Thursday 31 October 2013

Pentagrams, Prince and Braaaaiiinnnss

Samhain is the Pagan/Wiccan name for Hallowe'en, It marks the end of harvest and the coming of Winter.
It is also a celebration of life, inviting those who have passed on to join in the festivities as this is when the veil between the living world and the spiritual world is at it's thinnest.

There are many different way to celebrate whatever your beliefs and this is how I am spending this years:

pentagram pumpkin design
My Pentagram Pumpkin.
halloween cat costume
Prince in his Skeleton costume
halloween recipies
Brain Jelly!
halloween cat bandana
The neighbours cat came in and got forced to wear the Hallowe'en bandana.
Prince Symbol Pumpkin
Prince Symbol Pumpkin.

I'll be settling down, candles lit and watching cheesy horror movies.
I hope whatever you do you have fun and stay safe!


Tuesday 29 October 2013

Halloween House Decorations.

Good Evening!

I've had such a long weekend being so ill and having my Mothers wedding down in Devon - I'm exhausted! But this week is all about my favourite holiday - Halloween! As you may remember from this Pumpkin Patch post I've got my pumpkins ready to be carved and then turned into soup, and also my Halloween Jumper is coming out to play when I'm at work.

Today I will be sharing with you my Halloween decorated living room:

Also not pictured:

Inflatable pumpkin, hanging up cat/witch thing, giant spider web with fake spider in on the window, cobwebs on my stags head, pumpkin fairy lights, skull candle and a spider candle.

Pretty much all of it is from Pound-shops or the supermarkets - it's so cheap and I can't say no!

The rest of this week will be Halloween related too :P
Take Care.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Little Apache Jewellery.

Unfortunately I am still super ill AND it's my Mums wedding day on Saturday so I will be heading back down to Devon tomorrow morning so this will be my last blog post until next week now! I can't take Prince with me either due to being in a hotel mostly so he's off to stay with my old housemates who helped raise him for a weekend sleepover :)

I'd love to share with you one of my best pals little jewellery company she has set-up named Little Apache. 

The beautiful Sally has been working super hard on making all the stock ready to set-up her shop over on BigCartel. I was so lucky to be sent some pieces (that I just can't stop wearing) and I thought I'd show them off here plus a few other cutie bits from her site:

Little Apache Jewellery
Onyx, crosses, pentagram trio.
This one was made especially for me - i have teeny tiny wrists so Sally made them extra small! 

Little Apache Jewellery
Bear Charm Bracelet.
I love this! The cute little feathers and fox heads are too sweet. 

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Sodalite Choker.
This is my favourite! I haven't taken it off. Sodalite is said to bring inner peace.

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Dream Necklace.
The little feathe charms coming off this cute dreamcatcher are such a lovely touch.

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Moon Shine Necklace.
This is on a long chain which I really love wearing with dresses. So beautiful.

Little Apache Jewellery
Vampire Teeth Necklace.
Limited Edition for Halloween

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Elder Tree Necklace.
The Elder Tree is a Celtic symbol often associated with Faeries. 
Don't you love Sallys work? Now, just 'cus she's one of my BFF's doesn't mean I'm bias (I am) but I do really adore all her hard work and effort put into some amazingly cute jewellery.

Check out the Little Apache Big Cartel (10% off with the code LAUNCH) and also Instagram for all the latest!

Hope you have a great weekend

Tuesday 22 October 2013

My Stay at The St.Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club .

Hello Lovelies!

I am writing this with the last ounce of strength I have as I am super achey and fluey feeling. I keep breaking into little sobbing fits and Prince keeps nuzzling me and grooming my hair. Such a sweetie!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going away for the evening, and here is where I went: The St.Pierre: A Marriott Hotel & Country Club..
I was contacted to ask if I wanted to review a stay at the St.Pierre (A Marriott Hotel) in Chepstow - of course I did. Chepstow isn't that far from Cardiff so a night away but close by is what I've needed for a while now. It's a hotel and country club so it has a huge golf course and lake as you drive through the grand, tree-lined entrance to this:

That there is the view from our room of the hotel entrance - isn't it beautiful?!
The check in staff were amazing and put us in a room outside the front of the hotel named 'Iris Cottage'.

iris cottage
Our room is the grey door.
The hotel also has an old church on the grounds with a very old graveyard which was great for a supernatural girl like me!
The cutie little doorway and desk area.
marriott bedroom
the BIGGEST bed I've ever slept in - Ross looks so tiny! 
luxury hotel bath marriott
Luxury bath. 
luxury hotel bathroom marriott
Beautiful sink set-up.
After settling into our room, a cup of tea and having a walk around the grounds we went over to their very posh restaurant, Morgans, for the most amazing meal. To start we had chicken pate with brioche bread and onion marmalade. For mains was pan fried chicken breasts with Caerphilly cheese and bacon sauce. For dessert I have raspberry and white chocolate cheese cake and Ross has sticky toffee pudding.
marriott dinner
The nicest meal. We had 3 courses and wine. The chicken with Caerphilly cheese and bacon was incredible.
We were seated in a grand hall it was very Twin Peaks!
After a few beverages in the hotel bar we got an early night as we wanted to get up and catch the breakfast buffet. Breakfast buffets are probably one of my most favourite things in the world - fresh English cooked breakfast, continental and fruit and cereals - perfect!

medieval chandelier
As you walk into reception - this is hanging above! I so want one in my house!
Before we left we hit up the spa where we had a massage each - oh wow! The ladies there really know how to make sure you relax. We then went to the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna before checking out and heading back to Cardiff for Swn Festival.

I want to just say thankyou SO much to the St.Pierre Marriott and their incredible staff for a beautiful and relaxing night away. It's such a lovely getaway from the city.


Friday 18 October 2013

Paisley Print Dress - outfit post.


A quick little outfit post today as me and my man are off to Chepstow for the evening for a a very special bloggy thing that i will share with you in the next week ;)

This is a cutey little Paisley looking dress that I picked up for £10 in Primark - Bargain!

Dress - Primark

It's a great fit and just so easy to wear with a long coat and boots!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

My Blogging Routine

Hey Lovelies!

Today I thought I would share with you my blogging routine. I definitely have some kind of routine in a sense of time of day and what I do whilst blogging. I don't have a schedule - for example 'outfit posts on a Monday' and if I don't feel like blogging - I wont! 

I currently work in a job where I finish at 2pm most days so I find it easier to take pictures and write my posts about 3pm after I've had some lunch and done some chores. A cup of tea is a MUST before settling down at my desk on my iMac.

Desk Set-Up.
Whenever I have an idea for a post I usually write it down on my monthly calender 'notes' page and to keep track I write what post I have done down on the actual day I posted it. I also keep my diary at hand so I can plan out what I'm upto during the week and when I have enough time to post and write.

I have a special list note-pad as I am addicted to writing lists!
Leaf Coasters - c/o TigerLillyQuinn - the cutest shop!
I love having a desk and big computer to work with but when I actually want to settle down and read blog posts I just hate having to sit-up in my computer chair. So I'm hoping this year for Christmas I'll be getting a laptop so I can snuggle up on the sofa and read/comment on all the amazing blogs out there in comfort! I've been looking at Acer laptop reviews and Acer tablet reviews trying to decided between a laptop and tablet - so far laptop is winning! 

Also a must for my blogging routine is PJ's and Slippers!
What is YOUR blogging routine like?


(please note this is a sponsored post however the post is genuinely my blogging routine - gurls gotta pay the billz!)

Monday 14 October 2013

LUSH Halloween 'Pumkin' Bubble Bar

Last week LUSH Cardiff invited a bunch of people to try and buy their Christmas 2013 products before they were released. There were lots of amazing and cute Christmassy bits but first up is Halloween, so obviously as soon as I laid my eyes on their "Pumkin" (yes it's spelt with no 'p') and I just had to have the little cutie!

LUSH Pumkin
My bath get-up. Keepin' it spooky.
LUSH Hallloween 2013
Too cute to destroy :(
LUSH Halloween 2013
A big ol' cauldron of Pumpkin Coloured water!
The bath water was an amazing orange and so bubbly! It has ylang ylang and orange flower absolut in it which gave it a lovely Autumn smell and left me feeling all smooth.

They also have this "Lord of Misrule" bathbomb which I'm going to try next week - its named after the Pagan Feast of Fools ruler and as you know - I'm all over that! 

Are you excited for the LUSH Christmas products?


Sunday 13 October 2013

Pick Your Own Pumpkin Farm + Corn Maze Adventure.

Halloween season is so great but evey year the supermarkets and local markets always run fresh out of pumpkins during the last few days before halloween!

Well this year I decided to head to a Pick Your Own Pumpkin farm in middle-of-nowhere Wales to grab a couple before it was too late. While we were there we noticed that there was a Maize Maze (big corn stalks) which we decided to go in and it took us about 45mins to get round and out of! 

halloween nail pumpkin
Pumpkin Nails - fitting for the start of my adventure!
uk lifestyle blogger halloween pumpkin
We ended up with 2 massive pumpkins with little tails on their heads :)
uk lifestyle blogger halloween
In the corn maze!
uk lifestyle blogger halloween
uk corn field
uk lifestyle blogger corn maze uk

On the drive home we saw a sign for an Ancient Burial Chamber. It was in the middle of a field that took walking through 2 other fields to get to. I wander how they found it?!

welsh ancient burial chamber
Ancient Burial Chamber that was excavated in 1914. The big stone slab on top apparently faces the morning sun.
pagan wishing tree
Pagan Wish Tree - I added my own and made a wish :)
uk butterfly autumn
Cute butterfly who was sat next to my car on the gatepost. 
It was an awesome day followed by a home-cooked Spanish Cassolay and a bottle of wine :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday 11 October 2013

Getting Ready For...Spring?!

Autumn is a very important time to get prepared for Spring/Summer - no, not for fashion but gardening!

Planting bulbs in October-November is a great time for them to settle in and by the time Spring rolls around again they should start to grow and bloom.

Now I have a lovely garden full of places to plant some flowers (and possibly fruit and veg) I thought I had better get prepared! Although it's already thriving with amazing herbs, foliage and flowers I have two empty spots for more growing to happen! So with the help of The Urban Gardening Guide - I have done just that! 

uk flowers
I picked up 3 different packs of bulbs for £1 each and using this huge bag of Miracle Gro Expand n' Gro (it feeds them for 6 months!!) and my marigolds - I got planting.
Of course Prince wanted to help too!
uk gardening
Pot 1. I planted all 3 of the different types of bulb in here but only a couple of each so they have enough room to survive.
cat in garden
Pot 2. This is clearly alot longer so I planted the rest in here. As you can see I have a loads of plants growing already!
(How cute is Prince looking at the birds?!)
Autumn is so beautiful I thought I would share some of my favorite parts of the garden at the moment:

uk garden autumn mushroom
uk garden autumn

Its FINALLY Friday and I can't wait to relax with 2 days off :)

Have a good one pals!

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