Thursday 27 June 2013

Chi Chi Clothing Callie Dress - outfit post.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Mango.
Theres just something about Orange and Dark Blue that I love.
ChiChi Callie Dress. 
When I saw the picture of this dress on the model (how stunning is she?!) I was instantly in love and gooey eyed - it's so cute!
I love how pretty the back of this dress is but the bow just would NOT sit straight! Maybe it had to do with that when the dress arrived as soon as I took it out of the packaging the button that pins it together rolled straight off so I had to get the sewing kit out - gutted!!
The top part is padded up so you don't wear it with a bra so you have the beautiful back to show off. I feel it's a little too padded for a small boob'd lady like me! I felt it made me look a bit puffed out.
All being said I do love the dress, it's so pretty and I bet on a taller more top heavy girl it would look amazing. I must say I did feel awesome in it like I was off to the prom. I never thought I could pull off this colour Blue either but turns out I LOVE it and now I want more of it in my life.


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Prince says - Shred on, follow my Mum.


Monday 24 June 2013

Pink Port Punch Recipe

This Friday Marks & Spencer in Cardiff St.Davids offered me a cocktail recipe to try out using some goodies - will I ever turn down free alcohol - NO! But really on a serious note M&S is awesome for food and they have a focus on picnics this Summer. They are running treasure hunts across the country with clues via their Twitter feed (@marksandspencer) where you can win a picnic in your city for 4 people on the day!
For those who are around they are doing the Cardiff one on Saturday 29th June.

Cocktail Ingredients:
Pink Port - 50cl
Prosecco - 75cl
Lemonade - 1ltr
Pomegranate Juice - 1ltr
Top off with Raspberries.
(I didn't follow this completely I put way more booze in than it says to oops!)

The punch was so lush, it got me tipsy anyway ;)

What are your fave cocktails/cocktail recipes?

Friday 21 June 2013

What's In Your Handbag?

What is inside a girls bag definitely is a reflection of their personality, wether it be by what is on the cover to their diary to what colour lipstick they have on them. I guess mine kinda says "Yeah she likes cats, the paranormal and bright colours" - as if that wasn't already obvious!

This is actually a post in entry for a competition but I've never actually done a "What's In My Bag" post before so I figure I may aswell give it a go:

The Stone Roses tote - £10
Sunglasses - £1
Book - £2.50
Keys x 4 - £5 per cut
Car Keys - £30 per cut
Purse - £30 containing £20
Lancome Lipgloss - £20
Rimmel Lipstick - £5
Kitty Diary - £10
Kitty Pen - £5
Instax - £70
Unicorn Plasters - £3

Total Worth = £221.50

Not a huge amount compared to some I've seen but still alot of it is sentimental, personal and precious to me so I would be gutted if any of it went missing. Being young I NEVER think about insurance but I'm growing up and it's definitely something you have to take into account!

Have you done a post on what is in YOUR handbag? I'd love to see links!


Wednesday 19 June 2013

Shells and Pearls - outfit post.

I took these outfit pics before I dyed my hair pink, the playsuit from AXParis I got last Summer and wore it a bunch but never blogged! So here it is:
Shell + Pearl Playsuit - c/o AX Paris (last year)
I love this print! I'm so obsessed with the sea/shells/mermaids and pearls its just great and the colour is beautiful!
In other life news I've been working lots this week but when I'm not working I've been cooking mac n' cheese and watching UFO documentaries - nothing new there!
Take me to your leader!

Monday 17 June 2013

Homeware Dreams.

Soon I am moving into a new home and that literally makes me so excited because NEW HOMEWARES!!

I LOVE homewares so much! I love dreaming up themes for each room and spending hours online looking at bits and bobs - well thats what I've done today so you're stuck with a homeware themed blogpost:

Folklore Enamel Teapot - Wild & Wolf
This is the one. i've been looking for a teapot for ages and I've found THE ONE!
Strawberry Tea Infuser -
Pros and Continental Show Curtain - Modcloth
I'm obsessed with maps and North America - what a combo!
Moroccan String Lights - Urban Outfitters
These are so pretty they would look amazing in my (not yet real) living room!
Leo Owl Moneybank - Urban Outfitters
I love this ugly owl - he is so gross and tacky he is too cute!
Round Here Photo Frame - Modcloth
Um hello this is called love and I am in it with THIS!
Moon Phase Cork Coasters - HighWire Handmade
Just amazing! These are so precious.

What are your favourite online places to shop for homewares?

P.S I'm looking for a guest blogger/s! Email if you are interested:

Friday 14 June 2013

GirlsGirlsGirls Exhibition - outfit post.

Last week I went to the launch of a photography exhibition called GirlsGirlsGirls in Urban Outfitters Cardiff. As I mentioned before I got asked by the awesome Julian Castaldi to be part of his work for the show - I'll add the picture at the end but first off here is what I wore:

Plain Black T-Shirt - H&M
Denim Skater Skirt - Topshop
Claw Necklace - Claire's Accessories

I had a lot of fun (and booze) before, during and after the show. Here is the final print:

Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S - I don't know the real deal with Google Reader going as of 1st July. But if you still wish to read my blog you can follow it via BlogLovin' HERE  - Literally when you sign up you can just import ALL the blogs you read on Google Reader in one quick click! So easy!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Prince's Garden Adventures.

With the recently blast of sunshine we have had here in the UK I've been taking Prince out in the garden, his favourite thing to do is catch flies and umm... tissues!

He runs about with them in his mouth and if you go near him to grab it he growls like a dog. It's crazy! So I thought I'd snap him in action with his favourite toy - old tissues (SO GROSS!). 

When I bought him back in he literally climbed the windows to try and get back out:

Bless him the little weirdo!

To see more pictures of Prince and his garden adventures (including getting stuck up a tree!) then you can see them on my Instagram.

Do your pets do weird things?

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Candyfloss Hair and Ice Cream Headband

Crown and Glory - Ice Cream Headband

Oops! I got bored last Thursday and decided to dye my hair candyfloss pink again!
On Friday I went to London to see The Stone Roses at Finsbury Park - it was incredible! And last night I ended up very last minute with a ticket to see Rihanna and David Guetta which was also lots of fun.

How cute is this floral headband from Crown and Glory? The colours match my hair perfectly and I love wearing accessories in my hair as you can see I also had a little pearl headband to poof my hair out a bit.
How do you wear your hair? I'm looking for some new fun things to try!


Sunday 9 June 2013

Lush Cardiff Event.

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cardiff Lush store's blogger event!

We had healthy drinks, sin consultations and arm massages. We got to learn so much about all the products and got chat one on one with the lovely ladies from the store about which products are best for our skin types.

My favourite part was learning about the make-up range, Emotional Brilliance. The colours are amazing and they are designed for specifics (lipsticks, blush, etc...) however you can use them for anything! 

We were lucky enough to try a few samples and take home our own Angels on Bareskin cleanser.  I also bought a few treats too ;)

Rose Water and Soda.
Skin consultations.
My fave colours from the colour mood wheel.
You can even use them on hair...
Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. 
It was an awesome evening - thankyou to the lovely Lush ladies of Cardiff for making it so awesome!


P.S Check out this awesome write-up on me from Poppy-Lux

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Castell Coch Adventure Trip!

Last week after work me and Ross headed over to Castell Coch just outside of Cardiff. I usually go up here in the dark as the walk up is windy, covered in trees and SUPER scary! But this time I thought I'd go when the Castle was open so I could see inside.

Castell Coch.
Pretending I was the bad-ass Queen from Game of Thrones.
The Kitchen
This room had the most amazing decoration, it was based on Aesop's fabels and was just stunning.
Lady Bute's bedroom.
The Chapel. 
View from the Chapel.

It was so pretty, I literally spent the whole time walking around pretending I was in Game of Thrones (by the way the latest episode - OH WHAT?!) - it was marvelous! The whole place was decorated amazingly with Aesop's fables, the Three Fates and lots of astrology. It was knocked down way back when and re-built again in the 1800's and was home to Lord and Lady Bute.

In the gift shop I met an awesome man who worked there with a super knackered/awesome AC/DC tattoo on his arm who talked to me about how he wears legit chain mail and how heavy it is. I bought a Celtic Mood-Ring and a faux chain-mail helmet.

I definitely can't wait to explore some more of Wales' amazing castles this Summer!

Monday 3 June 2013

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream (Light) - Beauty Review.


I've been a bit MIA the past week, I ended up with Tonsillitis and have been drooling in my bed. But now I'm much better (thankyou Penicillin!) and cant resume normal blogging.

Today I have a little review for you on the Clarins BB Cream. I love BB Creams for summer and Clarins are always awesome for skincare and beauty products so when I was asked by to give it a try - I jumped on board! Also I saw the gorgeous Kate from ghostparties talking about it on Twitter so - THIS ONES FOR YOU KATE! :P

A little funny thing about is that the Clarins Gold Spa, pharmacy (which stock the best products) and offices all run from the road over from me! Which is AWESOME! One of the team members even came to my house to personally deliver this to me ;) 

The Clarins BB Cream in 'Light'. It is SPF25 and a 45ml tube is £22.40
The colour is 'Light' but I feel its still a bit too 'orangey' for me, I'm super fair skinned so for me I felt like I could see the usual suspect lines as the rest of me is pretty pale too. Id say it's more on the shade '2' side if you were to compare it to other foundations/BB's. 
The coverage is light/medium, it blends really easily and goes on super well (I'm a 'use-my-hands kinda girl when it comes to applying foundations). It gives you a great natural look so I'm super sad it made me a bit orange :( I would totally recommend it for those who use darker shades though but would advice to go a shade lighter than usual.
Have any of you used the Clarins BB cream? What are your favourite BB's for very fair skin?

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