Wednesday 31 July 2013

July Roundup

July was a pretty crazy month!

It kicked off with a mad weekend in London for my housemates birthday, a whole bunch of my pals came up and we all stayed in the same hotel. We ended up at an Industrial Goth night in Camden - it was mental. I've never had so much fun! 

The there was the crazy heat-wave we had here in the UK, 3 weeks of sunshine was brilliant plus I got myself a little tan ;) 

Here are some other things that have kept me smiling in July:

Tentative Decisions Bullet Necklaces
I was gifted these by Tentative Decisions and haven't stopped wearing them! They are also my blog sponsors for August so check out their site :)
Rainbow Lightbulb!
I got this from dotcomgiftshop - I love it so much! My whole room is a rainbow!
I added 4 more cacti to my terrarium! 
Me, Ross and Prince went back down to Devon for the weekend.
We took a trip to Buckfast Abbey (home of the famous drink) it was so beautiful!
My mum bought me this amazing teapot for my new flat.
I've been reading loads this July I will do a separate post on the books I've bought (there are SO many)!

Don't forget to follow my Instagram for more up to date pictures of what I'm getting upto :)

What was the best thing about your July?

P.S I'm 3 GFC Followers away from 1500! That doesnt sound like alot but it means so much to me! I will be doing a giveaway as soon as I reach the goal ;) x

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Free People - By The Light Of The Moon.

As soon as I saw the name of this Free People trend I knew I'd love alot of the pieces. Set in my old hippy way I'm obsessed by anything to do with the moon, I believe it influences our mood aswell as many other things (and for those who are interested we are coming into the first quarter and tomorrow is the Pagan Celtic Fire festival Lughnasadh). 

Anyway onto my faves from the collection:

Double Drop Pendant - £28
This is the most beautiful piece of jewellery I've laid eyes on in a long while!
Seashore Battenburg Dress - £168
I love the detail on the back of this dress.
Swinging 60's Dress - £98
This one comes in cream and purple but I love it best in black - so Witchy! My fave item from the whole collection.
Double Drop Pendant - £28
Another beautiful piece of jewellery.
Intimately Tea for Two Slip - £68
I'm sad this is a slip and not a dress as it's so flowy and pretty.
I'm head over heels with these items however my bank balance is NOT in love with them! Me and my boyfriend signed for a new flat together so all our money has gone to that!

What do you think of Free People?


Monday 29 July 2013

Crafty Creatives - Happy 1st Birthday Box + Special Reader DIscount.

This is my first Crafty Creatives box I've had and I'm super please to say - IT RULES! 

Crafty Creatives Box 13.
1st Birthday Edition.
Basically this box was a little different to the usual boxes (which contain different crafty projects and arts under one theme) this box went back to the first box theme of Flowers and was all kit-based. 

This box gives you all you need (and instructions) to create:
A Felt Flower
Stocking Flower
French Beaded Flower
Paper Flower Hair Slide
Crepe Paper Flower Bunch
This week I've been working on the stocking flower but I'll post the completed flowers once I've finished.

I have a special treat for all my readers too! The first 10 people (UK only) who sign-up to a Crafty Creatives box will get 25% off their first order using the code: CRAFTYBISCUITS 

It's UK only and there is NO contract so you can cancel when you like and boxes are £10 (+ £2.45 p&p) - so it's only £7.50 with my code - barg!

Have you ever used Crafty Creatives before?

Sunday 28 July 2013

Blogs That Inspire Me.

Tonight I thought I would share with you guys just a few of the bloggers who inspire me to blog myself and have kept me reading since I discovered their blogs:

The Dainty Squid.
The lady who inspired me to blog altogether way back in 2009. I remember reading her blog and slowly seeing her beautiful home, cats, outfits and projects all come together and thought I want to document my life in a similar way - and here I am!
Little blog of horrors.
Ayden is a total babe and I literally get super excited everytime there's a new awesome, fun lifestyle post.
Carly Watts.
I only found Carly on my recent (well January now) return to blogging after a years break.
Her illustrations are beautiful, she uses the most yummy colours and designs the best images.
scathingly brilliant.
One look at this lady's beautiful pastel blog photos and I was hooked. Another cat lady with a beautiful home and inspiring projects, illustrations and designs. 

Other blogs that inspire me:

ghostparties - amazing and honest beauty blogger with the cutest little kitty!
Bee Waits For No One - the most fashionable babe - keeps me in the loop of what's hot ;p
dainty dresses - wonderful photos and a wonderful lifestyle/style blog.
the london lipgloss - keeping you in the loop with erm, just about everything awesome.

Of course I have loads of other - too many to mention everyone, and have made amazing friendships through blogging and twitter.

I'm going to be doing free advertising for small brands/etsy stores for the whole of August so if you want me to add your banner just email me :)

Which blogs inspire you?

Friday 26 July 2013

Cruel Intentions - outfit post

I've had a (start) of a long weekend so today I added a bit of Silver to my hair - super bright now I love it!
Here I have an outfit post inspired by my last post and that Cruel Intentions feeling:

Toyah Clutch - Catherine Aitken
Leather Peter Pan Collar Dress - H&M
I was so kindly gifted this beautiful Toyah clutch from Catherine Aitken's Riot Collection which is inspired by punk ladies of the past - my fave!
Who is your fave punk lady from the past?

Hope you have an amazing weekend - I'm off to a goth night - right up my street.


Tuesday 23 July 2013

Be A Rebel Doll

Rebel Doll is the new collection from Miss Selfridge. It draws inspiration from the likes of the amazing Gwen Stefani and the girls of Clueless.

Now, I'm not really your typical girly-girl, I'm not big into my florals and stuff so this collection is the most perfect thing for me, here are my top picks:

Lace Pinnafore Dress - £45
This is my fave item out of the whole collection - it's very Cruel Intentions. This is the only thing thats caught my eye in a long time I've been pretty bored of clothes.
Check Crop T-Shirt Top - £32
There is also a wonderful matching skirt too.
Red Embellished Collar Dress - £49
I bet the fit of this on is gorgeous.
Grey Check Pleat Skirt - £35
Cord Triangle Pendant - £12

Petites Spotty Cutout Dress - £37
I love the cutout on this, so cute!

What do you think of this collection?

Miss Selfridge also have free UK delivery at the moment using the code: hellosunshine


Monday 22 July 2013

Vice City Nails.

First of all - like my new blog layout?! I got the awesome Becca to do it for me and I think she did an amazing job.

I did these nails on Friday afternoon after work as I was bored and way too hot to take a nap!
I'm super bad at doing all the awesome straight lines and chevrons so i decided to go with something so easy -just diagonal layering.

The outcome reminded my of the Grand Theft Auto game (aka the game that shaped my teenage years/music taste) Vice City:

Barry M -
Limited Edition Pink
Mint Green

Stick me on a boat party in Miami with a big ol' jug of punch!

Anyone got any times for doing straighter lines?

Thursday 18 July 2013

Festivals - The Essentials + A Festival Cocktail Recipe.

In my eyes if you are going to a festival this Summer and worrying about what clothes to wear, what make-up to take and what accessories to go in your hair - YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! 

Let's face it you are either going to be a sweaty mess or a rained on mess (depending on our great British weather) so whatever you look like really doesn't matter in the end as festival are mean't to be about the music, the atmosphere and fun - it's not a catwalk.

The amazing team at Cardiff's St.Davids have provided me with the most essential festival pack to keep you going for the whole weekend:

The Festival Essentials:
Wind-Up LED Light - to find your tent after one-to-many.
Boots Lipsalve - don't let 'em dry out!
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Forget about washing your hair - this is the MOST essential.
Carex Hand Gel - get rid of the gross.
Boots Handy Wipes - I'd probably take way more than 12 but again this is a must.
Hawaiian Tropic SPF Lip Gloss - keep shinin' in the sun.
(Bag - c/o H&M)

10L "Water" (see: Alohol) Holder - A must have to keep you hydrated BIG time.
 Festival Cocktail:

3 Bottles of Cava
1/2 Bottle of Cointreau
1 1/2 Bottles of Fresh Orange Juice
1/2 Bottle of Citrus Squash
1 Whole (sliced) Orange
1 Whole (sliced) Lemon

Leave to stew for a couple hours and there you have a fresh festival cocktail!

What is YOUR festival essential (minus the tent obviously!)?


Tuesday 16 July 2013

Summertime Sadness - outfit post.


Here is an outfit post, I actually usually wear to work (BORING! I know) but i just love the little print on the blouse so much I had to share with you!

Headband - Primark
Necklace - c/o Raffles Bizarre
Shirt - H&M
High-Waisted Jeans - Primark
Moccasins - River Island
I love these shoes so much but they rub so bad! :'(
In other news I've been basking in the sun whilst joint having (so far) a terrible week! Hopefully life will pick up soon!

Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather as much as I am

P.S I am still looking for a guest poster - if you wanna get involved tweet me @cowbiscuits or email me

Monday 15 July 2013

Lust List: MONVATOO London

I discovered MONVATOO London by browsing the amazing website that is The Lost Lanes (check it out if you haven't!) and totally fell in love.

Using carefully sourced high-quality materials each piece is hand-crafted. The designs are animals and fantasy based but each collection/theme has many different styles for example you want a glittery unicorn or a pearly one - you got it!  

Although my bank balance would disagree with me, here are my fave pieces from MONVATOO London's amazing ring collection: 

Sweetheart Unicorn
(see more Unicorns)
Twinkle Castle
(see more Castles)
Amethyst Bear
(see more Bears)
Ruby Fox
(see more Foxes)
Sapphire Robin
(see more Robins)

Have you heard of MONVATOO before? What do you think and which is your fave?

Hope you had a slamming weekend, I spent mine back home in Devon in the sunshine - bliss!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Ready to Glow and Some Disposable Snaps

Ready to Glow is a new campaign from the likes of Veet, Optrex, Clearasil and Scholl which is all about glowing from top to toe with a bit of personal grooming.

They have the gorgeous Kimberly Walsh launching the campaign for them and are giving tips and advice on how to keep yourself feeling confident and getting your glow 24/7. I actually won this package via the Ready to Glow Twitter so check it for yourself to see what else comes up!

The Ready to Glow pack included;
Topshop Dress, Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-on, Veet Face Visage, ASOS Sunglasses, Accessorize Flip-Flops and a disposable camera to snap some Summer pics!
I tried the Veet Electrical Roll-on, it heated up great, rolled on super smooth!

Anyway I thought I'd share with you a few of my fave snaps from the disposable I was given:

The Ross With the Golden Gun. Ross nerding out playing 007 at the arcade.
Prince looking like a feral snake.

River, Steam Train and Old Church from 1200's.
Ross, Josh and myself at The Stone Roses going mental off our 'eads! 

What kind of products make you feel great about yourself?

Monday 8 July 2013

Plaid + Denim outfit post.

I've been MIA the past week due to operations and partying in London - but now I'm back!

Shirt - H&M
Necklace - Topshop
Denim Skirt - Topshop
Vest - H&M
I only managed to grab one pic of this outfit as I had to dash off out. I prefer keeping things simple when going on a night out as I usually end up in no fit state to be keeping an eye on my outfit ;p

Last week I was featured on the House of Fraser blog chatting about dressing for your shape - you can see that HERE.

The weather here is amazing so I'm off to hit the park with a cold drink and a good book!


P.S if there are any good blog designers out there that wouldn't mind tackling my page - drop me an email ( or hit me up on twitter (@cowbiscuits) as I'd love to see some work!

Monday 1 July 2013

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream - beauty review.

Last week I got an awesome package from the beautiful Kathi of GoldieGrace (seriously you have to check out her beauty blog it is amazing!) sent me a German package full of sweets and her drug-store beauty faves in a swap for my Kat Von D 'True Love' eyeshadow palette

I've decided to write about my favorite item from the goodies I received:

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream - Smooth Berry
This picture doesn't really show it but when you first pull it out, it looks quite glossy, so then you are all like 'um is this gonna be matt or what!?" and then...
IT IS MATT! I love this it smells amazing - like Fluff Mashmallow pots! I love how matt it actually turns out it's just wonderful!
It's amazing for the smell alone but really this product lasts forever and I wish I could get ahold of it here (does anybody know if you can?!) as I want one in every colour!

Ever used this brand before?

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