Thursday 11 September 2014

We Are Pom Girl!

A couple weeks back I made the best drunk purchase ever!

I had been following Pom Girl via Instagram for a while now and loved all of their creations, so while browsing their site, after a night in with a bottle of Pinot, I made a drunk accident order which arrived at my door a couple weeks later:

uk fashion style blog pom pom furry fluffy accessories

I actually pretty much forgot about it until I had an email saying it was on its way and had to go back through and see what I had ordered and in which colours. I say it takes a few weeks because they are getting huge now and have alot of orders which are all handmade and made to order - another reason to love Pom Girl.

uk fashion style blog pom pom furry fluffy clutch
Lung Chain Fur Shoulder Clutch - £18.99
It's so fluffy eee! This bag is basically my dream, remember my ugly pink heart bag? Well this is basically ugly pink bag part 2 only not ugly and totally adorable.
uk fashion style blog pom pom furry fluffy socks
Marabou Socks - £5.99
I love socks! I always wear them and these as so smooth and soft they make my feet feel like they are on a holiday.
The colour is so gorgeous too, also love the Coral pair.
uk fashion style blog pom pom furry earrings
Tiger Tassel T-Shirt - c/o Xirl.
Capricorn Necklace - Ebay
Swing Loops - £9.99
I can't really wear hoops because I have one earlobe with all of my piercings as those minging tunnels that I regret wholehartedly, but a girl can damn well try, so one earlobe is fine, the other I may have to come up with another idea!

What do you think?! I know it's definitely not everybody's cup of tea but it is 100% my cup of tea (which is strong, skimmed milk with no sugar btw.)

Anyway I'm due for a nap,
Take Care.



  1. bag is absolutely gorgeous! Although it would definitely get ruined in the rain (or if some drunk spills a drink on it haha!)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I know thats what I thought! I don't really go out-out just to bars so hopefully it will be ok! And I'll def try and keep it out of the rain ! xx

  2. OMG they're all AMAZING <3

  3. JESUS, EVERYTHING IS SO AMAZING! I absolutely adore all things kitschy and quirky and I actually giggled away to myself when I read that you purchased this with a wee bit of an alcoholic influence :') Brilliant post doll, love the bag <3

    Claire xo

    1. I love kitchy things too :) The bag is so cute x

  4. I have a question on your socks picture, where did you get the background piece?

    1. oh I'm really sorry I accidentally deleted your last comment! I typed in Astrology Wall Hanging :) x

    2. No problem! Thank you so so much! Xx

  5. Oh My Gahhhhd these are so adorable! Best drunken purchase ever.

    Faye x

    1. I know I was so grateful for my tipsy mind :p xx

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. HAHA, these are just brilliant!!


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