Tuesday 30 June 2015

GHD Platinum - Launch and Styling Event.

ghd event


Last week I went to the launch of the new GHD Platinum hair styler to test out the goods and get a tutorial n how to use it and why it beats out the competition.

ghd platinum launch event

Curling my hair with straighteners has never ever been my strong point but the lovely ghd team showed us just how to perfect any kind of curl and also hit us up with the most important tip for getting those beach babe waves - brush it out! 

The new ghd Platinum straightener is also brilliant for straightening too, it pushes down each 'folical' (read: split end) to create a totally smooth and flawless look. 

We were let loose on the new Platinums to get styling our own hair to see just how easy they were to use. The best thing about them is that they have Trizone technology, which is 6 separate heat plates which gives a total consistency of heat over the hair. This helps reduce hair breakage by 50% and also increases shine by 20% compared to other tools that heat to 230 degrees. 
The Platinum also has a heat resistant plate (using NASA technology) which means you can touch them from the outside without feeling a thing!

ghd platinum hair style

As you can see the results are awesome, the trick to curling hair is to NOT look at yourself in the mirror and just go for it! I actually got my pal above Charli to do mine and I was feeling a little ill and couldn't function.

I loved the beach waves I left with and they didn't even take any length off my hair at all!

Thanks to GHD for putting on a wonderful event,

The Platinum retails at £165 and is definitely a sound investment!

What straighteners do you use?

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Urban Outfitters Homeware Dreams


This past weekend I went camping for my two friends wedding up in a forest. It was the BEST weekend ever, basically with all my best pals having fun and celebrating. Sadly I came back with a 24hour-ish bug that has wiped me out and kept me off work for a couple of days which suck as most of you know how much I love my job. I've only just started eating again, becoming non-delirious and getting more energy.

In this time I've binge watched Orange is the New Black. Never even thought about watching it before but it's actually pretty good!

With my mind off sleeping and sickness, I've also been wasting time browsing homeware (for a change) in prep for the big move. Here are my fave picks from Urban Outfitters who also happen to have a massively tempting sale on right now:

urban outfitters cat rug
Cat Stamp Rug - £8 (was £15)
This has JUST gone down in the sale. I love it so much when I sort my finances I am def grabbing it!
Large Round Mirror - £35
Love this mirror!
Species by the Thousand protection room spray
Species by the Thousand Room Spray - £9 (was £18)
I've been after a Species by the Thousand apothecary piece for so long and now it's half price! This 'Protection' spray wards away negativity.
Coral Shelf - £10 (was £20)
This colour is so so cute! Such an unusual shelf :)

Palmistry Print - £10 (was £25)
Another sale item, this would look awesome in my dining room area!
S circus style letter lamp
'S' Letter Lamp - £50
This is pretty cheap seeing as most of these letter style lamps go for tons on other sites. I love anything with my initial on - def a bedroom or office piece!

What do you think of my faves?


Monday 15 June 2015

Big News!

Hello, Hello!

As I've been hinting in my last few post I have some big news - I'm moving! As much a my flat can be nice, there are no perks to living in a basement and also there is just no room at all! So me and Prince our packing up our belongings and heading over to our very own house. 
I've had a bit of negative critisism about the area I am moving to (Splott for those who know) about how rough of an area it is etc but the way I see it my house backs onto other back-gardens and the street is pretty quiet, plus it's not like I'm going to be sat out in the street EVER so personally I really don't see the big deal. A house in the area where I live now would be double for what I've got and I'm still super close to town and ammenties. 

I think my date for moving is going to the 24th July which is such a lucky break for me as I got assigned holiday at work for 25th July for 10 days - Perfect!

I do have a few big anxieties about living alone:

1. I'm going to get lonley:
As much as I love my own company I know I will get bored at times. I actually only have a two-bedroom but maybe in the future I can find a lodger but I only really want somebody I know and can trust to not mess up my pad!

2. I'll never see my friends:
With moving out on my own I'm actually really scared my friends will all ditch me. I guess this is mostly on them and me to make an effort and for them to not forget about me! (Although I still live very close!).

3. Money:
Will I be able to afford rent (I'm renting from my mum who has bought the house - long story but we sold our old house in Devon and as spoilt as it makes me seem I am truly SO grateful that we in the position to do this!), bills and food, plus money to actually live?! Time will tell I suppose.

4. What if they're right?:
What if I do hate living in Splott? What if I get burgled? What if my neighbours are total arseholes? 'What if...' is such a stupid things anyway and I know I shouldn't let any anxieties get to me. What if...I really love it? ;)

I've already bought ALOT of major stuff and have alot coming to me from me and my mums old house we used to live in which is just sat in storage right now. Plus the previous owners are going to be leaving all white goods (I'm SO excited to own a dishwasher!) and also their shed which will be super helpful! There is also an attic room which with a little bit of tlc will be great storage. 
The main thing I need is a bed, I HATE my bed I have right now, It's one of those low down, wooden framed IKEA beds that I bash into everytime I get in or out of bed. Plus my mattress is so knackered I can never get comfy! 
I will also need to sort stuff like Xbox, curtains/blinds, internet etc but all in good time. I'm going to start off with essitials really cheap then move onto what I really want when I've got the money to spend.
As lame as it sounds I'm also super excited to get loads of new cleaning products, hand soaps etc just to start a fresh! Ok...that was super lame.

This is a huge deal for me as alot of people my age and older just float from house to house but I really can't wait to have something stable and steady to call my own for a long time with no worrying about bonds, landlord troubles and extortionate rent rates.

If anyone has any good advice or tips about moving out solo then pleaasssee get in contact as I really need all the support I can get right now! 


Thursday 4 June 2015

Flamingo Candles - The Melt Crowd.

monthly candle subscription


Something exciting landed on my doorstep today, it was the first edition of the Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd!

I've never subcribed to any monthly boxes before so this was my first time and I had been ummin and arring it over for about a week before I commited. This is a monthly box of 8 of their scent melts (including a free wax burner with your first box), I've never tried scent melts before so this was also a perfect opportunity to try them - there are even Melt Crowd exclusive scents!

flamingo candles melt crown june box inside

I've been a Flamingo Candles fan for a long while now, they are handmade in the UK, beautifully designed and are made using 100% natural soy wax. The actual Flamingo Candles smell divine so I really couldn't wait to get stuck into this box, to try all the scents for only £10 a month including delivery.

The free wax burner with your first box really sold it for me, I don't have a flat wax burner (mine is shaped like a cauldron...of course) and this one fits perfectly in with my decor and other trinkets I own.

flamingo candles scent crowd june box

I really cannot wait to try all 8 and with 30 hours burn time each I really can't see me even using all 8 before next months! As I'm typing this I've got the Melt Crowd exclusive scent 'Juicy Tangerine' which is filling my flat beautifully with a zesty scent that is perfect for this sunny day we are having!

Another bonus is you get a 20% code to use on the website for full size candles or to pick up your fave scent use again! Also the box fits perfectly into your letterbox (after your first one without the free wax burner) so no waiting around for the postman!

Have you tried any Flamingo Candles products?
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