Wednesday 10 April 2013

Grey Matter, Pink Glitter.

I've fallen in love with Revlon's Moon Candy range of polishes after seeing lots of swatches on beauty blogs. However I am pretty sure they are US only, which I'm totally gutted about BUT I figured I have loads of polishes and glitters that I can just do my own version!

The Moon Candy polish I loved the most was 'Supernova' (they all have awesome names!) which is a grey with pink glitter:

I used Grey Matter by Rimmel and Teenage Dream by O.P.I x Katy Perry.
The colours pink and grey go so well together and the pink sparkle in the light especially is so pretty and subtle! The Revlon glitters are a little bit chunkier and more holographic but fingers crossed I find them over here at some point!

Next up I want to try the 'Galactic' Moon Candy!

Ever heard of Moon Candy before? what are your two fave colour combos for nails?


  1. I've never actually heard of moon candy before but your own version looks super cute!
    I want to try mixing glitter varnishes and see what I get :)


  2. I love to combine mint green and silver glitter! These look amazing! xx

  3. I thought the same up until a week ago and I saw them in boots!


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