Wednesday 30 March 2016

Bathroom Decoration Complete pt2

bathroom interior pintrest

As I said in the first Bathroom Decorating post I was waiting on my floor, well today it came! On Monday night I had to rip up the old lino floor, it was a challenge to say the least... It took me the best part of an hour and I was all red faced and hot and sweaty but after I got the last piece up - I felt amazing!

Today after the floor fitters left I couldn't wait to take some snaps, my bathroom finally felt complete!

I found these two little succulents when I was browsing Homebase for some indoor plants to put in some macrame planters I bought. I couldn't leave without them, they were £5 each and fit in perfectly with my new bathroom!

My new vinyl is from Carpet Right, I got it in one of their regular sales and their fitters were on time and super fast! It is so soft and bouncy and I literally cannot wait to go have a bath in my new bathroom right now!


Wednesday 23 March 2016

Bathroom Decoration Complete!

blue grey and terracotta bathroom

...well almost! I'm just waiting for my floor, I've missed the call from the fitters to arrange my vinyl to be fitted which will probably be next week now. I ended up going for a dark vinyl tile style floor

You may remember the post I did with Dulux Amazing Space on designing a bathroom for me. I loved the ideas that came out but I wanted to make the room alot darker as the ceilings are so high and this is a place where I want to spend hours in the bath relaxing with candles and feeling cozy so I took the colour ideas but went alot deeper with them. 

My Mum and Cousin came down for a few days so I handed them a paint brush and roller and got them in on the action to start my first project in my house!

Here is a picture of it before: It was white, boring, felt cold and open...

And here it is now:

bathroom towels
blue grey paint

Right away I have to say I took these photos in the night time when I was about the bathe so terrible quality incoming and I tried a few pics in the light (the first and last pics) so they show the colours a little better. 

I went for a new range of paint by artist Lars Contzen called ColourCourage. The tins are beautiful, they are matt wit ha cute anchor print on and have a gorgeous old-skool style wooden handle. I went for a gorgeous blue-grey called 'Le Chat Gris' which means The Grey Cat and the colour is perfect! I picked mine up from B&Q who have the full range. 
The other colour I went for was a terracotta by B&Q's own brand Colours in 'Tuscan Roof'. 
bathroom mirror with lights
LED Bathroom Mirror c/o of Bathroom Takeway.

After my mum and cousin left, the drill was put away from fitting new blinds etc my new mirror from Bathroom Takeaway arrived! This was my first test as a single woman living alone - putting up a mirror, with screws and drills, on my own!

The mirror came very well packaged and secure and it came with the attachments to hold it up, but it didn't come with any screws so I was totally lost as to what I was supposed to put it up with. Long story short after 4 unwanted holes drilled in my wall, many screws falling down the plughole in the sink and about an hour later - I finally got it up! Now it is hanging on by two screws and it looks a little wonky BUT I DID IT! I'm basically just going to wait until my step-dad came come up and re-fit it for me ha! 

bathroom mirror with LED lights
bathroom mirror with LED lights

I love the mirror, I've always wanted a light-up mirror and I actually keep it on when I'm in the bath as the LED lights are soft enough to create a lovely cozy feeling. It is battery powered which is great and it fits in perfectly with my new bathroom!

Bathroom Takeaway have a huge range of bathroom decor including full suites. Lucky for you guys I have a 25% discount code to use on their site, just add the code: COWBISCUITS25 at the checkout!

bath panel

I haven't changed much in the way of accessories, I got a new bath panel as the cats decided to pull my old one off to use under the bath as a hiding place. I also got this cutie cactus shower curtain from H&M Home and as you can see even Prince loves the new look!

I will try and take some better pictures once my floor is in and show you it totally complete but my mission was successful, I made the room smaller, darker and alot cosier!

What do ya think?

P.S Don't forget if you want 25% off at Bathroom Takeaway just use my code COWBISCUITS25 at checkout!

Monday 14 March 2016

Giveaway + Cat Cake - In Your Letterbox!

cat easter cake

Last week the postman came and went without me knowing, on my doorstep was a parcel that fit perfectly and inside that parcel was a cake! CAKE IN THE POST!

I was contacted by BakerDays to see if I wanted to give a little review of their Easter letterbox cakes and I have one for one of you lot for have too (see below!). I went for a cute pastel, Easter print photo cake and obviously had Princes face printed on it! 

I got Vanilla sponge but you have the option to have Belgian chocolate sponge, fruit cake and Gluten free Vanilla sponge. The cakes also come in larger sizes and the largest even comes with a free balloon - cute! 

letterbox cake

The cake came in its own tin on a proper cake base which is sealed so it's super fresh. I loved the novelty of opening the tin and seeing my Prince's little head on a cake! You can get any message you want on there too!

cat cake

The actual cake itself is incredibly soft, has a lovely sweet icing that isn't too thick on top with a thin layer of butter icing too.

This is such a cute gift idea and I've kept the tin too just because it's so cute!

Now, as promised, you can win your very own Easter letter box cake!

You have 1 week to enter and to do so just follow the instructions below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Thursday 10 March 2016

Wilfreds Lovely Welsh Bakes

I LOVE a pie! My mum makes an amazing pie and I'm always let down when I buy one from the supermarket and it just doesn't hit the spot.

Lewis Pies have released a new line of gourmet pies under the name Wilfreds. I was hand delivered  big ol' box of chilled pies ready for me to stick in my fridge and makes my way through (an easy challenge!).  The pies are made using top-of-the range Welsh specialty ingredients and have very Welsh based names.

So I got 6 pies:

The Saucy Cow - Welsh beef steak in local Gower Power Ale.
The Gower Cwtch - a Cwtch (ku-tch) is Welsh for a cuddle! This has Welsh beef steak, leeks and a hint of horseradish.
The Clucking Valleys - British chicken and veg in gravy.
The Lamb of my Fathers - Welsh lamb with mint, faggots and local laverbread.
The Steak & Tatws - Welsh beef steak with potatoes in gravy.
The Fiery Chick - British chicken, cajun spices and Colliers Welsh cheddar.

The packaging is gorgeous, it feels like you've just picked it up homemade from a market.

Now I have to be honest with you I did not eat the Lamb of my Fathers pie as I can't stand lamb! I did however eat the rest!

The pastry on all of the pies is hot water crust pastry and it is so light, buttery and soft and not at all flaky like most pies - so so good!

My fave was the Clucking Valleys - the chicken gravy was incredible!

The Fiery Chick definitely had a kick to it so if you like a bit of spice then this is the pie for you!

The beef is the 3 beef pies was lovely and tender with a thick gravy that wasn't stuck to the crust. my only complaint was the Steak & Tatws didn't have enough potato for me!!

All in all these pies are LUSH! The pastry was such a winner for me I don't think I can ever go back to a supermarket pie again!

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