Thursday 27 June 2013

Chi Chi Clothing Callie Dress - outfit post.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Mango.
Theres just something about Orange and Dark Blue that I love.
ChiChi Callie Dress. 
When I saw the picture of this dress on the model (how stunning is she?!) I was instantly in love and gooey eyed - it's so cute!
I love how pretty the back of this dress is but the bow just would NOT sit straight! Maybe it had to do with that when the dress arrived as soon as I took it out of the packaging the button that pins it together rolled straight off so I had to get the sewing kit out - gutted!!
The top part is padded up so you don't wear it with a bra so you have the beautiful back to show off. I feel it's a little too padded for a small boob'd lady like me! I felt it made me look a bit puffed out.
All being said I do love the dress, it's so pretty and I bet on a taller more top heavy girl it would look amazing. I must say I did feel awesome in it like I was off to the prom. I never thought I could pull off this colour Blue either but turns out I LOVE it and now I want more of it in my life.



  1. I love this dress, the colour is beautiful. x

  2. this outfit it gorgeous i love the back :) xxx xxx

  3. Love the dress and the nails lady! :) x

  4. I adore you hair, so pretty! And I love the dress... been looking for something similar recently :)

  5. This looks gorgeous on you, the back detail is beautiful. x

  6. It still looks great on you :) Weird about the bow - can you try and iron it straight?

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  7. I love the back of the dress, the cuts really flattering :) x

  8. Looks fab on you,never thought trying a prom style dress before bet it feels great on :-) colour suits you.

  9. That's beautiful, what a gorgeous shade of blue!


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