Wednesday 3 April 2013

March Roundup.

March was probably a pretty uneventful month, it went on for ages and the weather was so annoying!

I did have a fair few fun days though, here are my favourite March moments: 

Sitting with this little guy on my trip to St.Fagans (which you can see HERE).  He stayed for ages singing his head off! So cute! 
My JuJu jelly shoes were the BEST purchase - so comfy and cute!
Cardiff St.Davids Ladies Night with Charli, Leanne and Gemma. Super fun to meet Cardiff bloggers and have a shop and a few wines ;)
This church was built in the 1300's and is in Widecombe in Devon. I went back home for  a week and had a walk about. Some of the graves were so old, they were written in Old English. One of them just said "Thy Will Be Done' - creepy!
This was also on my trip to Devon. It was basically in the middle of nowhere and is  Bronze Age burial ground. The creepy woods behind had a freezing chill even thought the sun was blazing!
Prince hanging out with his big sister Pippa who lives down in Devon.
Prince meeting his little pal Bubbles for the first time.
My goal for last month was the read more - I didn't do that. I actually started cross-stitching and also played a ton of Xbox games! Oppsie!

SO April's goal is: ACTUALLY read books!

I actually have no job/money right now so I'm going to have to scour online reading places/the library for my wishlist of books I want to read which are right HERE. (If anybody knows where I can read them for free online or something let me know!)

Hope you all had a great March and here's to Spring!


  1. Prince is so cute! I love your snaps of him on your Instagram! X

  2. I love the kitty photos, Prince definately lives up to his name, soooo handsome!

    The weather has sucked so much hasn't it! I am desperately willing it to get warmer.

  3. Your kittens are adorable! My family and I were actually going to go out to Widecombe for lunch on Easter Monday but ended up staying closer to home instead. It's so pretty there though! x

  4. i love the shoes, so cute

  5. I love the jelly shoes. I wanna get a pair but I'm scared they're going to be painful, are they?!

    Ava Tallulah

  6. Great pics! We especially LOVE the jellies!!

    ox from NYC!



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