Thursday 16 January 2014

The Future Doesn't Belong To The Fainthearted - outfit post.

I have an ever-increasing fascination with space exploration and science so when i saw this T-Shirt I had to get it.
I bought this with some birthday money I had from my mum and it is automatically my new favourite item of clothing! 

NASA T-shirt - Tee & Cake.
'S' Name Necklace - Topshop
Planet Choker - SugarlessSkulls *

The title of this post comes from a quote by Ronald Reagan after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986 which says "The future doesn't belong to the faint hearted, it belongs to the brave". I love the back of this T-shirt as is has badges from different space shuttles and also the Challenger crews names on the Challenger badges which is a great homage to the brave people who lost their lives. 

Are you into Space Exploration?



  1. I love this outfit! And the quote is really inspirational. I like the cute little saturn necklace too :)

    xo Aubree

  2. I love a bit of stargazing! That planet choker is also really cute.

    Tara xo

  3. that is an awesome outfit! those necklaces look adorable together! xo

  4. that is such an awesome tee! x

  5. Eee, I love your t-shirt! Who doesn't love a bit of space exploration?! xxx

  6. I love that top! xx

  7. Oooh I saw this tee in Topshop last year and desperately wanted it but alas they didn't have my size :( it looks awesome on you of course!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  8. Best tee ever!! Space completely and utterly fascinates me!

    Jennie xo |

  9. Great tee - if you're into space exploration I highly recommend the book 'The Way of the Explorer' by former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. It's an absolutely fascinating read.

    Anyway, love your style! You can actually win £100 to spend in the Van Mildert online store by sharing your 2014 style with us. More details on that here -

    Online Marketer at Van Mildert

  10. Your hair is looking so good!

  11. The tshirt is the best and I really like the necklaces too! xxx

  12. Tshirt looks fab on you, love the chocker necklace too! Space and the universe just spin me out if I think too hard about it haha


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