Sunday 31 March 2013

Happy Kitty & Easter Nails

Happy Easter pals! 

I'm off for a roast dinner with my boyfriends family and limiting myself to ONE chocolate egg :p

What a better way to welcome Spring and Easter with pretty pastels and baby pink carnations! I read that they are bad for kitties if they eat them so I kept him under watchful eye and made sure they are out of reach for him!

Hope you have a great weekend

Friday 29 March 2013

Mermaid Nails

Happy Easter weekend!
I'm going to be spending the weekend eating loads of bad things (obviously) and making delicious Butterscotch ice cream - recipe soon to come! 

Last week when I was back home in Devon I did these ombre mermaid nails - I loveeeed them!

I used Barry M Teal and Mint and sponged the ombre.
Then I added Pink glitter - Teenage Dream from Katy Perry x OPI and some cute anchor and heart nail tattoos (seen in my LAST nail post).

I wish I could have beautiful real nails but they just don't grow :(

Hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you get upto!

Wednesday 27 March 2013

JuJu Jelly Shoes

I loved them as a kid and i still love them now - Jelly shoes!

Alot of stores are doing them but I chose to go with JuJu who are the OG of Jelly shoes and have been going since '86 - you can read more about their history HERE. They use a unique jelly to make the shoes and recycle waste jellies - super cool!

JuJu Babe - I love the little heel on these it means I can wear them out! :D
I also want these in the Glitter style too!
JuJu Petra - I got these in Ice Blue but I also super want them in the lilac or baby pink - so pretty!
Know what else I LOVE about these JuJu jellies? i have TINY size 3 feet and NO shoes fit me right - well these fit PERFECT! They don't slip or squeak when you walk!

What do you think of jellies?


p.s - not a sponsored post, I just am in love.

Monday 25 March 2013

52 Weeks Of Instax Challenge UPDATE!

As some of you may remember, last month I got an Instax mini 25 as a gift. I decided to take part in a 52 Week of Instax challenge where I basically take an Instax picture each week to add to my collection.

HERE is my last post for it and as I mentioned I will be updating every 4/5 week to show you my pictures.

Here are weeks 1 - 5:

Week 1 - Prince
Week 2 - St.Davids Day Daffodils
Week 3 - St. Fagans Trip
Week 4 - Joe's Ice Cream (the best around!)
Week 5 - Back home in Devon with Pippa (Prince came too but thats another post!)

I love taking these, I've put these 5 up on my wall and can't wait to have a full years worth of memories!

Hope Monday is treating you well!

Sunday 24 March 2013

Peach Melba Hair.

I love dying my hair fun colours, last time I went lilac, but this time I went for a box named 'Peach Melba'.

Obviously it looks super pink and not really that 'peachy' but I loved it nevertheless:

Since I had this hair colour I've already re-dyed it to a colour named 'Custard Cream' - I will show you in due time but I quite like it!

I discussed on Twitter today how I want to make a little zine and get some creative people on board so if you are interested or know anybody who might be get in touch - and we can talk :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Friday 22 March 2013

Things I've Loved This Week!

Here are my favourite things I've spotted online this week:
Midnight Prowl Denim Jacket -
The back - HOW AMAZING!!!
Cats in space on the ol' night prowl, how can I not be in love with this?!
Ouija Board Necklace -
The occult - I'm there. Of course.
This beautiful Deer Illustration is by Stacey over at Whimsical Wolf.
I want it in a frame and hung on my wall immediately! More please Stacey! 
Last week I went to a Crystal Tarot reading. I'm big into my holistics and spiritual stuff. I'm a Pagan and obsessed with life's oddities. The lady said I am strongly connected to Mermaids and Unicorns (well duh!) so this gorgeous necklace make me squeal!
Wish You Were A Mermaid Necklace - ILoveCrafty
Nike Crop-Top - GoneRetro
My boyfriend has a very similar Fila top to this - lets be matching? Medium plz Ross :p
DIY Succulent Sea Terrarium -
I am for sure going to make my own terrarium over Summer!
HERE is a huge list of other amazing DIY terrariums! 

In real life we bought a record player and my mum gave me loads of her old records to add to my country music and disco record collection. I've been listening all day and I've felt so joyful!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Thursday 21 March 2013

Fade To Red - outfit post!

Oh hi there!
I'm back from my Devon break back home now after a lovely fews days of being very spoilt (I'll post some pics soon) I'm back in Cardiff :)

We had a super sunny day not long back so we decided to head over to St.Fagans which is home to the Welsh National History Museum. It was HUGE, a huge open-air museum with lots of buildings and gardens with exhibitions in - it was so cool and it was free!

Dip-Dye Backless Sweater - c/o Even & Odd
Skater skirt - ASOS
Pentagram Necklace
I love this cute little sweater, part of the new S/S13 campaign from Even&Odd. You can check out some more cute items HERE.
Girl got the biggest booty.
This was the most clear shot I got of the back unfortunately. It's VERY open but I teamed it with a cute River Island bikini top - you can see it properly on THIS super old post where I look skinny (wah).
We went upstairs in a super old tea-room, it was busy when we got there but I probably scared everyone off by how excited I was.

Also when I went back home I bought a mini cross-stitch - OH HOW FUN! I loved it so much I've bought some more to do :D

Hope ya'll are doin good!

Friday 15 March 2013

Crop Love

I've always thought I was too 'big' to wear crop tops but with that magical little thing - the skater skirt and the term "high-waited" - IM IN!

Here are some of my most desired crop-tops (I want them all):

Rainbow - Wildfox
INTHE SALE! Gimmie now!
Long Sleeve Black Lace - QuizClothing
I'm not a massive lace fan unless it's long sleeve,  this is amazing, love the paisley looking lace. 
Alien Tits - REDROCK
The truth is out thereeee! i love this reminds me of my old inflatable Alien (R.I.P)
Half Ounce - REDROCK
This is the one I want most! Whitey on Wayne.
In fact I'm buying it next week and not paying my water bill.
Cat Face - Lazy Oaf
Me-ow! Love the long sleeves on this and of course the adorable little kitty face.
Sweetheart - ASOS
A little daring on the ol' chest front BUT super cute.
Baggy Crop - Nike
Perf. Order placed.
Also, anyway wanna shed some light on this whole Google Connect thing?
I have no idea why its going, do we all start again from 0?

Oh well, follow me HERE on BlogLovin' if you still want to read my posts with ease :)


Tuesday 12 March 2013

Nautical Nails.

She Wore Red Velvet, Antique Tiara and Nail Tattoos.
Available at, Urban Outfitters and Boots.
I kept it pretty simple, I like just wearing a tattoo on one nail and mixing up the colours.
I did originally put white stripes on the red nails BUT it looks so bad haha!
Hope you all had a great weekend! I've been super busy, the boys in my house are going away on tour for a week so I've decided to take Prince down to Devon with me on Thursday.


Friday 8 March 2013

Things I've Loved This Week

I have had such a rad week! Next week I will share with you the photos of my little trip to St.Fagans - it was so much fun!

Here are my favourite things that have caught my eye this week:

Uh oh! I super want these lilac jelly shoes! I also want a black wedged pair but they didn't have my size :( Damn my tiny little feet! 
I am in love with this gorgeous print by The Black Apple.
Kitten Pals pin pack! Also by The Black Apple
I saw this Hot Air Balloon dress in a shop near my house. I fell so hard for it and lots of other cute pieces from Sugarhill Boutique. I think it is the perfect shape and print - super me!
You HAVE to check out this awesome DIY Cat-toe shoe tutorial over at Kittenhood - I am 100% trying it!
Bobby Hill Embroidery
My life would be pretty complete is I had a full set of King of the Hill characters embroidered. I wish so bad I could make my own embroidery circles - maybe this will be a new goal! 

This Navajo camera strap  from is so cute. I'm still after a new strap I just can't decide!
(P.S. Using the coe COWB10 you can get 10% off everything on Rigu)

Hope you have a splendid weekend!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Country Gal - outfit post

Last weekend I hopped in my new car (I know I can't top talking about it!) and drove up towards the Brecon Beacons. 

As it had been so cold I didn't fancy a massive trek so we ended up seeing an old Ice-Age mountain, we parked on the side of the road and walked up to the bottom of it. As we went up, it got colder and colder and my fingers went numb so we decided to save the big trek around it for a sunny day:

Craig Cerrig.
Aqua Embroidered Western Shirt - c/o Fashion Union
Skater skirt - ASOS
Shoes - River Island
The back
I literally cannot see a better shirt out there for me! I am a Devonshire country gal, I love Country + Western music and the whole western style theme. I am so in love with it!
I had to take pictures of me looking like I was on the ranch ;p
Afterwards we went to Merthyr Tyfils' old iron work ruins, we climbed through creepy, dark tunnels and made our way out onto the roof. Spot Ross peeking through the trees :p
These icicles were hanging EVERYWHERE in the the Ironworks - had to keep dodging them to avoid being speared.

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