Monday 16 March 2015

I'll Be Honest...

Hello there!

Today's post is from the heart and just me spilling out how I've been feeling as of late and bascially just a little honesty from me to anyone who is reading really.

The past month I've been getting a little down about my blog and truthfully a little bored of most peoples blogs to. Same old white background with perfectly focused and placed products. The same old mix of random jewelry, potted plant or washi tape strewn about to try and steer away from the plain white. The same old posts with incredibly Google friendly titles 'how to make your blog more readable!' or 'how to take the perfect blog picture ft this app I've been paid to promote!'.
It's all boring me.

Me in 2010.
Back when I started this in 2010, I used it as basically an online scrap book. I was actually buying tons and tons of magazine at the time and had a real scrap book that I'd sit with for hours on my days off cutting and sticking then writing a little about what I had done afterwards. I quickly made online friends who I will always truly love their blogs forever (like Ayden, Gem and Claire.) And then n 2011 when I moved to Cardiff took a year and a half long break from the blogging scene where it appears I came back to it coming totally out of its shell and now is a weird global marketing thing where how many Twitter or Instagram followers you can hashtag your way into getting, really effects the way you work in this game. Which is exactly what it's become, a game.

Me in 2013.
My personal fave 'me' how I looked and felt.
Don't get me wrong I am writing this as a now VERY small fish in a big vast ocean. I am so happy with all the amazing brands I've worked with, all the awesome opportunities I've had. I stared Bloglovin' up 2 years ago and almost have 1,000 followers from that alone and recently just hit 2.5million page views which is awesome!

But now I feel, especially in the past couple months, that since I've been posting less outfit posts, less of my actual face (due to confidence issues and shitty lighting where I live) I've been totally shunned and nobody gives a shit anymore. It almost feels unless you're super skinny (which is beautiful and fine in everyway) and have some kind of unusual coloured hair (which I totally did but it washes out like crazy, I totally have no times these days to dye my hair every week and also the damage is unreal) and are in a clique with the big dogs, then you will get nowhere!

I feel like now I'm at a crossroads I can either drop off this blog and never have anyone give me a second thought OR I can embrace it and pick it back up when I'm ready, when I have more confidence, when I have better lighting. Who knows, I guess it's just something for me to ponder on for now and I'll post when an idea comes for now until then :)

I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel like I'm losing my own little internet place and my creativity is dwindling. I need a boost but I just can't quite put my finger on how to do it and when then will be just quite yet. Thankyou everyone who has supported my blog so far and I hope we can continue our fun times.

Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?


Thursday 12 March 2015

Weekday Wishlist.

Oh Hii!

I'm on day 2 of 3 days off work which is weird but also nice. I've had time to do blog work, nap, food shop and even catch up with all my fave tv shows! 

Today I've got a little wishlist of awesome things online that I want/don't need :p So take a peek at some of my faves right now:

American Apparel Cross body bag.
The colour on this is what I really love, that holographic silver with the blush pink is so cute! The price tag...not so cute!
Brat & Suzie Rio Rio Sweater.
Huge Brat&Suzie fan and this new direction they have started to go in is incredible! They still have the awesome animal image items too but I love this print! Plus it looks so super soft.
Night Ranger by Tuesday Bassen.
You can't buy this as a print but if you could I would immediately purchase. I love it! 
Flamingo Candles Raspberry and Salted Caramel Candle.
Part of the new SS/15 range from Flamingo Candles. This sounds divine! I wish the internet would hurry up and make some kind of smell-through-screen thing!
H&M Mixed Candles. 
I want all 3 colours and all 3 sizes! These are my perfect colours ever and I lovee a good pillar candle.
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks.
The new wave of KVD lipsticks. This is in my favourite shade 'Hellbent' which I have two of.
Sadly not available in the UK which kills me everytime I think about it! Oh well, trip to America? :p
Sharp Tooth Studio 'You Got This' wall hanging
Love this! Had it saved for ages and I love this wonderful little mantra. 

Anything been catching your eye online recently?

Hope your week is going well!

Sunday 8 March 2015

Mum in a Million


Today is International Women's Day and of course Mother's Day is right around the corner so only rightfully so I want to talk about my Mum and what a wonderful woman she is!

I am my mums only child so growing up all the focus ans attention is on me, this obviously has great perks but also puts alot of pressure on doing my mum proud.

It hasn't always been easy for us, my mum went through alot of tough times like staying with my dad until I was 18 pretty much putting her happiness last just to keep the peace. Although this situation is not ideal I'm glad she stuck it out as now she's married a wonderful man who brings her true happiness!
Being a teenager I was probably/definitely a bit of a nightmare and had my typical teen moments. Then when we moved out of the family home and into our own home we both worked everyday (my mum actually kept 3 jobs just to provide for us) and pressures of two women living can sometimes reach high levels! It wasn't really until I moved to Cardiff that I really could form a relationship with my mum that we can both enjoy.

I did this for one Mother's Day haha!

I actually haven't been home since Christmas, which I want to add was SO fun, getting drunk with my mum and singing Christmas songs until Midnight was a great way to spend the festive period. But with this new job and me trying to settle into it it's been hard to get back but in two weeks I have 4 days off in a row so I will be packing Prince up and travelling down to Devon for some home comforts and to do Mother's Day a week late.

So I just want to say a HUGE thankyou to my lovely Mummy for always being my biggest Cheerleader and supporting me in every single thing I do!

Now if you'd like to win a break away with your mum there is a competition over at ParcDean to win a weekend away worth upto £499! All you have to do is enter here:

I've entered so good luck to everyone (but mainly me :p)

Why is your mum one in a million?

Sunday 1 March 2015

Smoky Poppy Body Shop Review.


Wow work has been so fun and so crazy busy! I'm really enjoying it but I'm so tired when I get home that I've little energy left to blog on here! I picked up overtime this week but normally I'll have 3 days off which gives me plenty of time to blog :) I'm still just getting used to the routine I guess!

So anyway today I want to share a review of some new Body Shop products that are part of the Smoky Poppy range:

the body shop smoky poppy bath bomb review
Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs* - £12
You get 6 bath bombs in a tube, at first I thought that how small they were would mean I need 2 but I didnt! It's a light soapy fragrance that makes a nice silky water. There are poppy seeds in it which were left in the bath after which was kinda a pain in the arse to clear away.
the body shop smoky poppy bath bomb review

the body shop smoky poppy review uk
The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Eau De Toilette* - £8.50
The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Body Butter* - £5
The body butter is pretty unoffensive, a light powdery, soapy smell and like other Body Shop body butters it's thick, rubs in well and leaves your legs hydrated for up to 24 hours (and it really does!).

The EDT on the other hand is not for me - not for me at all! The smell is SO strong and lasted for ages (not good if you don't like the scent). The fragrance is very soapy, powdery and very 'old' smelling. It reminded me of an older Elizabeth Arden perfume which is pretty overpowering. It's personally a little too old smelling for me and I really can't see me ever using this.

On a more positive note I LOVE the packaging! The shiny black with the bright red burst is wonderful - very old school!

Have you tried any of the Smoky Poppy range?

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