Monday 29 February 2016

Pin, Patches and Pointless Stuff I Don't Need.


So I have had the worst few days and that usually leads me to sulking and looking at tat to buy myself to fill a void. I took to Etsy today and picked out a bunch of wonderful pieces that I want, need and must have in my life:

bigfoot patch
Cryptozoology Sasquatch Patch - Maiden Voyage Clothing Co,
I love everything on their page, I'm a huge cryptid fan and NOTHING fills me with more joy than watching terrible TV shows about Bigfoot and his pals. 
black cat cushion
Coven Cat Cushion - CatCoven
Combining two of my fave things - Cats and all things mystic. Plus black cat cutie!
food and naps cat badge
Food and Naps Cat Badge - Sparkle Collective
Basically how I live my life. I always say I wish I was a cat sometimes because I truly love sleeping more than I do most things. Sad but very true.
cats forever print
Cats Forever Print - I like CATS
I truly love this store and this print is wonderful! It would look perfect in my bedroom.
Dolly Parton Saint Candle
Dolly Parton Saint Candle - Want Wish Buy
I love me a Saint and this place does a whole host of them including Queen Dolly, Prince, RuPaul and Lana Del Rey. I might set up a false idol alter ;p
love hands keychain
Love Hands Keychain - Coucou Suzette
Now I ain't feeling love one bit (quite the opposite actually) but this is so cute and pretty I only admit to loving this.
terrarium enamel pin badge
Terrarium Enamel Pin Badge - finestimagery
These are so precious I'd be too scared to wear it incase I lost it. The whole store is wonderful too and based in the UK.

You like? I love!

Despite my terrible few days I'm hoping once my brain begins to function again I can grab some positive energy and turn my frown upside down.

Take Care x

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  1. I need that Cats Forever print more than I need air xo


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