Friday 29 August 2014

Cat Homeware


I love all animals but it's pretty obvious that I am cat crazy, I've owned cats since I was 5 years old and now have my own baby boy Prince along side his big sister who lives in Devon with my mum - Pippa! 

Since I've moved from home to home I've always been drawn to cat-themed homewares and today I want to share with you my ultimate wish-list of kitty decoration that I would love in my place:

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Pyro-Pet Cat Candle - Firebox.
This is a little morbid (but so am I) but I lovee that when you burn down this candle you are left with a kitty skeleton afterwards! It's such a great and gruesome idea. 
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Kit-Cat Clock - ILoveApplePie
I've always wanted one of these since I was a kid, they are so classic and cute, I just love the tail/eye movement as it ticks.
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Cat Head Mug - Urban Outfitters
This is so sweet! Like I need more mugs in my cupboard but how can I resist this one?!
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Cat Soap Dispenser - ModCloth.
This is gorgeous, so poised! It's also ceramic for an easy clean.
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Kitty Cushion - DollyDripp.
I am a HUGE DollyDripp fan, everything is handmade with lots of love and attention paid to each item, so well worth the price tag. 
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Mint Cat Shelf - Urban Outfitters.
This has been in my UO basket for SO long now! I need to press buy immediately and it is just perfect for my bedroom. 

What do you think of my kitty-cat picks?

Do you know any other amazing, cute cat items for the home?

Have a great weekend



  1. I love the cat candle!!! I need one in my life!


  2. I need the candle and the mini shelf
    : ]

  3. Omg I need those shelves SO cuuuteee!! xxx

  4. The cat candle is kinda creepy but really cool! I like the cat mug too :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. that cat candle is amazing, neeeeed!

  6. Love those wee cat candles, they're just the perfect mix of cute and morbid....

  7. The candle and shelf are both amazing! Don't start tempting me now :p

    Peach Pow XO

  8. I'm not really into cat things but that candle is awesome!

    Tara x


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