Saturday 20 August 2011

What A Stud!

Being unemployed and living in town meant I had alot of time to window shop but no money to buy. Thankfully now I am employed (and get paid weekly) I can't wait to hit the shops hard!

Last weekend my best friend came up to visit me and we are both like magpies to anything studded, here are my favourite studalicious pieces I have been lusting after:

Spike Peep-Toe Heels - River Island £65.
I walk like a boy in heels but my BFF tried them on and they were AMAZING!

VECTRA Studded Slippers - Topshop £28.
Now these I can get on board with/will be buying next week!

Studded Clasp Bag - River Island £45.
Really nice and big, so tempted!

Studded Box Clutch - River Island £30.
This bag matches the first pair of shoes - so tiny but such a treat to the eyes!

MOTO Vintage Wash Denim Sparkle Stud Hotpants -  Topshop £75.
These are so Britney 2011 it hurts, they are too expensive but I am in love.

What shiny studded things have caught your eye? Link me so I can waste more money :p

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. The river island bag is awesome- definitely WANT!!!! x

  2. im completely in love with studded everything too! ive seen the Topshop studded flats on lots of bloggers and they always look awesome! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. I really want the Topshop studded slippers, they're gorgeous!

  4. Haha I was LITERALLY just in River Island drooling all over those heels, the nude/silver version get the thumbs up from me as well! And I picked up the box clutch too but scoffed at the price for such a tiny thing and put it swiftly back down again!

  5. LOVE the first pair of shoes and little clutch! I love clutch bags, but alas even on a night out they are usually too small for all the stuff I carry round with me!

    Kathryn Xx

  6. I have the Studded heels but in nude.. The stud have half fell out and I wasnt too happy.. :( x

  7. Oh my gosh those heels are amazing! Want. Those Topshop slippers are also awesome but I can't help feeling like £28 is a lot for them. Maybe Primark will bring out a cheap pair!

  8. I LOVE the topshop studded slippers they are just so nice!

    L x

  9. The studded bag is amazing. I WANT!

  10. I am a sucker for studs !!! Oh where are you working now babe? Aww hope your well and everything at the new place is going well xxx

  11. haha you should wear those shorts with a little fur lined gilet, really Britney then :) You could make some shorts like that yourself? get some studs on ebay!

  12. The box clutch is stunning! Love it. x

  13. The shorts are wayyyy too expensive, but I may try to recreate the look with a DIY project next year (no point in trying to do it this year - the weather is gets too depressing!).

    I love the River Island bags - how amazing are they. Very good quality as well! :) X

  14. Those shoes! The high ones! Definitely going to have to be a DIY project with my budget... congrats on your Cardiff job, hope you're liking the Welsh ways!x

  15. curse you & your wish lists! they always make me want everything.
    you have brilliant taste obviously. i think i NEED both pairs of shoes. xo

  16. hi, wow, such a great selection. i need in my life those Rivier Island's heels!!!!!!!!!

  17. The hotpants are a must have! Get them now!
    This is a bit belated but I am super glad you are back to blogging again, I missed all your posts when you were moving :( x

  18. I have those Topshop flats, I swear they are the comfiest shoes I have ever bought!

    Caz x

  19. these are all such gorgeous stuff!! love the studded details <3

  20. The flats are adorable

  21. I guess I'm just "window-shopping" this post (: love your dress sense! xo

  22. 'Studalicious' haha love it :D I've just done a stud post, really into studs and skulls atm! :D Mmm want those Topshop flats! xxx

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