Friday 28 February 2014

Miss Selfridge SS14 John Lewis Event.

This week I was invited to an event at John Lewis showing off some of the new Miss Selfridge collections for SS'14. The event was actually really good and had guest speakers and demos from Japonesque and Liz Earle (who gave us a sneak peak of their 3 new body ranges). 

Me and my fellow Cardiff bloggy pal Charli were both driving so opt'd for a champagne glass of orange juice and went wild on the different flavour macarons on offer.

miss selfridge ss14
cardiff bloggers
miss selfridge ss14 neon
miss selfridge ss14 monochrome
I NEED this fluffy jumpe, I have a tartan style skirt that it would go perfectly with!
miss selfridge ss14 monochrome
This super cute daisy print shirt would look amazing on a night out.
miss selfridge ss14 pastel jumper
I fell head over heels for this yellow fluffy jumper from the pastels collection.
john lewis japonesque
Japonesque did a smokey eye tutorial.
liz earle new body line

We were treated to arm massages from the wonderful Liz Earle ladies using their new indulgent bath and body range that comes in 3 different scents: Tiare & Jasmine, Bergemot & Ginger and my personal fave the Vanilla & Saffron.

To see the treats we were so kindly given in an unexpected goody-bag check out my Instagram ;)

As I've been so poorly it was nice to get out of the house!

Thursday 27 February 2014

BANK Fashion SS'14

As predicted in my last post - I got ill. I've been laying in bed for the past 3 days and today I'm still feeling it but the show must go on and I've decided to do a post showing off some new things from BANK Fashion.

There are some really pretty pastel dresses from Pink Soda who are part of BANKS exclusive brand portfolio:

I think these beautiful Adidas would look so awesome with any of these dresses in the Summer:

Adidas Originals ZX 700 - £65
What do you think of BANKS new SS14 looks?

I'm off back to bed,

Monday 24 February 2014

Chunky Boots.

When I go out I CANNOT wear heels, I can't walk in them and they hurt like hell. I always opt for wearing boots out and the only fancy ones I have that I can spent the whole night in are my JuJu's and they are no good in the wind and rain!

I was recently asked if I wanted to try out some women's shoes from Heelberry, so I chose myself a pair of boots that I can wear on a night out and will actually last the whole night in:

heel berry blogger
ANGUS Lace Up Boots - Heelberry *
gold and black chunky boots
uk wales cardiff style blogger

I can actually feel myself getting a cold coming, I hope it just passes as a sniffle but so many people have had flu's and fevers recently I'm super scared I'm going to get ill, so I'm just trying to keep warm and keep my mind on other things.

tabby cat
Bonus cat picture.
What do you think of Heelberry? Hope you had a great weekend!


Thursday 20 February 2014

Totally Tropical!

Today, for the first time in what feel like a year, the sun came out! The day did start with rain, then it rained some more half-way through but even just the feel of the sun on my skin as I walked home, and the blueness of the sky, made everything feel SO much better. 

So as I was so excited at the smallest thought of Spring and sunshine, I've put together a little tropical themed wishlist:

tropical floral mint dress with collar glamorous
Mint Floral Collared Dress - Glamorous
This dress is so so cute I love the style aswell as the bright colours.
tropical print shorts new look 2014
Tropical Mom Shorts - New Look
I love that these printed shorts are hi-waisted for ladies like me with a big booty so it makes you feel good while looking awesome! 
urban outfitters
Bird Wooden Wall Print - Urban Outfitters.
I would love to have this in my living room so much! 
sister jane palm tree blouse
Palm Cropped Sheer Blouse - Sister Jane
tropical chopping board urban outfitters
Tropical Chopping Board - Urban Outfitters
I NEED! This is gorgeous I love the Miami Vice colours.
glittery jelly shoes
Paquita Cut-out Jelly Shoes - Missguided
I'm so ready to put my jelly shoes back on, I didn't pick up the glittery style ones last year but this year - it's time!
lilac and mint sunglasses
Oversized Ombre Sunglasses - ASOS
These are my two-fave colours together on beautiful circular sunglasses.
Living on my wishlist until the sun pops out!

Are you feeling the tropical vibe? I just can't wait for Spring!


Tuesday 18 February 2014

St.Davids Hotel Spa.

Last Sunday I had a belated Birthday gift from my mum in the form of a spa day at the fabulous St.Davids Hotel in Cardiff Bay. 
I've been to the hotel before during the Next Homeware event which was amazing so I was super excited to get to the spa!

As soon as we arrived I went in for my treatment - a 55-minute full body massage. It was heaven! Having a massage is great but my fave place is my legs as I'm stood up at work all day - those bad boys ache! I could easily get a massage every week but the cost of that would be insane so I was so excited for this. 

st davids hotel spa treatment
The relaxing treatment room.
After being so relaxed it was time to hit the spa. The spa has often been awarded a top 5 position in the UK's top spas so I was really looking forward to get in. First stop was the huge jacuzzi which had underwater-beds. There was also a hydro-therapy area, a sauna room (with hot coals) and a swimming pool. My only complaint was that the swimming pool was way to cold for me so I couldn't really swim and enjoy it without dreaming of running straight to the sauna.

st davids hotel spa view
It was such a sunny day considering all the bad weather we have had.
This is the view of the bay.
Part of the deal we took up was you also get afternoon tea. I've never had an afternoon tea before and the little sandwiches, cakes and scones were so tasty and we also had a selection of tea's to choose from.

st davids hotel spa review
Afternoon tea. The cheesecake wtas amazing!
I had such a nice, relaxing day. I totally recommend the St.Davids Hotel Spa for a great day of relaxation.


Friday 14 February 2014

Rooiboos and Leather - outfit post.


This weather is making me so annoyed, I can't cope very well in rain and wind - I'm hoping the snow will come soon! 
To keep warm this 'outfit' (not an outfit just an outerwear-outfit) has been keeping me warm and snuggly walking around in the wind. However, it's an umberella graveyard out there so getting soggy has been top of my list. 

uk style blogger
Coat - Great Plains*
Snood - a gift from Marta over at Glitter Detector 
Hair bow - Claires.
Gloves - H&M
uk style blogger
Black Studded Handbag - Misstella*
Loving this bag right now, its black, (faux)leather and has gold studes all over it! It doesn't let water in and also is just the right size for all my needs. I am loving be able to hold it as a handbag aswell as a shoulder bag.
I just love the colour on this coat! I never normally steer away from blacks and navy's but I pushed the boat out and went for it and actually got a ton of compliments!

Since it's Valentines Day and all I think I will be having a LUSH bath, reading a book, sippign wine and having a take away!

Enjoy your weekend

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Wonder Product: Primarks Super Cosy Leggings.

Today I want to share with you my new favorite item of clothing, it may not be glamorous but it is essential in this freezing weather! I hope everybody is keeping safe in the insane winds, it's actually so scary!

My new wonder product is the Primark 'Super Cosy' Leggings. They are actually branded as tights however they are footless, super thick and have the same outside feel as your normal leggings and they are basically the normal leggings but with a furry inside. I wear my leggings around the house to keep warm and also at work as I'm constantly moving and need something flexible and comfortable to wear. 

uk style blogger
Primark Super Cosy Leggings - £6
Jumper Dress - H&M
astrology blanket
uk style blogger lifestyle hippy yoga

I love them, they keep me so so warm! Have you tried these little geniuses yet?


Monday 10 February 2014

Cardiff Tiger.

I'd never heard of Tiger stores before I saw them landing in St.Davids Center in Cardiff. As the *ahem* resident beauty and lifestyle blogger for St.Davids, I was excited to be given a little bag of treats from Tiger to try-out and give my opinion on!

Tiger dead sea hand foot cream review
Dead Sea Hand + Foot Cream - £4 each.
These are super light creams that rub in easily for some super soft skin! They aren't perfumed either and are packed with goodness.
Tiger Nail Polish
Nail Polish - £1.
Tiger Nail Polish swatch
Its such a pretty colour! It's glittery but without actual chunky glitter in it (and we all know what a pain in the backside that is to get off!). Tiger also have a bunch of other make-up that I'm dying to have a go at!
duck head mount decoration
Duck Head Mount - £4.
I had this on my bathroom door and loved it until this weekend where it met it's untimely demise and smashed into a thousand pieces after a over-zealous door shut :(
I also have a Dead Sea Black Mud Body Wrap that I cannot wait to try!

They also have this cuuuute washi tape that I'm dreaming of.

Had you heard of Tiger?

Tuesday 4 February 2014

The Importance of Organ Donation.

This post is dedicated to one of my oldest, closest and dearest friends, Maxine.

I met Max when I was 16 and we instantly hit it off. When I was 18 we spent a whole Summer together where we formed our friendship fully and from there until I moved to Cardiff we spent every weekend together with mass amounts of partying and mischief.

I knew Max had a liver problem called 'PSC' which has alot of other 'side-effects' if you will making her ill often. I'm not even going to pretend I knew what it was or what it entailed. (you can find out more info on it HERE) up until recently. I won't go into detail but basically Maxine now is on the transplant waiting list for a new liver which will save her life and also change her whole life completely - this is how I learn't about the importance of donating really is.

Max now has her own blog where you can read all about her journey with PSC and the road to getting a new liver - Click Here To Read Maxine's Blog!

The info-graphic below explains about the facts and figures of organ donation and how important it is to sign up and save lives. I don't mean to sound preachy however if you would gladly take an organ to save your life then why would you not want to give back?

Please sign up!

To sign up to be an organ donor or find out more information about organ donation just CLICK HERE.

Also Maxines boyfriend Josh is running the London Marathon for PSC Support, the liver disease is poorly understood so all money raised will go into funding for more research and support for the disease - to donate just CLICK HERE :)

Hope you are having a great day!


Monday 3 February 2014

Rainbows, Daisies, Unicorns - Oh My!

I hope you had a great weekend, I had a pretty relaxed one up in the Valleys keeping warm by the fire whilst the wind and rain pummeled South Wales.

The wonderful Punky Pins gang recently sent me some of their amazing handmade and personalised jewellery to waltz around in, and as a huge fan of them already I was SO pleased with their choices for me!

Prince the cat
Of course Prince had to ruin my picture.
Here you can see the most perfect little Daisy necklace. I've been wearing it with everything! It is so dainty and sweet.
Punky Pins Blogger
80's Unicorn Necklace.
This is pretty big but on a short chain so it definitely makes a statement.
punk pins ring
'S' Initial Heart Ring
I'm a sucker for anything with my initial on and since the death of my Scrabble ring I've been on the hunt for a new initial ring and this is the one.
UK Blogger Review

Do you love them too?! What other Punky Pins items do you like?

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