Friday 29 October 2010

Wildlife Explorer Chic.

For this outfit post I channelled the little boy from the Disney film 'Up!', the outfit is actually a bit of a H&M fest as you will see:

I bought the shorts, scarf and brooch whilst in Manchester 2 weeks ago.
Also a BIG thankyou to the amazing Victoria for editing my pics for me because I'm so thick!
Hi-Waisted Camel Shorts H&M - £19.99
Black Top H&M - £2.99
Aztec Scarf River Island - £6
Squirrel Brooch Miss.Selfridge - £2
Cardigan H&M - £24.99
Yes my animal obsession continues! He was only £2 how could I say no?!

The reason I said I felt like the little boy from 'Up!' is because the shorts are Hi-Waisted and a Kaki-Camel colour plus I wore my little Squirrel badge so I felt like a child again going for a bit of an explore - all I needed was a backpack!

I went to see 'The Social Network' last night, I did enjoy it I wouldn't go as far as alot of the reviews and say it's the best movie of the year but nevertheless it was enjoyable. My only complain is Justin Timberlake needs to get back to singing and cut his hair - It's very *Nsync circa 1999. 
Have any of you seen it? What did you think?

Hope you are all ready for Halloween, I'm so excited I can't wait to post pics of my outfit (fingers crossed it looks good!).

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Stray Jewellery + Giveaway winner.

I've gone a bit jewellery crazed recently and I've got loads on my mental wish-list. I want to share with you lovelies this awesome jewellery company called 'Stray Jewellery'.

I've only come across them in the past couple weeks while internet-window shopping (awaiting payday) but I'm totally in love with pretty much everything on the site! It's all pretty unique, non-highstreet stuff and I can hardly chose favourites - but here it goes:

This gorgeous 'Hello Deer' necklace, I have a very similar one but an Owl - £12

Ok I lied this is my favourite item
Octopus Cuff - £18

Pearl Bunny necklace - £15 I'ts bunny what more can I say? Daaww!

Jewelled Hair Piece - £9 been wanting something like this for ages but never found Mr.Right! 

Check out the website and let me know what you think!

Right you cheekies who have scrolled right to the bottom, the giveaway winner!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway, the winner is the lovely A Daisy Chain Dream! Yay!
Also thankyou to all the people who are about to unfollow me,  please don't enter anymore of my giveaways this is a community not a quiz night! And that is as angry as i will ever get on this blog :)


Sunday 24 October 2010

An Ikea Christmas.

On Saturday I popped in to Ikea, I want to live in a little cubical Ikea house so badly, they make it looks so cosy despite people milling in and out! Come the 1st Nov all the shops (including the one I work in) shall be putting up the decs' and getting the music ready for that dreaded 'C' word....CHRISTMAS! Well Ikea already had theirs out and I really couldn't resist picking up a few bits. You can see what they have to offer on the website HERE, here are my favourites from the site:

Gifts bags £1.99, 3 tins £5.99, Ribbon £1.99, Star lights £8.99

And here is what Christmas goodies I couldn't resist: 

Winter and Deer print wrapping paper - £1.59 each

Candles - £1.99 each

Moose and Snake - 39p each! Plus £1 gets donated to Unicef so I got 2 :)

Woodland cookie cutters - £2.99 - were these made just for me?!

Winter mug - £2.99

Swedish meatball sauce - 55p each amazzzinngg!!
Going round Ikea just made me want my own place even more!

What did you all get upto this weekend? Everyone been watching Xfactor? Do you hate Cher? Then Follow me on Twitter haha :)
Much love 

Thursday 21 October 2010

Ohh go on then!

I've seen these posted on about a billion blogs BUT I don't care! I got sucked in, I bought one, yes you know it, it's the...TOPSHOP PETER PAN COLLAR TUNIC! 

I got a navy one (although blogger likes to squish my images so it looks almost black in the 2nd picture) and I love it!

Topshop Peter Pan tunic - £28
It's short so I'll definitely find a way to layer this up with a coat of long cardi, any colour suggestions? 
It has loonng sleeves that bell out a bit, they have a very 60's/70's feel so I opted to just roll the sleeves up which I usually do with anything long sleeved - I need to be free!
I teamed the tunic up with my (fairly) new boots from River Island - £39.99
They keep my feet so snug!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition held by the lovely Temporary Secretary  who specialise in gorgeous, cute, and quirky jewellery. I'm also in love with this 'Mr.Squid' necklace!

I won the 'Red Lips' necklace and could you think of a better thing to suit me?
To get your own 'Red Lips' necklace click HERE.
What Topshop piece are you loving at the moment?

Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already - The winner will be chosen Monday.
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday 19 October 2010

MAC Viva Glam - Lady Gaga Lipglass.

I'm back! I had a great time in Manchester seeing my family, friends, shopping and getting drunk with Drag Queens and unfortunately I have to come back to reality (which I currently hate), so I'm feeling a little uninspired.

Last time I was uninspired I posted about my MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick  and when we were in Manchester my mum treated me to the new Viva Glam Gaga lipglass to match my fave lippy! I bought loads when I was up there but will save this for other posts, here is my lipglass:

As you can see the box is almost the same as the lipstick with the Gaga signature on it.

It keeps to the lipsticks pink/blue colour which I adore.
Also we mustn't forget that 'every cent of the selling price' of the Viva Glam range goes to the MAC AIDS fund.

It gives exactly the same colour but its shiny so great for keeping lips moist in the Winter time, and lets face it it's freaking cold out there now!!

I must also add one of my favourite parts of my trip was eating in Tampopo. I love all things noodles so this was a treat as we don't have one down here in boring old Devon - plus you get free mints:

Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you havn't already - click HERE! I've been really busy and stressed so lacked on the replying to comments (I won't for this post, promise!) and checking out new followers so I am really sorry and will do that later in the week!

Hope your weekend has been awesome, what did you get upto?

Friday 15 October 2010

Giveaway - Beauty Bag!

I've totally hit the big 300 on the ol' google connect followers SO to treat you all I bought (with my own pennies) some stuff and put it into a make up bag (which I also bought) for one lucky reader to win!

So what's in the bag?:

(click the pic to see larger view)

Inside we have:
- Montagne Jeunesse strawberry mask
- MakeUp Academy nail polish's in a pool blue and vintage green
- MakeUp Academy lip gloss in bright red (something I use and love)
- QVS Nail file
- LUSH Maple Taffy lip balm (AMAZING!)
- Quickies Eye makeup removers
- Quickies Nail polish removers
- Johnsons body care hand cream
- Ciate for ASOS Paint polish in 'Katy'
- Some new fragrance samples (ok I didn't buy these).
The rules:

- You must be a follower of my blog (just click 'follow' at the top and please be genuine I want this to go to people who like my blog but new readers are welcome of course!)

- Simply comment this post saying something along the lines of 'enter me' 

- Leave a way to contact you, email or twitter is good.

- For an additional entry tweet this 'There is a giveaway over at @cowbiscuits blog go to to join in" - then you must post a comment here with a link to the tweet.

-For another additional entry link this giveaway to your blog (either sidebar or post) then drop a comment here with that link.

Open worldwide any questions email me:

Giveaway will end at Midnight (GMT) on Monday 25th October 2010. Winner chosen with

I hope you all like it! 

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! thanks to all who entered! x

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Barry M Instant Effects:

In my last post I had a few questions about my nails, this is what it is:

Its the new Barry M Instant Effects, how it works is you paint your nails then add a top coat of this black nail paint and BOOM within seconds its drys and cracks into some unique patterns.
It's £3.95 which isn't bad seeing as you only need one coat.

I used a gold base and it came out ACE! I love the whole Aztec, almost Giraffe print that came out.
For more swatches go to Who Is She??? and take a peek at all the different colours Ray used.

Like is said on Monday, I'm off to Manchester on Friday, any Manc area bloggers going to be out on the town Friday or Sat give me a shout on here or Twitter!

Monday 11 October 2010

Outfit: Grunge-tastic!

The mags are going wild for Grunge right now, and as a 90's child (missed the 80's by 1 day can you believe!?) and a total goff, I'm all up for a bit of grunge.
I recently watched a documentary on Kurt and Courtney so I decided to channel my inner Courtney and do a grunge based outfit post.

Jumper - Primark £11
Shorts - Primark £8
Belt - Therapy - £12.99
Ring - H&M - £1.99 (pack of 4)

This is the first time I've curled my hair since having a fringe,
I keep it all together with the fittingly titled 'Rockaholic' by TIGI

Brooklyn T - Topshop - £18
I'm down for anything rock n' roll, studs, leather, baggy jumpers and big hair - I'm there! I'm even starting up my own GlamRock n' Roll band (which will probably fail like all my other bands haha).

Also, I've hit to big 300 so possibly Friday I will announce a giveaway for all you lovelies!
I'm off the Manchester on Friday until Monday, any bloggers from Manc?

Don't forget to hit me up on Twitter or MSN I'm loving talking to all you new people :)

Saturday 9 October 2010

I Just Dig Woodland Animals + Russell Brand!

I know I come across like a crazy animal lady with all my posts about animals in clothes or ON my clothes but I just can't help myself!
H&M have become my new favourite shop this week with their range of animal themed jewelry, here is what I picked up:

These came in a pack of 4 for £5.99 but with a Stag head, bunny, owl and fox HOW could I say no?!

Matching earrings with Squirrels and Cougars - £3.99

Large owl ring -  £3.99

Also, last night I went with the boyf to see Russell Brand on his 'Booky Wook 2' tour. This is the 3rd time I've seen ol'Russ but this was extra special as it was for his new radio show (remember the drama of the old one?) with his old team/bff Matt Morgan (who, in my eyes, actually made the Radio 2 shows). As I anticipated it was very good and I laughed alot!

Recent events have also made me think about how short and fragile, yet brutal, life is, I'm not a religious person but I certainly feel very grateful for being happy and healthy and thankful to be bought up living life on the "right" path...
...aaand I'm back to being a normal person!

I hope your weekend is going great!

Thursday 7 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains - review and swatches.

As all of you MAC Cosmetics fans know they recently teamed up with Disney to form the 'Venomous Villains' collection, all of course are limited edition and most of it sold out pretty much as soon as it launched on the website on Monday. 

Luckily I managed to pick up a couple pieces, I would have liked more but my bank account will not allow it right now, so here's what I got:

'Innocence, Beware!' part of the Cruella DeVille range (and personally my fave villain - minus the puppy murder!)
Alot of reviews have been saying how cheap the packaging is but I really love i
t, especially the outer packaging.
It's a dark pink nude colour in a Creme Sheen - so great for Winter! Nice and creamy so will keep lips moist and last a long time.

With it on (lack of lighting here apologies!)
I really like it, it makes a change form wearing red or pink.

Nail Laquer in 'Formidable!' - part of the Maleficent collection.
It's described as having a 'bruise' look to it which I can totally see.

1 coat - start our a burgundy/plum colour  with a hint of glitter.
it goes on easy, MAC Lacquer's are also 4-free which is good for nails!

2nd coat - alot deeper, more blue with an extra layer of glitter.

3rd coat - more of a purple/blue/green mix, in the light its amazing but hard to capture on a camera.
The glitter is amazing!

What are your favourite items from the VV collection? Did you manage to pick any up?
Also check out the lovely Sammi's blog tomorrow for her pick-ups and reviews :)

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Color Trend Eye Duo

In relation to my last post, I mentioned that I got 3 for £5 on Color Trend at Avon, and posted my lipsticks - which are fab and I love (despite the short staying power). Well here is the 3rd thing I bought, a Color Trend eyeshadow duo:

The colour is Snow Storm, I used to wear heavy blacks/greys on my eyes but can't really wear that with red lipstick so slowed down, but as winter is rolling in I thought maybe I'd head back to black.

As you can see the white is very white and the dark is very grey. I also should add that the pot is really small so I'm a little disappointed!
I tried my best at mixing the two together with a little eyeliner in there too.
I suck at applying make-up, I don't know how to do it and experimenting with different colours never works out in my favour! If any of you lovelies want to come teach me how to be a makeup pro for a week then please feel free (I make good Pasta!). Serious.

Also I've almost reached 300 followers so I've picked up some bits a bobs, with more to come, for a giveaway (start screaming!). Thankyou to all my followers and for any comments I get they truly do make my day! 
Love to you all.
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