Thursday 3 December 2015

5 Awesome Things

Oh Hey!

Can't believe it's December already! As much as I said I wasn't going to bother decorating the house or getting a tree this year I actually went out on the 1st and bought a tree and some decs so I'm actually looking forward to putting it all up! 

Anyway today I want to share with you 5 things I am loving right now

cheerz box review
Cheerz Box * - £12.95
Basically this is a cutie little box that you can fill with your own pics from your phone/computer that come out like polaroids and you can even colour the borders! A neat gift idea, I've been hanging mine up around my spare room.
cat tape dispenser h&m
Black Cat Tape Dispenser - H&M
This is so cutie! It fits in well on my new desk and even comes with polka dot tape too! There is a brand new H&M open in Cardiff and it's the largest in the UK (it even sells their homeware!)
makeup revolution i heart makeup pink fizz lush sunkissed lipbalm
Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Pink Fizz Palette * - £7.99
LUSH Sunkissed Lip Tint - £5.95
Ok so this is TWO things but pink looks so cutie together! The Pink Fizz palette is full of shimmery shades which I love to give a little sparkle to the dull days. I only really use the lightest of shades as I'm not that brave to branch out!
The LUSH lip tint gives full moisture (perfect for Winter) and also a pretty pink shimmering tint to my lips.
blanx whitening toothepaste review
Blanx Advanced Whitening Toothpaste * - £7.49
Whitening toothepaste usually tastes GROSS but this is really minty and refreshing which is a delight. Blanx uses natural ingredients from Arctic Lichen which helps give you sparkle without damaging teeth!
max & co pink and black glasses specsavers
Max & Co frames - Specsavers.
So I went to get my eyes tested recently and my eyesight has got a little bit worse in my right eye and with commuting to work everyday in the dark I feel like glasses really help with making everything clear as I was going to work with a headache. I spend a bloody fortune on these but they are soo pretty and soo me!
In not so awesome news Spirit has chewed my house plant to shreds and also pulled the soil out all over the carpet - twice! Prince has two bully cats who are stressing him right out :( Also no food in the house so I've got hash browns on crumpets for dinner tonight :') haha!!

What things are you loving right now?

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