Friday 22 March 2013

Things I've Loved This Week!

Here are my favourite things I've spotted online this week:
Midnight Prowl Denim Jacket -
The back - HOW AMAZING!!!
Cats in space on the ol' night prowl, how can I not be in love with this?!
Ouija Board Necklace -
The occult - I'm there. Of course.
This beautiful Deer Illustration is by Stacey over at Whimsical Wolf.
I want it in a frame and hung on my wall immediately! More please Stacey! 
Last week I went to a Crystal Tarot reading. I'm big into my holistics and spiritual stuff. I'm a Pagan and obsessed with life's oddities. The lady said I am strongly connected to Mermaids and Unicorns (well duh!) so this gorgeous necklace make me squeal!
Wish You Were A Mermaid Necklace - ILoveCrafty
Nike Crop-Top - GoneRetro
My boyfriend has a very similar Fila top to this - lets be matching? Medium plz Ross :p
DIY Succulent Sea Terrarium -
I am for sure going to make my own terrarium over Summer!
HERE is a huge list of other amazing DIY terrariums! 

In real life we bought a record player and my mum gave me loads of her old records to add to my country music and disco record collection. I've been listening all day and I've felt so joyful!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  1. Omg the sea terrarium looks wonderful!!
    Great post!


  2. I love you bun :) And the terrarium is very nice! :)

  3. Ah! That jean jacket is TOO cute! I LOVE the back of it =D The design is PERFECTION! Thanks for sharing! Your wishlist is lustworthy for sure =D I can't wait to read more!

    PS. I'm hosting an international Bitchy Gypsy Accessories giveaway on my blog =D I'd love for you to enter! If you win, you'll get a gorgeous minty-green statement necklace, and it's super easy to enter! You only have to like FB page to enter!

  4. those outfits are amazing
    but the firts denim jacket is totally amazing dear!!!!

    lets follow and stay in touch, im gooin!


  5. Wowee thank you so much for featuring my art! :D I'm looking into getting prints made as a few people are interested :) Gotta say that cat jacket looks amazing!

  6. The terrariums are gorgeous. Also nothing beats listening to records!

  7. great pictures! loved the first jacket

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  8. im definitely digging the nike crop-top!


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