Thursday 28 August 2014

Swatch - A/W Event.


I had taken a short step away from the ol' blog due to feeling uninspired and too much like a little fish in a massive pond. We will see.

Anyway last week I headed over to to Swatch store in Cardiff to have a look around at their new self-winding collection and some of the new A/W collection in store. I've never owned a Swatch before but always dreamed of it, I only have 2 Casio's and am never without a watch (tan lines don't lie). 

swatch store wall uk blogger
swatch uk blogger pink glitter
swatch uk autumn winter 2014
swatch double wrap around

In particular I actually loved the kids watches - Hello Kitty, Cats and Dolphins - dream. But for being a grown up I loved the pink glitter double wraps and also the bright colour double wraps too! I only have tiny little wrists so a small watch is a must. But my favourite by far was the pictured Strawberry Swatch.

Watch prices are the only thing that scare me, plastic watches for £40 do trouble me but I'm not one to splash out on lavish things these days (since you know bills and rent while working for minimum wage come into my mind). But these are worth the dollar as alot of heart and Swiss soul get put into each one :)

We had bubbles and mini-cakes which was very nice indeed!
I'm off home this weekend, can't wait Cardiff is doing my head in!

Take care

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