Friday 15 March 2013

Crop Love

I've always thought I was too 'big' to wear crop tops but with that magical little thing - the skater skirt and the term "high-waited" - IM IN!

Here are some of my most desired crop-tops (I want them all):

Rainbow - Wildfox
INTHE SALE! Gimmie now!
Long Sleeve Black Lace - QuizClothing
I'm not a massive lace fan unless it's long sleeve,  this is amazing, love the paisley looking lace. 
Alien Tits - REDROCK
The truth is out thereeee! i love this reminds me of my old inflatable Alien (R.I.P)
Half Ounce - REDROCK
This is the one I want most! Whitey on Wayne.
In fact I'm buying it next week and not paying my water bill.
Cat Face - Lazy Oaf
Me-ow! Love the long sleeves on this and of course the adorable little kitty face.
Sweetheart - ASOS
A little daring on the ol' chest front BUT super cute.
Baggy Crop - Nike
Perf. Order placed.
Also, anyway wanna shed some light on this whole Google Connect thing?
I have no idea why its going, do we all start again from 0?

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  1. I love the Wildfox and the Lazy Oaf crop tops - both of them are awesome! xxx

  2. I am nowhere near brave enough for crop tops. But some of these are so lovely, maybe I'll have to rethink!? x

  3. Love the first crop top! Definitely my favourite x

  4. LOL at you buying a weed top instead of paying your water bill <3 xx

  5. I always turned away from the cropped tops, but as you said - with high-waisted skirt or jeans they will look great!

  6. I've always been scared of wearing crop tops but I've just bought some dungarees and they would go perfectly together :D I really like the sweetheart one from ASOS but I reckon the long sleeves might make me overheat in the Summer :( The rainbow one is awesome though ♥

  7. These always look so good on other people but I can't pull them off myself!

  8. I'm having a massive crop top moment too. Came across Red Rock the other day actually, love theirs! Argh I thought it was just Reader that was going, didn't know it was friend connect too!!! Xxx

  9. Love the sweetheart crop top! Please check out our new post if you have time and feel free to leave a comment! :-)

  10. I love these crops! Especially the lazy oaf one, and the alien tits one! I'm so skint but damn, these are so tempting!! :) Love this post!

    Rosa at hello scrapbook x


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