Thursday 13 March 2014

Outfit Challenge: Making Money Go Further.


Recently I took part in a challenge with the Debt Free Directs 'Making Money Go Further' blog to see if supermarket brand clothing can be better value for money and still be as on trend as high-street//more expensive brands. 

My supermarket of choice was Tesco's F&F and here is my outfit: 

tesco online
Limited Edition Checkered Dress - £18
Bag - £12.50
Truffle Ankle Boots - £12.50
So that total for that outfit is: £43

I've made an alternative list for a similar outfit using different brands:

And that total is: £127!

Tesco online fashion
I love the detail of the neckline and the small shoulder patches.
tesco online debt free
debt free blog

What do you think of my outfit against the other one?

I love this challenge I'm all about saving some money but still having good quality items so this was so much fun to take part in!

Hope you are having a great week


  1. Tesco is great for clothing, love this!

  2. The boots are lovely! You made great choices with this! xxx

  3. Wow, you did amazing! I love those boots!

    Tara x

  4. I really love your dress :) The boots are gorgeous too! xxx

  5. My local Tesco is pants for F&F selection, but one slightly further away is a lot better. I'm loving the blue on you and the shoes are so nice too! x

  6. I also took part in Debt Free Direct's challenge and the majority of my outfit was F&F too!

  7. such a lovely outfit for an incredible price :)! x


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