Sunday 28 August 2011

You Can Go Your Own Way - outfit post!

I know, I know! I've been slack again on the ol' blog! But it's because I've started a new job and after about a month of un-employment I got back into a bad sleeping pattern so I've been catching up on rest all week.

As I said in my last outfit post my flat has hardly any natural light so it's hard to take a pic thats not grainy as hell BUT that doesn't mean I didn't:

Fleetwood Mac shirt - Topshop (ack I know)
Shorts - H&M

I'm a HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan so really couldn't resist this Rumours shirt when I saw it.
I really didn't want to accessorise much and just kept it simple with a pair of Vans.

Been watching Reading footage all weekend, so jealous of everyone who went I've been going for 6 years, took a break last year and went to IOW but this year took a festival break completely :(

I'm being 12 years old again and am off to see Taking Back Sunday though!
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Saturday 20 August 2011

What A Stud!

Being unemployed and living in town meant I had alot of time to window shop but no money to buy. Thankfully now I am employed (and get paid weekly) I can't wait to hit the shops hard!

Last weekend my best friend came up to visit me and we are both like magpies to anything studded, here are my favourite studalicious pieces I have been lusting after:

Spike Peep-Toe Heels - River Island £65.
I walk like a boy in heels but my BFF tried them on and they were AMAZING!

VECTRA Studded Slippers - Topshop £28.
Now these I can get on board with/will be buying next week!

Studded Clasp Bag - River Island £45.
Really nice and big, so tempted!

Studded Box Clutch - River Island £30.
This bag matches the first pair of shoes - so tiny but such a treat to the eyes!

MOTO Vintage Wash Denim Sparkle Stud Hotpants -  Topshop £75.
These are so Britney 2011 it hurts, they are too expensive but I am in love.

What shiny studded things have caught your eye? Link me so I can waste more money :p

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday 18 August 2011

Any Excuse To Party - 24 hour Giveaway!

Giveaway Now Closed.

Ok! So I am an Aussie Angel and as many of you may have seen all the other Angels are posting about this fabulous giveaway Aussie is holding to celebrate the new Aussie-versary Limited Edition bottles.

Here is what you can win:

Summer Party Pack!

Only the 2 products can be out of any of these:

Take The Heat range – shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, heat-protection cream, heat-protection spray – For beautifully blow-dried hair wrap these products around your locks.
Miracle Moist – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM – These heavenly products infuse moisture into dry damaged hair, leaving hair quenched, luscious, smooth and conditioned faster than you can say ‘shine on me’.
Luscious Long – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, leave-in conditioner – Blended with wonderful lovelies like Blue Mountain Eucalyptus extract, these products help transform weak, distressed hair into luscious locks.

ALSOAll those who receive packs will have the opportunity to take part in a challenge, with the chance of one person winning 10 tickets for themselves and 9 of their friends or followers to our HUGE Summer party in October! 


To enter simply follow these rules:

You must be UK Mainland residents and aged 18 years or over
Comment on this post stating a reason you have to celebrate (no matter how big or small) and your email address
Then I will pick 7 winners.
A list of the prize winners will be available on after this date. Summer Party packs will be sent by Aussie, and all delivery costs covered by Aussie. 
Ok there are 7 chances to win so GO GO GO!

Monday 15 August 2011

Rip Her To Shreds - outfit post.

First up, thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post! Loved seeing what you all thought!

Second, my new flat has hardly any light so all my outfit posts look grainy and have gone to hell, but I'll try sort something soon.

Today my housemate decided he wanted to bleach his hair so I spent all day doing that and laughing at the awkward ginger stage, anyway here is what I wore for such an occasion:

Dress - River Island.
I kinda think it makes me look a bit like a waitress but I still dig it. 

Pair of blondes.
I've re-dyed his hair since then and it looks ALOT better, and he does have an arm it's just broken.

My VIPXO Scrabble ring that I basically never take off.
I'm real into things with my initial/s on.

Also late last night I had an email saying this blog would be in The Times today so that was kinda nice to see my silly face on page 24.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Saturday 13 August 2011

I'm Back! + A Look Around My Flat.

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. I finally have internet in my flat so here I am! 
First of all I just want to say thankyou to everyone who stuck around, normal blogging will continue now, I have a few outfit posts lined up and some other exciting things but today I want to show you all my new place.

So as I mentioned I moved to Cardiff from Devon about a month ago, I've settled in well, I've still been about on Twitter and what-not. I've taken a few pics of my room and made a little (my first!) video showing you around my flat:

Like I said I'm real ill so please be kind! I'm living next to the Millennium Stadium which is right next to town which is a treat! I'm living with my friend Brad (you can see his work/tattoo blog thing HERE) and so far it's been fun. 

My pretty bed - it's so comfy!

All my jewellery.

Some decor, of course every room needs a bit of Zac Efron.

Birdcage lamp my mum bought me. Also there is a stag head that I keep my keys on.

My mirror and tons of my fave people around it. As you can see the wallpaper is hideous but as we are renting I decided to just cover it up as best as I could with nice things.

This photo doesn't do this justice it's a tapestry thing of a fox from Ikea it was like £45 but I got it in the sale for £16.

And then these are my shelves with my junk on, I have tons more under my bed that needs putting out but I'm being kinda lazy.

So any Cardiff/Welsh bloggers out there hit me up!

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