Monday 8 September 2014

DIY Nails


Lately life has been getting me down and I can't shake it which is more annoying to me than anything! But I do have lots of things that cheer me up too - such as suprise packages! 

The gorgeous Claire (or as you may know her blog Bee Waits.) cheered me right up last week by sending me a suprise little package of joy! I'm desperate to go upto Glasgow and meet some pals who I've know online for ages but never met. I have some train tickets I need to use up so maybe this is the trip I need!

I thought I'd show off what I did as soon as I got the package and spruced up my nails with the nail-based treats that I had received:

uk beauty blogger
OPI - Moon Over Mumbai:
This is a pretty grey that actually has a slight purple/blue tint. I got this in a gift bag from the Kamigata event.
Essie -Full Steam Ahead:
This was given to me by Bee, the lilac has iridescent glitter in it. Very subtle and cute! 
uk beauty blogger nail art
DIY Nails - Sweet Hearts Decals.
Also part of my gift, these cute little decals are so so easy to put on! You just cut the one you want, wet it for 5-10 seconds in water and then slide it off the paper onto your nail.

Cactus Candle - Tiger.
uk nail art blog

I love having my nails all done up but sadly with my job being so hands on they chips right away :(

Can you recommend any super chip resistant nail polishes? I really loved the Essie - it was my first time using them and now I want more!

Hope you had a great weekend :)


  1. Awww, that's so sweet! Love the ice cream stickers. <3

    Tara x

  2. What a lovely thing for her to do. That's what I love about the blogging community. So many great friendships are made. Love what you've done. I'm a massive fan of Nubar polishes as they're eco friendly and vegan as well :o) x

  3. Aww lady <3 Come to Glasgow, you can stay with meeee xx


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