Tuesday 27 July 2010

Crafty Tuesday + Recipe.

As soon as I got in today, I popped on the oven and started baking. I recently made chocolate marshmallow muffins according to my Muffins + Cupcakes recipe - much to my dismay, they failed.

So this time I got a new recipe, which I must say worked - however, I can't taste a whole lot in the muffin! So if somebody wants to give me a pointer or if i should just get rid of this muffin pipe-dream and stick to a basic cupcake recipe - please let me know!

Here's what I did:

Mixed in: - 250g of Self-raising flour
- 50g Cocoa powder
-175g of Caster sugar
- 2 tsps Baking powder
- 100ml of Sunflower oil
- 175 ml Milk
- 2 drops of Vanilla extract
- Marshmallows and Choc chips.

Bake on 180* for 20 mins

Butter icing: - 170g of Butter
- 170g of Icing sugar
- use Cocoa powder as fit

Then covered with sprinkles.

The icing bit tastes amazing but the rest has no real taste! If any cake specialists out there wanna help me out that would be great!

I then made this little fabric toadstool-thing :)

Also been thinking once I hit 75 followers I'l do a giveaway of some little crafty things maybe? What do you guys think would be good?

P.s If anyone of my lovely followers could teach me how to use Bloglovin' I'd love you forever!
my email is: nfgchimp@hotmail.com


  1. I love the little toadstool thing! its really sweet
    Rianna xxx

  2. awww cute!
    i would also like to know about why the taste is weird. sorry i dont have any advice!

  3. Those cupcakes look goooooood...

  4. They look super yummy! There is a bloglovin tutorial on their website, hope that helps!

    tweet tweet tweet


  5. @clare no I just don't understand the tutorial, none of my posts come up and none of my followers do either, How do I even get followers?! x

  6. beautiful! the last time i made marshmallow cupcakes they exploded all over my oven!

    this recipe gives me hope...

    great blog!!

  7. @Jenni haha oh dear!

    thankyou let me know if you make them, i just had one and they actually taste okay! x

  8. ohh!! i want one of these!!

  9. I think you need to double the cocoa powder. If you aren't using choclate, then the oil and cocoa powder combined should have the density of melted chocolate.

    Your blog is fab!


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