Monday 15 April 2013

Beautiful Butterfly Patterns

A couple weeks back I took a trip to Bristol Zoo. It's only 45mins away from me and they had new baby lion cubs in (ADORABLE!) and I got to feed Rainbow Lorikeets while they sat on my arm! 

One of my other highlights was the Butterfly Forest, basically you walk into this super warm greenhouse/tent which has lots of tropical flowers and nectar stations for the butterflies to munch on. There are loads of butterflies and moths from all over the world just floating past you, its really wonderful!

This is actually a moth - it has see-through wings! Crazy nature.
My favourite.
This pattern was actually underneath the wing, the outside was plain brown for camouflage. 
This butterfly had beautiful, bright blue on black spots, it looked like constellations! 
This is actually a Moth - as it's so big it only lives for about 7 days after it comes out of it's cocoon. 

Despite my hatred for bugs/creepy crawlies and flying thing I can't help but love beautiful butterflies (and even beautiful moths).

I have a few pinned butterflies in boxes and there are lots dotted around my house. The patterns are insane, nature is so pretty!

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. I struggle to like bugs too but have a soft spot for butterflies and moths. One year I saved loads of cocooned butterflies from being killed (the building they were in was being knocked down), stored them in the shed for Winter, and released them when they hatched in Spring :D

    I actually love going to zoos but only live near one and it's super expensive! Your gorgeous photos make me want to go to loads this Summer though :)

  2. What stunning pictures! What camera do you use?
    I also have a love hate relationship with bugs, however butterflies are just gorgeous creatures :)



  3. It's so funny you should post this today, I retweeted a link to butterfly migration earlier with some mind blowing photographs.

    I love bugs and anything creepy crawly really but have just never been that interested in buttterflies, I guess they're too pretty, but I'm kind of falling in love with them today after the earlier pictures and now these!! Which are gorgeous shots btw!

  4. these are so pretty!! I love the last one!! I'm scared as hell from any type of crawling thing with little skinny legs, but butterflies are too pretty to be afraid of.

  5. Confession: I HATE moths. They freak me out. I do love butterflies though and these snaps are sooo pretty. I haven't been to the zoo for years, I must make amends!



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