure how many of you will know who Rachel Berry is (if not then where have you been!?) so for those of you who don't she is the lovable yet annoying, geeky fame-hungry main character from the TV show Glee!

I actually own this top (via:)
Now Glee is one of, if not, my favourite shows. Every single day I wait for people around me to spontaneously burst into song and dance so I can join in and live in my ultimate dream world. I really want to join a Glee club but the fear of rejection holds me back, plus the thought of not having Finn for eye candy makes it not worth my time. Not only is Glee musical but also very funny mainly down to Sue Sylvester - the bitter cheerleader coach, played by Jane Lynch. 

SO I decided to take a little bit of geek chic inspiration from Rachel Berry:

High waisted skirt - Primark
Cropped jumper - Primark (about 4 years ago!)
Leather flats - River Island
Duck facing and loving my new tripod
Other guilty pleasures include: Real housewives of New Jersey and DC , Jersey Shore, RuPaul's Drag Race and Drag U, Desperate Housewives and LA Ink.
I do not feel guilty for loving Curb Your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Monday 23 August 2010

Paris Trip (part 3).

Last Paris post, from my last day and night there..
Very image heavy, enjoy! 

Arc de Triomphe

The Eiffel Tower doing it's glittering thing

View from a bridge

Bottom of the Champs Elysees view up to the Arc

Champs Elysees street sign


Macaroon heaven!

My sensible choices, Chocolate, Rose Petal, Mint and Vanilla

Luke's not so sensible choice.

3 for 1Euro - dodgy street dealings! 

Pere Lechaise cemetery - the crematorium was HUGE!

Oscar Wilde's grave site, covered in lipstick kisses.

Jim Morrison's burial site, very weird here being so close to an icon yet...not.
haha love it!

Ok thats it! 

I must ask what editor for blogspot do you use? I hate this one (new editor I think) it leaves massive gaps when I havnt added them and takes SO long to put right. Any help would be great, or you can contact me on AIM: cowbiscuits24


Sunday 22 August 2010

Paris Trip (part 2)

After the first full day in Paris, we had booked to go up to levels 2 and 3 of the Eiffel Tower at 9.30pm.

I've been to Paris before but never to the Eiffel Tower let alone up it so i was very excited and loved it!

View from Trocadero.

Stood underneath.

At night, at the start of every hour, the whole tower sparkles with flashing lights for 10 minutes.

View from 2nd floor.

Same view from 3rd floor, it was SO much more high up.

Can see the Arc de Trimophe over in the distance.

Me being a tourist on the 3rd floor.

Walking back to the hotel at about 11.30pm.

It was amazing! The night was SO clear and fresh and you could see for miles and miles. It was definitely the highlight for me.

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the snaps of our last day.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday 21 August 2010

Paris Trip (part 1).

I'm home from Paris! To cut a long story short it started out bad but once all the chaos with cancelled flights and stuff was sorted it was awesome!

Our hotel was about a 7 minute walk from the Champs Elysee and Arc de Trimophe, so we were right in the middle of everything. I did ALOT of walking and my feet/legs still hurt today!

So basically I'm going to do my 'Paris posts' in 3 parts and all will picture heavy so be prepared! This post is of our first full day.
View of Eiffel Tower from Concorde
Me plodding along outside the Louvre
Alot of the ceilings were like this inside the Louvre, so nice!
And there was a REAL mummy!
Notre Dame cathedral
Notre Dame
The front of Notre Dame, I wanted to go in but the queue was ridiculous.
The Pompidou Center
The front, we didn't go in, the art inside ain't my cuppa tea, but the square is nice and full of street performers.
Ok that's it for part 1. Tomorrow I will post what we did in the evening - which is up to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Obviously a perfect opportunity for some lovely snaps :).

I hope your week has been great, I'd like to thank everyone who has entered my giveaway - which is still open HERE, so go enter! x
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