Tuesday 3 May 2011

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara - review and swatches.

Hope you have all had an awesome extended weekend, I loved all the wedding related posts I've seen! I've been a little ill and people who follow me on Twitter might have noticed BUT I'm back on track now, so here we go.

You may remember me saying in THIS post that when I ordered my MAC Quite Cute Blush, I got a free mascara, well here it is!

Haute & Naughty Double Effect Mascara - £17.50 (or free in my case!).
Instantly fell in love with the glittery packaging. 
What it is, the pink lid you see is one mascara brush, then the glitter lid is another which with the pink inside, doubles up.

This is just the pink lid's brush.

Before with no mascara.

After with the 1st brush.

Then here is what it looks like with the 2 brushes combined.

With the 2 brushes.
As you can see I have REALLY short stubby eyelashes, so I preferred using just the 1st brush as was lighter for my eyelashes. I guess my opinion is a little bit bias because I don't really get any benefit out of using the 2 brushes together because of my tiny lashes, but if you had nice healthy ones I could totally see it working!

Anybody else tried/got any reviews of this? I'd love to see.



  1. I've got it too but I don't really like it :o( It keeps going clumpy on my lashes! x

  2. I've never tried it I'm a one mascara brand woman (covergirl) and never bother trying anything else!

  3. Well, I definitely see a result there :) i think it's looks great when you use both of the brushes ;)

  4. I find that I prefer using the pink lid brush myself too the fatter brush is a bit messy and doesn't look as good x

  5. I've never used a Mac mascara but have looked at this one in the store and the brush freaked me out a bit! I like the look of the smaller brush - the larger one looks quite clumpy. x

  6. i love the packaging of this! xx

  7. I love the way you do your eyeliner!

  8. If I was a girl I would totally wear this! :D

  9. I definitely see a difference. Your lashes have more volume after the second coat. I'd say this is a winner :) The packahing is adorable! I'd be reapplying all day long just to show it off lol

    Natalie x

  10. Never used any of the MAC mascaras but can definitely see a difference! Love the way you've applied your eyeliner :)

    I recently purchased Lancome Hypnose mascara which is amazing! Will do a post on it when I can :)


  11. I've not tried this, but I seem to be one of the rare few who love MAC mascaras.

  12. Mascaras are never what they claim to be :(

  13. I think it has defo give you more length kitten and they look thicker. I'm in a mascara melt down, all my current ones just seem to not be doing much. Next time I have MAC money I will get this :)

  14. The second brush looks giant! You can definitely see a difference in your lashes with the second coat. Love your eyeliner! xx

  15. Look at you. Stunning with a simple eye liner,
    and stunning with two coats of mascara.

    Babe or what!

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  16. omg your eyes are amazing!!

  17. I've tried almost everything from Mac except Mascara! It looks great on you. We both share the stubby eyelash curse :) xo

  18. WOOOW your eyes are so beautiful!:) xx

  19. I totally agree with you! When I had this I only ever used the Pink brush :)
    You have some great skin so yo do!


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