Thursday 9 May 2013

DIY Daria Badge Collar Clips - A guest post.

This is the first time I've ever had a guest poster on my blog before and what better way to start with a lady who I have followed since I first started blogging way back when in 2010!

I LOVE DIY and crafts but I am pretty useless at making stuff - the ideas are there but once I start do-ing - it all goes to pot!

Here is the lovely Sammy from The Cookie Button and her rad Daria collar tips:

Hi, I’m Sammy and welcome to my guest post on the lovely cowbiscuits blog :) 

I am a 20 something fashion and textiles student living on what feels like the biggest hill in Wiltshire. I constantly live in a creative bubble and find myself getting excited over the simple pleasures in life. As of March 2013, I am a fashion writer for IDOL Magazine discussing lots of lovely designers and promoting fabulous events. Despite getting caught up in my hectic lifestyle, I constantly remember my roots of being brought in a sleepy seaside town in Somerset running a B&b with my mum, her partner and their fluffy little friends - the hens.

My blog is a collection of all my crafty creations and things which put a smile on my face. It also varies from parts of my life that make me super happy as well as artist inspiration that needs to be shown to the world. I am starting to find what is really me in the way of my crafts and I am slowly developing this into my blog and shop.I very much enjoy finding little gems in charity shops and car boot sales which tend to inspire me for my creations. My friends and family play a big part in my creations too and help me in every way they can to make the best I possibly can of myself. 

Now lets get creative and make one of my all time favourite crafts - collar clips! 

               YOU WILL NEED
  • Black chain
  • Badges
  • Silver spikes
  • Small and large jump rings
  • Craft cutting tool
  • Craft pliers 
Using the cutting tool, cut a length of chain roughly 18 x 4cm (8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches) in length. 
Attach four small jump rings to the chain using a pair of craft pliers. Make sure these are evenly spaced apart. 
Once the small jump rings are in place, attach the spikes using the craft pliers. 
Add the large jump rings to either end of the chain. 
Finish off by attaching the badges to either end of the jump rings. Then TADA! You can now wear your DIY collar clips with pride and really stand out from the crowd! 

Sammy also has her own Etsy store where she sells her cute collar clips and other crafts : CookieButton

These glittery heart tips are from Sammy's Etsy store - I am in LOVE!

There you have it - how to make your own badge collar clips! So awesome - Thankyou Sammy!!

P.S - I am on the look-out for other crafty-guest posters so if you have any awesome ideas you'd like to share then email me:


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely <3

  2. Gah! I love Daria! These are so funky. Love Sammy's blog :)

    Denise x

  3. These are awesome!! We completely love the Daria Collar Clips!! We love Sammy's blog <3

  4. nice!


  5. Sammy makes it seem so easy! I love the pink glittery hearts too :)


  6. Wow that is so cool, I am a crazy cat lady too


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