Monday 9 August 2010

New Shoes - Vivienne Westwood.

Recently Brand Alley had a flash sale on Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon shoes. Of course I was ecstatic as I have tried twice to get these shoes (although I wanted just the gold orb ones). First of all YOOX messed up my order, sent me the wrong size and then sold out of size 3's. Then ASOS sent me the glitter edition (which I don't like) when I ordered plain black.

Brand Alley didn't have the gold orb's so I went for my 2nd choice - the wax seal orb!

I love them! The smell of Bubblegum is amazing too!

They are a 'jelly' shoe, however the heel is VERY sturdy and had proper grip on the bottom.

Yum yum! Love my new shoes!
£40 from Brand Alley.

What are your favourite pair of shoes?
I am currently on 99 followers, that means 1 more and I'll be doing a giveaway - so tell your friends! I've been picking up bits and I shall get a little something from Paris for the winner too. If I reach 100 I shall be setting up the give-away on Friday.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. YUM! I love almost everything by Vivienne Westwood.
    So funny you blogged this because I blogged about my new McQueen scarf only 10 minutes before. :) It's a great feeling showing things off.

    I personally never spend a lot of money on shoes as I'm really clumsy and scuff them a lot. :( Hopefully I'll grow out of it, haha! x

  2. OMG OMG! You have the best tast in shoes! I love UK fashion - I hear London calling!!


  3. I love the VW jelly shoes. I have some pink Mellisa ones, but I am inbetween a 6 & 7 so got 6, and they are just too tight in the summer when my feet are bigger. And I CANT wear jelly shoes in the winter, the rain'll go through the peep toe. :(

    Lovely choice though, regal!

  4. Wow! I've seen and tried on lots of the VW mellisa shoes - but I have never seen the wax seal ones. They are my favourite ones by far. They are beautiful.

    Christian x

  5. nice! i wanted to pick up a pair of red ones but they were out of sizes.. . these black ones look really good though

  6. Wow they are fantastic, i am so jealous!!!

  7. wow those are some amazing shoes!!i have never seen a jelly shoes with heels-its pretty awesome!! and not to mention its vivienne westwood!!

  8. Gorgeous! They look great on you too x Astral x

  9. Wow, these look super! x

  10. i love them!!!11

  11. I love love them I have the Lady Dragon one's but I now want these one's how shit that they gave you the wrong size I hate that. Your a 3 so lucky I am a 6 wish I had smaller feet. Wow that is a great price, after I had my son my Bf got mine they cost about £86 you got a steal !!! :)


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